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Russia, the Bolsheviks, Western financing

February 24, 2013
English: Trotsky, Lenin, and Kamenev (from lef...

English: Trotsky, Lenin, and Kamenev (from left to right), May 5, 1920, Moscow, Sverdlov Place. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Re-posted from a discussion elsewhere:

German and the Russian Bolshevik insistence on quitting the war was a good cover during WWII for German capitalists supporting the purported sworn enemies of capitalists inside Russia. Just like “democracy” is a believable cover for Obama’s support for the “Arab Spring” that it turns out is actually the “Arab Winter”. (Note that nobody in the Media, Fox News included is admitting an editorial mistake on that one). But hundreds of thousands, probably millions, have strong trouble believing the cover story anymore, and most of those know how to add, no matter that all the government-media complex is pretending skeptics don’t exist.

But then there’s another twist to that. The Czar was already deposed when Lenin and Trotsky went in. The big Western banks and financial interests had starved the Russians for war financing, and all the Russian institutions were feeling that. The new Kerensky government needed the financing from the West, with the Bolsheviks and the war making havoc of their economy. They begged the West to let them quit the war and keep the financing because Russian domestic opposition was putting their government in danger.

The Western bankers and financiers said, No way Jose, you quit the war you quit the financing. (Unspoken subtext: We don’t care if the Bolsheviks take over, in fact our pals the Kaisers are sending Trotsky with gold to finance them). Remember this was also just a few scant years after the same bankers hoodwinked the United States to enact both the income tax and the Federal Reserve, too….

So the Russian front continued at war, the Bolsheviks rode the anti-war sentiment and Western gold to power, Russia quit the war anyway –and then– Western money poured into Bolshevik Russia anyway despite their quitting the war…..


Why they don’t want our children to learn the classics

December 29, 2012
English: American author and speaker Michael C...

English: American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The classics of literature, the ones that have gone through the test of time,  provide examples of how to think, different ways to think about things, often lift up the best of the principles of living with your fellow man. They stabilize the language.

That’s why people who want to control the masses would want to suppress them. The justification behind these so-called “Core Curriculum” controls issued from the Imperial Capital of Washington D.C., is to prepare the student for the workplace.

That’s not all of it, but even just based on that, you can conclude that the idea is to turn them into good little worker bees.

The better emphasis would be to teach them how to be good little entrepreneurs, good little inventors, how to balance their books and run a business, along with technology. And the limits on what power can do. And the principles of individual rights.

Unionization is a method that socialists and fascists all have found is an excellent method for making the worker bees satisfied with working for their employers, or masters, be they corporate or state or both. With collective bargaining, same as with collective anything, the individuals have to surrender to the “collective” groupthink. For that, they all have to follow somebody, someone, some “one”.

Collective thinking is by definition collective surrender and can only lead to command government that controls the collective thinking. A “queen bee” group arises out of the “collective” that looks a lot like the “oppressors” they overthrew.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

Like the unionized soldiers and workers that fought, bled and even died to put the Bolsheviks in power, once they succeeded, they turned around and realized that they had lost all power to demand anything, and that they now had be good little worker bots or else. Their old (Bolshevik) union bosses didn’t have any power like before either, but they got good benefits to keep their charges in line.

The children need to learn to think, but this new curriculum shows that my term for “public schools” has become a perfect fit: “government indoctrination centers”.

Parents, teach your children how to think independently of everybody. I’m glad I had determined during college days to have an “open mind”. You heard that all the time then, because the kids coming into college had been reared by parents who had been through the World-War-II years. My mother drove a cab during that war, because they had taken some 18 million boys for the war. When you take that many laborers out of the workforce, new opportunities open up.

(As a sidenote, the streets were a lot more peaceful in the United States urban areas back then, but me and my sister have joked that with our mother, anyway, anybody who tried anything with her would likely end up regretting it and maybe missing a few appendages..)

The kids have got to be skeptical, especially of government propaganda and “social-justice” organizations that are lifted up by officials praised by politicians and Big-Corporate-Media. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, but now there’s this government-media complex.

So when the big bloated federal government comes in and wants to “help” you with your children, beware, and like Michael Crichton said about the climate-gate racket, reach for your wallet.

Forget about Ebonics, they are going to now teach them to read, write and think like bureaucrats and good little servants. They’ll teach them all those good things government does “for the people”, when the reality is, that everything government does is by definition something they are doing to the people, and in almost all cases, against the people.

Because the more power the government has over private lives, of course, the less power the individual person –you, and me, and the other guy– has over his own life.


This assistant principal in Pearl High School in Pearl, Miss, stopped a shooter using his own

December 15, 2012
Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course all the official government-media complex propaganda organs immediately went ballistic about guns with the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. But there have been several incidents where school shootings were stopped by an armed civilian, but there would have been more if not for the stupid law that says schools should be zones where the right of self-defense is not respected.

..But this assistant principal Myrick had to run to his car outside the school-area “gun-free” zone to get the gun he used to hold the shooter for the police.

What if he had been able to keep his firearm in his desk at school?

Many of the 61 school shootings they’re spouting about in Propaganda Media could have been stopped cold if more teachers had been able to bring their weapons on to campus.

Some gun control believers are even using arguments that show they do not even check there own facts. One blogger asked whether his reader “had ever heard of a mass killing being stopped by the use of guns even once”.


Why do the disinformation operatives think that the worst incidents happen in places like schools? Criminals have no problem getting guns! Heck, even if you’re the most ruthless drug-smuggling cartel on earth, you might even get the United States Justice Department to sell you some!

