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The “human family tree”?

December 28, 2013
Generic amino acids (1) in neutral form, (2) a...

Generic amino acids (1) in neutral form, (2) as they exist physiologically, and (3) joined together as a dipeptide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So the genetics the Creation-deniers said proved Darwinism (punctuated equilibrium with no evidence for punctuation) found Adam and and Eve but they’re still afraid to admit the obvious. They have NO FRIGGIN’ IDEA how long ago those two lived no matter what they come up with. There’s the Biblical genealogy and then there are the other genealogies from other lands that point the same direction that they never let loose.


The first guy that compiled all the world’s flood stories said he thought it would prove the Biblical flood was just another myth, and by so doing showed that it was NOT a myth.


Darwin’s idea has taken hits from every major advance in biology, biochemistry, biophysics, but blind faith does not need evidence. It’s like the co-worker that once responded to the (still current) 15-year cooling trend with “Global cooling is part of global warming.” You cannot make this stuff up.


First, Darwin himself admitted that the fossils were testament against his theory.


Then Pasteur proved you cannot get life from non-life.


Gregor Mendel proved that a plant inherits its traits from its progenitors.


Watson and Crick discover DNA, a massive molecular paradigm with intricate design and structure a nd flexibility to blueprint all biology, built from just four amino acids (“letters”) with a completely SYMBOLIC language with no direct natural relation to the biology that it designs.


The DNA is so contradictory to the idea of spontaneous life from dirt that Crick couldn’t believe it. Being at least honest about that much, but unwilling to admit the Original Origins Theory that the greats of science history held, which dethrones smarter-than-thou I-said-so scientists, he says it was comets. Everybody laughed at that, so he said “It was aliens!” Everybody laughed at that too, but with time some of them demanded they had to fill the gaps with aliens. Did he even think of the one Great Extraterrestrial that pop-sci today avoids like the plague? We don’t know, but he never said so.


(At least the head of the human genome project finally said okay, yes, there is evidence of design here.. But then said that the God that intervened to create life by design, would not actually intervene in the creation. True, kid you not.)


So Drake pulled out a formula and with a few sweeps of the pen had the galaxy crawling with life out of corners, and Carl Sagan jumped in and helped the feds finance the Great Search for We Are Not Alone. Michael Crichton would later give a speech that should have had everybody cackling wildly at it. Nope. Instead we got ten thousand “science fiction” movies. The title of his speech shows the fairy tale origins story: “Aliens cause global warming”.


Then Stanley and Miller create an intelligently designed experiment to create amino acids from methane and other ingredients using electric sparks, from which mix they have to immediately remove the amino acids to save them from immediate destruction, thereby proving that amino acids could not appear spontaneously in the chemical mix they needed to make them, and so they announce the opposite! I am not making this up! And dozens of science articles were written and experiments done everybody repeated that the experiment that showed amino acids cannot get created spontaneously from this mix “proved” that it could.


And then mathematicians start taking those amino acids (all left-handed none right-handed) and calculate the odds of a spontaneous line-up, like all those monkeys with taking “as long as it takes” to type out the Encyclopedia Britannica (with much less specified complexity than a genome by the way). And the mathematicians calculate, yep, for one itsy bitsy single solitary DNA molecule to just happen like that, even given the ingredients and the conditions, you need MORE TIME THAN THE UNIVERSE IS OLD, by about a gazillion times longer!


Mathematicians have a very exotic word for odds like that: “impossible”. Or sometimes, “not gonna happen”.


The biologists retorted with “We’re smarter than you! We’re the biologists! We’re the paleontologists! No way you’re going to mess with our trade secrets! The “divine foot in the door” is “unacceptable”! The mathematicians retorted back by putting their figurative hand on their own holy books and swore that they would never question the inviolate dogmatic faith of the high priests of modern biology but that the biologists had to come up with something better that did not challenge the mathematicians’ faith in the dogma!


So the biologists just announced that it was not chance anymore that generated life. What was it then? “Never mind, we’ll get back to you, we know it’s true, we don’t need to do any five-step scientific method on this one, someday we’ll show you, just accept it by faith (but don’t use that word)..”


And they discover bio-molecular super-machines that cannot be deconstructed and that have functions that have nothing to with any of their parts. But they come back and do a thought experiment that creates more problems and multiplies the odds against, but that doesn’t matter, because they’re smarter than you.


Then the “trade secret” of paleontology comes out of the closet, because a biology hot shot has figured out that to prove “punctuated equilibrium” he doesn’t need any friggin’ evidence for the “punctuation” because the “trade secret” is that there is no record of it in the fossils.


