Get Politicians’ Grubby Hands Off Our Children!

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The reason I want the federal government out of education is because it is making kids dumber and it is a wasteful burden on the body politic, besides pushing dumb-down programs like W Bush’s cookie-cutter push with No Child Left Behind. Which, by the way, Rick Santorum voted for.

I want all government out of education because it should be the parents educating the kids or deciding where to put them. Vouchers is the issue that expose the control freaks that want to indoctrinate our kids at the mercy of teachers’ unions, but tax deductions and prosperity are the things that will set families free from the stealing of kids’ minds.

Education, real, true, free education (free of indoctrination by political mandates from oligarchies) is in the hands of parents. Having government teach our kids and telling us we have no choice in the matter is an attack on education, and that’s exactly why they are failing our future generations.


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