Guns are used much more often to stop crimes than to commit them, and they level the playing field for those who are smaller or weaker, or more often targets, like women.

IT takes just plain people sharing the stories to tell it, since the media covers this up.

It just makes sense though. Why do cops have guns? Because they face the criminals. So why shouldn’t decent citizens have them.

Besides, who will protect us if the government turns bad? It’s happened, after all, throughout history. Germany the Jews, Turkey the Armenians. the Bolsheviks, the Maoists

And this blogger put together a list of occasions where potential mass murders were stopped cold by a civilian with a firearm:

There are many he did not list, though. In Israel, early on, guns were banned to the population, but at some point, being a nation that has an interest in stopping crimes of this nature, passed a law that legalized concealed carry.

Shortly afterward, a group of PLO militia stormed a shopping mall and started shooting everybody in sight. One elderly granny pulled her concealed weapon out and started shooting back, and the attackers panicked in confusion. One of the wounded attackers told a paramedic, “We didn’t expect anybody to shoot back!”

Another incident was in a mixed-race church in South Africa during the times of apartheid. You have to ask why a radical anti-apartheid group would attack a mixed race church, no doubt expecting no one would shoot back. The answer is that they don’t generally really care about what they say, they are commanded by leaders who only think about how to attain power over the populace, using ideology as a cloak. That church had a member who possessed his weapon, an off-duty policeman, and he stopped them.


Why the Big Government Control operators love unions

April 20, 2012

It all has to do with cultivating a loyal following with the gullible but useful, and training them to do what you tell them to. At first, by supporting unions and restricting say government contracts to companies with labor agreements that require union members and dues payments from all its workers, they get them used to going along and getting them to think the union is good because it’s good for them. Classic Pavlov training by association.

Big-government control freaks love Big Labor unions because they have made it almost a science to get the grunt worker to line up and march in unison when they say boo, on the promise of getting more goodies and benefits for them.

They used them to take over Russia in 1917, after they overthrew the republican government of Kerensky. Most people don’t remember what the “soviets” were, “elected” workers’ councils that began forming in all the different factories and productive establishments. These councils were “elected” but somehow the “elected” seemed to always turn out to be the Bolsheviks.

Some of their own members turned traitors against the tyranny of it, and of course those were the earliest victims of the purges, just like “liberals” are going to be pushed out once the gang consolidates power and control. Or they just let them hang around and look the fools, who don’t have any real power.

Like Comandante Zero, hero of the Sandinistas, who has not learned his lesson and still mouths leftist echos like against Honduras‘ little pushback for freedom against the global government they’re forcing at us.

These mandates that insist on throwing federal money (fiat monopoly money) at the unions in every way possible and loudly backing them in disputes like Boeing’s South Carolina plant, those mandates are the carrot to lure them into the trap.

After the “workers’ soviets” handed the factories and all the means of production over to the Bolshevik gang, the workers themselves became serfs on their own land and in their own jobs. The power they thought they took from the bosses and the rich became the power of the new socialist overlords, demanding fealty so penalty of death.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The pigs got rid of the farmers with the help of the less belligerent species in Huxley’s  “Animal Farm“, but then turned around and became worse than the farmer boss.

So it is with giving up control to the ungodly.

Contraception issue: dirty trick to distract from dictatorship fetish

March 8, 2012

I knew there was a filthy dirty pro-Obama campaign trick in there when former Clinton staffer Stephanopolous popped the stupid contraception question at one of the Republican debates. So I was not suprised to find out that this mandate was a campaign strategy to fool the American people into electing him again, besides just being another landmark in keeping Americans used to giving up ever more of their religious freedom along with their economic freedom. So with the facts that keep dribbling out, it looks like this Sandra Fluke flap is another of the same series of outrages:

Yep, there is a gang that was spawned by the radical 1960s SDS and Weathermen. I was there, I was one, and I  can tell one. It doesn’t always “take one to know one”, but I know what a Trotskyite Communist or Fabian socialist would do to sneak into the White House “under cover” if he had some zillionaire backers.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Lenin and Trotsky had their zillionaire backers for taking over Russia in the Bolshevik revolution. The Communist American John Reed in the book “10 Days That Shook the World” did not mention the super-capitalist sponsors of the Bolsheviks, because that would have exposed both the hypocrisy and the corruption at the very “highest” levels of socialist leadership, and destroyed the totally fabricated myth of spontaneous workers’ uprisings.

Books like John Reed’s, just like Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto, were mythical intellectual packaging with false labels meant to fool the “smart” people, the “intelligentsia”, into thinking Marxism was “scientific” and for bonus points, “inevitable”.

My disillusions came early on because my “leftist” thinking evolved into political anarchist philosophies. At the time I figured if you can’t trust people to govern themselves, how can you trust them to govern others?

And the truth is, human nature being what it is, you cannot trust government because you cannot trust people with power, most especially in government, because the enforcers are made of the same human flesh as everybody else, meaning the rest of us.

The truth is, what starving industrial-plant worker of Karl Marx’s day was able to even have the time to read Das Kapital, much less, understand it?

It’s the rich who foment and organize political revolutions, with a possible historically recent exception of places where there is a substantial middle class that understands principles of freedom and the importance of property rights alongside the natural human rights of free speech, free press, the free exercise of religion (not the more limited “right of worship”), freedom from arbitrary searches and seizure, etc.