Then we hear that there is SOFT TISSUE in the dinosaur bones, included obvious and visible blood cells. So contrary to all of what science knows about organic tissue exposed to the elements, they announce that they are so surprised that red blood cells can survive for 68 million years! You cannot make this stuff up! And they ridicule people that believe in a rabbit’s foot!


Then we discover tucked in between other stuff that the dinosaur digs up in Montana actually still emit a very strong stench of rotting flesh! But I guess they’re hoping nobody notices that! They might question the trade secrets.


“in the beginning, God…”




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Earth-worship madness

October 13, 2013
Cover of "State of Fear"

Cover of State of Fear

Quoting from a recent Natural Awakenings News Brief “brief”, “To make polysilicon, the basic building block of most solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, silica rock must be melted at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, using electricity from mostly coal-fired power plants“. Now this was news to me, though part of my reading includes what’s available from the reality-based side of this political issue.

Because it is a political issue, not a “science” one. It’s political because it has been political powers that have pushed this “meme” into (some) academic journals, into popular-consumption magazines, and into legislation, and not least of all, into United Nation dictates around the world.

That above news probably would not have made it into this magazine if not for an announcement from Stanford University researchers, mentioned in the same brief, that they believe that they may be able to get more “clean energy” from the panels that the “energy going into the industry’s continued growth”, as they put it, using the energy from “coal-fired power plants”.

That means that just like with ethanol fuels, it takes more energy input into the process that produces the fuel than there is energy output from it. Do the tree-huggers understand what this means? It means that with present technology, every time anybody uses a solar panel, they are making the situation actually much worse using solar panels than they would do by just using the coal-fired energy straight! Hello?

I’ll say it again for better clarity.

Under your own rules, under your own pseudo-science, using “clean green” solar panels to power your home, your office, your plant, is burning more coal than the home, office, or plant was using before you put them in. But the “green label” industry still gives you high marks for it.

This says that there is no wonder the coal industry, the traditional energy producers, like “clean energy” initiatives. Yep, they’re all “green” industries now.



The same edition brags about how one power elite front (they don’t call it that, of course) is pushing climate change propaganda into our children’s brains. They call themselves “Next Generation Science Standards”, that their news brief says “have been adopted by 26 states and are under consideration by 15 more, teach how and why fossil fuel emissions are a causal factor in overheating the world.”

Remember the propaganda that George Orwell painted within a dystopian socialist/fascist future, the propaganda that said “truth is lies”, “war is peace”, all those oxymorons that people were supposed to believe, proclaim, acclaim, simply because they were told to (or else)? This is what we’ve come to.

The late Michael Crichton, in his novel “A State of Fear“, and in an appendix, showed the charts that showed how the man-caused global warming memes were based on easily debunked falsehoods. Climate scientists had already tried to alert the public. But not too loudly, because careers hang in the balance, and if you dissent from the official government-issued dogma, the thought police will work to make you an un-person, just as the tyrants did in the Orwellian world.



Remember, the sun overwhelms anything we could do here on the earth. Every day, the temperature makes a drastic up and down swing, most notably in the higher latitudes. Sunspots affect everything here, warm things up, cool them down when they dissipate. World temperatures for the last decade-plus have put the kibosh on all those climate models that we can now all see were totally wrong. Of course many climate scientists had already disproved them, and showed the flaws in the props used to force economy-killing policies upon us.

Here’s a good source for getting the real-world science on the subject:




You would think that the “green movement” would cry bloody murder when Mikhail Gorbachev founded Green Cross in 1993, since he was one of the executive circle in the old Soviet Union that ruled over the biggest polluter on the planet, killer of big fresh water lakes! But it shows that at the very cusp, the apex of the environmentalist front groups is a group from the ruling elites that absolutely knows it’s a farce, and they’re using this propaganda prop as another vehicle to prepare the people for a global dictatorship.

They’ll convince people that it’s the “democratic” thing to do. Not that elections will change anything for real, but they will tell the subjects that it’s just better for them, better for the common man, better to stop the “excesses” of capitalism. What they won’t tell them is that their list of “excesses” were cause by their own government measures interfering with the free market’s ability to provide the solutions they say they want but don’t really want.

Because their end game is thought control, crowd control, a world dictatorship.

Vaccines and disease and causes and cures

August 11, 2013
English: American author and speaker Michael C...

