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Which believers have laid down their lives as a witness for unbelievers?

October 17, 2013
English: There are apparently as many Christia...

There are apparently as many Christians as Muslims in Lebanon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just the truth in the real world. I met one Coptic Christian lady from Egypt, her brother was killed during the “Arab Spring“.

There have been slaughters of Christians by Muslims and attempts at “ethnic cleansing” in Nigeria and other Muslims countries. But not all Arabs or Muslims are at it, like this article totally ignored, Rand did not say “all” Muslims, just a fraction. —> In fact, in Egypt, most of the people did not like the way that President Morsi (dubiously “elected”) was working to rule as under Sharia law as dictator. He did not rule as a moderate.

In Syria the Christians are terrified, and the Syrian (so-called) “rebels” have sworn to “purify” Nineveh, the place with the oldest Christian community in the world.

Iraq has already lost many of its Christians.

Christians are targeted everywhere, but it’s not necessarily worst where you might expect. The international news organizations have a heavy filter for these incidents.

But are there fringe Christians doing this around the world? No there are not. So the News Spinners Media has to make do with some merry bank of idiots from Kansas who can’t get any more than family and second cousins to join him.

“Die, Christian dog, die!” shouted the United States financed (and armed) Muslim as he gloated over the body. The Syrian rebels are seeking out Christians everywhere they take over.

There is a difference between a religion founded by a man who laid down the lives of unbelievers for his doctrines, and a faith brought to the world by a man who laid down his OWN life for unbelievers, to save them, and then rose from the dead to prove his power to do so on the third day.

There is a difference between the religious faith that grew by conquest by the sword its first few centuries, convert or die, and one that grew by believers laying down their OWN lives as testimony to the power of love.

This is the love of the Son of Hamas, a son of a Muslim Brotherhood founder, who saw the brutal treatment of Muslims by other Muslims in prison, and was shocked by the fact that Jesus said “Love thine enemies“.

WordPress censorship?

January 2, 2012

Unindicted terror ‘co-conspirator’ gets blog closed down:

I don’t like the wholesale Muslim bashing either, because in my opinion it makes it more difficult for them to see the love of God in the Christians trying to reach them for Christ.

One thing I have liked about wordpress is the copyright policy, respecting authorship of the writing and the copyright.

But what is hate? I’ll bet there is much worse vitriol aimed at Nazi’s than about Muslims.

Love is what distinguishes Jesus Christ from Islam.


Liberals’ shriveled up amygdala: “What? Me worry?”

May 8, 2011

“What? Me worry?” That’s the famous line from when I was a high-schooler, a quote from Mad Magazine‘s Alfred E. Newman character.

Of course the Nanny-State Press loves this study, just look at the stupid web page title:

Study: Conservatives have larger “fear center” – War Room –

I get real skeptical with assertions that brain structure affects political thinking, seems a big leap to me. But take all the “conclusions” by “scholars” with a grain of salt, especially if it falls one way or the other. They are forever trying to figure out what’s wrong with anybody who doesn’t think like them, after all. So am I, it’s incredible how many oxymorons and contradictory positions some people hold at the same time, one breath to the next.

To quote:

University College London researchers say brains of the right-leaning have big , small anterior cingulate.

Specifically, the research shows that people with conservative tendencies have a larger amygdala and a smaller anterior cingulate than other people. The amygdala — typically thought of as the “primitive brain” — is responsible for reflexive impulses, like fear. The anterior cingulate is thought to be responsible for courage and optimism. This one-two punch could be responsible for many of the anecdotal claims that conservatives “think differently” from others.

But like so many of the things liberals think fit their delusions, this one is also a backfire.

Rather than the non-liberals’ “fear center” so-called being too big, maybe it’s just stunted and shriveled up in the liberals’ brain.

It might also explain how Big Government advocates can be so blind to the obvious consequences of such monumentally stupid policies.

Debt, no problem, that’s just “leverage”. After all, we’re not bankrupt yet!

Victory mosque at ground zero, no problem, they’re just trying to get along with the rest of us.

Sharia law courts in Britain? No problem, Muslim women like it that way.

The Fed causing a constant zig-zag whiplash economy? No problem it’s those fraidy-cat Republicans‘ fault. MSNBC says so.

Prenatal infanticide? No problem for the rest of us. Nobody’s going to declare me subhuman after all.

Censor all questioning of oligarchy-mandated “science” a problem? It wasn’t a problem for Lysenkoism, no problem for me!

Then again there are guys like Andy Grove who get things done:

But then again, it’s liberals who think that without their Big Oppressive Government, the sky will start falling and the earth will open up and swallow them.

Another oxymoron from the same link:

> Since only adults were included in the investigation, researchers were unable to determine if cerebral physiology drives politics or if political beliefs change the brain. A previous University of California study suggests the former is possible, isolating a so-called “liberal gene” — the neurotransmitter DRD4 — responsible for an increased receptiveness to novel ideas.

Liberals can be among the most closed-minded people in existence. Even the smart ones have trouble understanding some simple truths.

I was isolated among my college peers when my thinking started wandering outside the carefully cultivated socialism box. When I started saying I believed in anarchism, they looked at me like they had just seen a Martian or something, confused. [Note: I outgrew that one too, but libertarianism is the closest sensible position to it].

And there’s the girl who had this astonished reaction to my daughter at Stanford: “What??! You’re Hispanic, and you’re a Republican?!”

They have an easier time believing SETI is going to find aliens. Go figure.

Remember Judge Napolitano’s signature quote: “That government is best that governs least”.