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Why they don’t want our children to learn the classics

December 29, 2012
English: American author and speaker Michael C...

English: American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The classics of literature, the ones that have gone through the test of time,  provide examples of how to think, different ways to think about things, often lift up the best of the principles of living with your fellow man. They stabilize the language.

That’s why people who want to control the masses would want to suppress them. The justification behind these so-called “Core Curriculum” controls issued from the Imperial Capital of Washington D.C., is to prepare the student for the workplace.

That’s not all of it, but even just based on that, you can conclude that the idea is to turn them into good little worker bees.

The better emphasis would be to teach them how to be good little entrepreneurs, good little inventors, how to balance their books and run a business, along with technology. And the limits on what power can do. And the principles of individual rights.

Unionization is a method that socialists and fascists all have found is an excellent method for making the worker bees satisfied with working for their employers, or masters, be they corporate or state or both. With collective bargaining, same as with collective anything, the individuals have to surrender to the “collective” groupthink. For that, they all have to follow somebody, someone, some “one”.

Collective thinking is by definition collective surrender and can only lead to command government that controls the collective thinking. A “queen bee” group arises out of the “collective” that looks a lot like the “oppressors” they overthrew.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

Like the unionized soldiers and workers that fought, bled and even died to put the Bolsheviks in power, once they succeeded, they turned around and realized that they had lost all power to demand anything, and that they now had be good little worker bots or else. Their old (Bolshevik) union bosses didn’t have any power like before either, but they got good benefits to keep their charges in line.

The children need to learn to think, but this new curriculum shows that my term for “public schools” has become a perfect fit: “government indoctrination centers”.

Parents, teach your children how to think independently of everybody. I’m glad I had determined during college days to have an “open mind”. You heard that all the time then, because the kids coming into college had been reared by parents who had been through the World-War-II years. My mother drove a cab during that war, because they had taken some 18 million boys for the war. When you take that many laborers out of the workforce, new opportunities open up.

(As a sidenote, the streets were a lot more peaceful in the United States urban areas back then, but me and my sister have joked that with our mother, anyway, anybody who tried anything with her would likely end up regretting it and maybe missing a few appendages..)

The kids have got to be skeptical, especially of government propaganda and “social-justice” organizations that are lifted up by officials praised by politicians and Big-Corporate-Media. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, but now there’s this government-media complex.

So when the big bloated federal government comes in and wants to “help” you with your children, beware, and like Michael Crichton said about the climate-gate racket, reach for your wallet.

Forget about Ebonics, they are going to now teach them to read, write and think like bureaucrats and good little servants. They’ll teach them all those good things government does “for the people”, when the reality is, that everything government does is by definition something they are doing to the people, and in almost all cases, against the people.

Because the more power the government has over private lives, of course, the less power the individual person –you, and me, and the other guy– has over his own life.



Wars and “humanitarian” aid

February 26, 2012

The treaty signed to end World War One forced Germany into a box that forced it into debasing its own currency and political turmoil, by requiring astronomical reparations, but denominated in German marks.

The United States forced Japan into war by blockading oil to Japan on the pretext of humanitarian concerns over China. Note the “humanitarian” pretext was still the cover story for bombing the hell out of Libya, targeting the leader of the nation (I had thought Frank Church had succeeded in making that illegal) and setting up the monsters that massacred the black-skinned population in Libya.

Sanctions were also imposed after World War II, embargos against any arms shipments to the Kuomintang (Nationalists) in China, and the refusal of any aid including loans, under the pretext of the “civil war” against the Maoist insurgency. Of course arms were pouring in like great rivers on dry land to arm Mao’s Red Army, and finally the mainland was handed over like a gift to the Communists.

Now, the same people that did not care and to this day whisper NOT ONE WORD about the genocide and religious mass murders of black-skinned Christians in Southern Sudan, and their literal enslavement of many more, NOW they hypocritically posture like Pharisees over the Syrian government’s actions. The picture is as confused as it was coming out of Libya during the NATO-supported war by al Qaeda‘s against Gaddafi, but now they can hardly cover up the fact the “opposition” itself is very well-armed, enough to hold off the entire Syrian Army‘s assault on Homs.

The day when they beat their swords into plowshares will not come soon enough.

And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. -Isaiah 2:4

Communism is not classless, the party bosses are the upper class, all others have no chance

February 7, 2012

High school accused of ‘promoting communism over capitalism’ in social studies lesson worksheet | Mail Online:

Tell you what for the Cold War to compare Communism and Capitalism. Take a bunch of case studies. Look at the lot of the poor (and everybody else) in these cases:

Compare East Germany to West Germany.

Compare North Korea and South Korea.

Compare Cuba’s sinking in poverty and Chile joining the Developed Nations club.

Compare Venezuela before Chavez and after Chavez.

Compare Taiwan of the 1980s to the Maoist China of the 1980s.

Witness the post-WWIIGerman miracle“.