English: American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Salk later in life warned against his own creation:

In an article in Science, March 4, 1977, Jonas and Darrell Salk warn that. “Live virus vaccines against influenza or poliomyelitis may in each instance pro­duce the disease it intended to prevent—the live virus against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitis (brain damage).”

The most effective prevention of disease is the immune system.

All of the bad diseases you’ve heard about most, like polio, measles, and the rest, the most effective prevention method is good health, especially a healthy immune system. Those viruses and bacteria are ALWAYS present in some number, kept in check by the immune system. Infections happen when there is a weakness in the body of some kind, they are opportunistic but always ready. That’s why people that get AIDS are always hit by infections that nobody else gets.

One of the last editions of Omni magazine carried a story about a medical researcher who wanted to find a solution to this puzzle, because bodily weaknesses didn’t explain quite the role of contagion, because the body’s weakness doesn’t explain it in every case. Somebody with a bad case of a contagious disease might be a vector.

So they posited some kind of –call it Factor X– that sometimes carried it from person to person in some way. It was really a fuzzy concept and defies specificity from memory, but I remember thinking it was strangely like something spiritual-sounding.

But of course the doctor that originally sounded the warning blasts with his “germ theory” of disease, and who reported getting dramatic improvement in recovery rates by just having everybody wash their hands, that guy was shouted down. The scientific “consensus” at the time said there was no such thing. They finally put him in an insane asylum.

No wonder Michael Crichton hated the argument from authority when scientists invoked “consensus” as proof enough of some idea of “scientific” dogma.


Aliens, Michael Crichton, and Faster Than Light

July 25, 2013
American author and speaker Michael Crichton s...

American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


An reaction to comments by a UFO researcher:




The leap from “I am matter and ..matter is made from energy” and what should be the self-evident fact of “consciousness …separate from my physical matter self”, to a galaxy replete with alien sentient beings has a great logic void gap. Nothing connects the dots, there’s no testable theory there about how you get from point A to point B. Personal experience, as subjective as it often is, has its evidentiary worth, but it’s not enough for that.


The flying machine you say you saw (I do believe it) “could be ..human made”. But you offer no reason to say it could not be a human technology.


Now some human inventions in my opinion have been divinely inspired by God himself, such as the Guttenberg press, which accelerated the pace of knowledge sharing, and the Internet, with its potential, to which God no doubt blinded some of the NWO dictatorship operatives, in the fulfillment of Daniel 12:4, that “knowledge shall be increased” in the “time of the end”.


I have no formed opinion on crop circles and don’t know enough about then that isn’t from sources I can trust on the matter. Some ufology sources have useful information, but some of those have misinformation on other matters, so I won’t discuss them for that reason.


There is of course the elephant in the room when we discuss “higher intelligence” and extraterrestrial life, and “alien ancestry”, and that is God himself, the Creator of the universe, and the host of angels that serve him and the smaller number of demons (aka “fallen angels”) that fight him.






As to Michael Crichton, he is much less a cretin than some of the examples of the ufologists and Drake equations fans I’ve come across. A friend introduced me to a UFO magazine once, and you could have changed the cover on it to say New Age Superstition and it would be hard to tell the difference.


SETI, favorite charity of Carl Sagan, was founded by Mr. Drake, he of the Drake Equation. Crichton totally unmasked the formula as pure blind faith.






That this is something to consider is valid. Einstein is not God, and special relativity is not Holy Writ. His cousin (and wife) had to even help him with the math of it, no doubt. Quantum physics even introduces a mechanism for a truly “free will” to enter into physics equations if they’ll deign to let a divine foot in the door. We shall see whether that works. Don’t hold your breath.


Quantum entanglement experiments have shown that there is something interacting with what we can measure that communicates at an apparently (to us) “infinite” speed, meaning instantly.


I was in college at the end of the 1960s, and was fascinated by some of the areas of scientific study that scientists seemed panicked about researching for fear of ridicule I suppose, or maybe feeling ridiculous. They shunned studies of telepathy-related phenomena. This led me to wonder about other things, including prophecy, which led me to the Bible as an unbeliever, and eventually with other considerations to a Bible believer, based on facts, science, history, prophetic fulfillment, and other things that pointed to that direction.


I may look at some of your links but my time is divided and limited so no promises, but the above will show you what I have found not only through personal experience but through careful study, and the testimony of science and history.



Gene patents are theft; NY hates the 2nd amendment; REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!, AP misinformation spin on imperialist Chavez

April 17, 2013
English: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of...

English: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Supreme Court is deciding whether human genes can be patented:

This is gone crazy, crazy. The very worst about it is that we CANNOT TRUST the Supreme Court to rule justly, and according to the law and the Constitution. They provide cover for the Congress now, when they can determine that they can get away with pushing the envelope toward the world government they want.

The gene is already there in nature, it is NOT a “new invention” by this company. None of the genes that exist are. You found it maybe, and you get credit for isolated it, so what? Take credit for it, like a biologist taking credit for discovering a new species, but the biologist cannot take credit for “inventing” it.

In fact, anybody walking around with this gene embedded in their chromosomes, are they going to have to pay royalties? This is insanity!

In the late Michael Crichton’s novel, “NEXT”, he added an essay where he attacked gene patents ferociously but with an abundance of logic. I was accepting of patents at the time, but since then I subscribe to the position that all so-called “intellectual property” is not a legitimate use of power over natural individual rights.


Fight on against New York state’s gun control arrogance:

I say arrogance because it violates the right to bear arms, which is also the right to self-defense. Cuomo is the extremist who cares not for individual rights, just the right of the government to rule its subjects. No longer treated as the citizens from whom government gets its marching orders, they want to claim a dictatorship of the 51%, BUT ONLY WHEN THEY WANT SOMETHING.

In other words, if they can get it from legislators who

Beware, background checks are only precursors to the necessity for a national registration database –distributed or not—and that is one of the most dangerous aspects of this.

What idiot ever said you can trust any government to remain “benign” forever, even if you think yours is currently nice?


Now this:

“” is full of baloney with the headline that the Obamacare debate is over. Their central piece of evidence? Governor Scott in Florida “throwing in the towel”. Presumably that means he signed on to creating a state-based exchange as prescribed in this 30,000 page unconstitutional “law”. Yeah, guys, I know the Supreme Court said it was constitutional, but that was based on the “temporary insanity” of self-contradicting vocabulary, saying that although they know a penalty is not the same as a tax, and Congress knew what it was doing when it said “penalty”, no matter, it’s a tax because he wanted to declare it constitutional.

No matter that if any of us, or any group of us the people, forced you to buy something, or “confiscated” your property if you didn’t, this would be illegal. That’s what “protection rackets” are.

I don’t believe any of the election results out of Venezuela for the Chavistas, including the one he “lost”, at least especially after the first one:

Venezuela’s elections are done with electronic voting machines. They cannot be trusted at all. All software engineers know this, because you cannot protect any such machine from the coders (“Trust us!” they say) or the salesmen that push it (“Trust us! It’s safe!”) or the elections officials that manage the elections. That’s anywhere, including Stalin’s Russia, Putin’s Russia, Venezuela, and the United States.

Thank God in my county of Miami-Dade they stopped using e-voting machines!


Crime was already really bad in Venezuela before Chavez seized power, but it got so much worse after he won control that they stopped reporting the numbers early on in his reign. The infrastructure is decaying from negligence and programs for the poor are sputtering. Chavez poured money into spreading his revolution and his own oligarchy. He poured millions of dollars into Honduras to try to get a plastic uprising going but even the poor were tired of Zelaya’s attempt at consolidating his de facto coup.

In spite of reporting the challenge to the vote by Capriles and the declaration by Capriles that their own independent tally from the voting showed an opposite result, AP still talks about how the Chavez heir Maduros “rode to victory” blah blah.

And then a big lie: “Millions of Venezuelans were lifted out of poverty under Chavez”. Based on what??! Who said so? Venezuelan government statistics? Fox News has to find a more reliable news agency.

A glimpse of reality in the middle, even AP has to cover its rear:

Venezuelans are afflicted by chronic power outages, crumbling infrastructure, unfinished public works projects, double-digit inflation, food and medicine shortages, and rampant crime — one of the world’s highest homicide and kidnapping rates — that the opposition said worsened after Chavez disappeared to Cuba in December for what would be his final surgery.

Also, apt wording for Americans here:

“We can’t continue to believe in messiahs,” said Jose Romero, a 48-year-old industrial engineer who voted for Capriles in the central city of Valencia. “This country has learned a lot and today we know that one person can’t fix everything.”

Chavez and his band of fascists (he made enough millionaires himself) tried to take over Honduras. Not nice. Honduras said no, No way Jose!


“Facebook lost 6 million U.S. users in May”, they report.


Here’s a new one:


Why they don’t want our children to learn the classics

December 29, 2012
English: American author and speaker Michael C...

English: American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The classics of literature, the ones that have gone through the test of time,  provide examples of how to think, different ways to think about things, often lift up the best of the principles of living with your fellow man. They stabilize the language.

That’s why people who want to control the masses would want to suppress them. The justification behind these so-called “Core Curriculum” controls issued from the Imperial Capital of Washington D.C., is to prepare the student for the workplace.

That’s not all of it, but even just based on that, you can conclude that the idea is to turn them into good little worker bees.

The better emphasis would be to teach them how to be good little entrepreneurs, good little inventors, how to balance their books and run a business, along with technology. And the limits on what power can do. And the principles of individual rights.

Unionization is a method that socialists and fascists all have found is an excellent method for making the worker bees satisfied with working for their employers, or masters, be they corporate or state or both. With collective bargaining, same as with collective anything, the individuals have to surrender to the “collective” groupthink. For that, they all have to follow somebody, someone, some “one”.

Collective thinking is by definition collective surrender and can only lead to command government that controls the collective thinking. A “queen bee” group arises out of the “collective” that looks a lot like the “oppressors” they overthrew.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

Like the unionized soldiers and workers that fought, bled and even died to put the Bolsheviks in power, once they succeeded, they turned around and realized that they had lost all power to demand anything, and that they now had be good little worker bots or else. Their old (Bolshevik) union bosses didn’t have any power like before either, but they got good benefits to keep their charges in line.

The children need to learn to think, but this new curriculum shows that my term for “public schools” has become a perfect fit: “government indoctrination centers”.

Parents, teach your children how to think independently of everybody. I’m glad I had determined during college days to have an “open mind”. You heard that all the time then, because the kids coming into college had been reared by parents who had been through the World-War-II years. My mother drove a cab during that war, because they had taken some 18 million boys for the war. When you take that many laborers out of the workforce, new opportunities open up.

(As a sidenote, the streets were a lot more peaceful in the United States urban areas back then, but me and my sister have joked that with our mother, anyway, anybody who tried anything with her would likely end up regretting it and maybe missing a few appendages..)

The kids have got to be skeptical, especially of government propaganda and “social-justice” organizations that are lifted up by officials praised by politicians and Big-Corporate-Media. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, but now there’s this government-media complex.

So when the big bloated federal government comes in and wants to “help” you with your children, beware, and like Michael Crichton said about the climate-gate racket, reach for your wallet.

Forget about Ebonics, they are going to now teach them to read, write and think like bureaucrats and good little servants. They’ll teach them all those good things government does “for the people”, when the reality is, that everything government does is by definition something they are doing to the people, and in almost all cases, against the people.

Because the more power the government has over private lives, of course, the less power the individual person –you, and me, and the other guy– has over his own life.


Genes should never be patentable

May 9, 2012
Patents Granted 1790-2008 (divided into utilit...

Patents Granted 1790-2008 (divided into utility patents, design patents, plant patents, and patents granted to foreign residents) Deutsch: Erteilte Patent 1790-2008 (unterteilt in Gebrauchsmuster, Geschmacksmuster, Biopatente und Patente die an nicht US Bürger vergeben wurden) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beverly Bell: Groups Around the U.S. Join Haitian Farmers in Protesting “Donation” of Monsanto Seeds:

Discoveries of genes that do this or that of benefit to humans should be treated like new species. Nobody can patent a new animal they happened to see hiding behind a tree somewhere.

Michael Crichton wrote a scathing essay on the subject that he put as an epilogue for his novel “Next”, a warning on the theme.

Nobody should ever sign away the “rights” to his genes. No company should ever be allowed to get a “patent” on any gene. They’ve only been able to mix and match anyway.

The status of the patent situation in the world today is a complete mess, and in the United States, it is becoming a common practice of the biggest corporations to carve out entire departments and dedicate a great amount of resources to formulating patent requests on everything they can imagine. Innovation research in companies seems to be dedicated increasingly to get all the patents possible for all kinds of arcane concepts, just for the purpose of preventing somebody else from suing them over it.

Now it looks like Larry Ellison has even unleashed his litigation army to go after the Java that’s already in the wild. That’s probably why IBM challenged Sun to turn Java over to open source; they may have seen this coming.

There’s even a movement getting attention that advocates the end of all the different categories of “intellectual property”. The idea that the “creators” are awarded by patents is losing out to the obvious fact that these days, it’s not the “creators” but the big corporations that “own” the rights who benefit.

Meantime, we see the open source movement ever growing. Lots of people just enjoy seeing the fruition of their intellectual endeavors.  For example, God bless Tim Berners-Lee and those that worked with him for their work in applying the first foundations for the Internet to happen,  for throwing it out there for the world to develop.