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Citizens United decision helps the little guy have a voice

October 28, 2012
Citizens United

Citizens United (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citizens United was where the little guy got a bit of a voice. I’ve listed four or five reasons below.

In the real world, incumbents re reelected something like 90 percent of the time to Congress, and the majority of times to the presidency. The reason?

The incumbent has a built-in billionaire advantage that comes automagically from (1) using the taxed and borrowed money, collected by taxation extorted from people of opposite sides of their positions and supporters all, for “official” communications, interviews, press releases, and (2) the payback from being a good “patron” for his sponsors’ causes, and (3) name recognition.

In today’s world, item (3) has a dollar value in the millions.

As relates to Citizens United, it is absolutely true that corporations are NOT people.

BUT free speech ensues from natural INDIVIDUAL rights, and one’s contributions to the efforts of an initiative to publicize the views shared by the contributors, provides the individual a way to compete for attention with the big money. Ironic that the excuse they use to protect special interests is that they want to stop the influence of special interests.

Now there are some people that want to throw a mud cover on that, to obscure the fact that people contributing to a corporate initiative with the purpose of supporting their own personal ideas, is a right that ensues from the free speech rights of the INDIVIDUAL doing that contribution. The corporation inherits the rights of the individual owners of that corporation, who have agreed to the terms thereof, and it is the collective voice of those individuals that bestows the right to express opinions.

It is preposterous to argue otherwise. If you do, for consistency you have to ban the corporate free speech of all the newspapers, broadcast studios, and Internet sites that belong to corporations! That means you have to muzzle NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, huffingtonpost, and God forbid, oh my, NPR!

That is a major, blatant, self-contradiction in laws that restrict corporate speech, obvious when uttered explicitly. The corporate news industry is always “exempt” one group of corporations. This group gives voice to Sony, General Electric, and other such giants. Sometimes I suspect “it goes without saying”.

Another self-contradiction is that the subtler forms of support for a candidate are left untouched by these hypocritical initiatives. Hypocritical because exempted or regular newscasts, news stories, and so on.

Hypocritical also when you consider that a recent survey (1990s I believe) showed that as many as 97 percent of the editors in a recent survey were registered to vote with Democratic Party affiliation, and about 80 percent of the journalists. That may have gone down one or two percent since Fox seems like at least to have about an even mix between the two parties.

Those numbers probably help explain why it’s the Democratic Party that pushes for shutting the mouths of others. Us poor people and middle class cannot pay for a full-page ad to explain our views or influence opinions.

But then there are gobs of independents, and a big part of those independents are people like me who hold to ideas vehemently and brutally opposed by the two-party cartel that holds power right now.

The special-interest group with generally the most influence anyway is the collection of companies that own broadcast and cable networks and print newspapers, and don’t forget corporations with massive Internet presence. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, HN. And remember that NPR is no obscure news source, as shown by the fact that one of its own moderated the first presidential debate of the 2012 campaign.

And remember that those news sources subsist from advertising almost exclusively. NPR has subscribers, and many of the Citizen United contributors may have heard about it from alternate media. Little-guy media.

NPR is a corporate entity, yes it is, and the fact that much of its funding comes from the current incumbent that has the elected office, along with the strings that come along with it. It also outlasts each Congress and presidency with their change in personnel. The effect is that their perspective influences them to favor the idea that government is a benevolent animal, simply because they view themselves as benevolent.

In other words, NPR’s government funding goes hand in hand with the philosophy that government should influence favorably the public’s view of government.

See here a diagram showing much of the interconnections between media corporations and their “cousins” in other industries:

Network diagram showing interlocks between var...


Obama speech to soldiers met with silence | The Daily Caller

September 15, 2012

Obama making speeches to the soldiers, trying to drum up support and let supporters pretend he is supporting them, but they aren’t stupid, and they know he’s trying to suppress their vote.

That’s where real vote suppression is happening.

ignore the Tea Party and the Liberty Movement at your own peril, detractors

July 1, 2012
English: Tea Party protesters fill the Nationa...

English: Tea Party protesters fill the National Mall on September 12, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romney too!

Like Obama said after the 2010 elections, “We got a shellacking”.

Look at MSNBC on

Obama said Tuesday’s results confirmed what he’s heard from voters across the country: People are frustrated. He said the lesson of election was that he hasn’t made enough progress in creating jobs.

After two years with fellow Democrats leading Congress, Obama now must deal for the rest of his term with the jarring reality of Republican control of the House, a diminished Democratic majority in the Senate and a new flock of lawmakers sworn to downsize government at every chance.

The subtitle of the article said “President vows to work with GOP, but stands firm on health care, tax cuts”. The centerpiece of his first two years was the Medical Industry Command Nationalization, with a side bar of mini-TARP (“stimulus”), and the new Congress got changed based on the promise of Repeal, Repeal, Repeal, and cut taxes, and stop spending, and he’ll work with Republicans, but he won’t budge on the issues that made Americans give the Republicans the House.

But never mind. Americans were wildly supportive of Joe McCarthy, but if you read the history books, you’d think Americans all hid under their birds at the scare of him coming after them. The Press even then called him all the names they would repeat for Nixon and Reagan later, but in the history books you’d think they hid under the beds for fear they’d be accused of spying.

It turns out (Venona Papers) that the people his critics defended the loudest, were exactly what Joe McCarthy said they were. And he only named some of them, the ones he was convinced about only, after the Oligarchy Press demanded names. Soviet agents infiltrating the State Department? Why, our ally Stalin wouldn’t even think of doing anything like that!

The Oligarchy Mafia must have the textbook industry all wrapped around their fingers too. Even in the 1960s when I was in school, they left out BIG things I’m just beginning to learn about. And they put things in we are all learning were not true, or backwards, or were half the truth.

The Oligarch Press has already talked like the Tea Party protests of 2009 and 2010 dwindled away to nothing, while the “Occupy” guys were huge massive grassroots groundswells. NOT!

What else is new in Oligarchy Voice spin? Regulations that make opening a restaurant impossible for my family, taxes that rob the money for your raise right out of your employer’s pockets, EPA jackboots that fine farmers in the thousands of dollars for filling in a pond that they had created for their cows, FDA shutting down a Mom and Pop cheese factory for using a wooden vat to make room for French imports of wood-vat cheese, and tens of thousands of things more.

And don’t forget. Too-big-to-fail banks getting trillions of dollars from the Fed while the president-to-be who was elected with their money pushes for them along with the then president and then candidate. Good idea, said Romney too.

Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers: Is Class Size Over-rated?

May 27, 2012
Cover of "Stand and Deliver"

Cover of Stand and Deliver

That’s true but the Orwell-aware citizen should fact-check the fact-checkers.

For instance at the ABC link they seemed to favor the criticisms against Romney for his comments that class size doesn’t matter as much as we used to think.

Actually, even Arne Duncan, Obama’s own education secretary, was right that it isn’t “as important as some necessarily think”.

How about that, an Obama cabinet secretary has told the truth at least once. Here’s what he said, following a reference to Romney’s comments:

Cutter also hammers Romney on classroom size, saying, “Mitt Romney made some more ridiculous claims and assertions this week, this time on education policy. He even had the nerve to tell a group of educators that: ‘It’s not the classroom size that’s driving the success of those school systems.’”

The problem is that Obama’s education secretary, Arne Duncan, has also suggested classroom size isn’t as important as some necessarily think.

“We spent billions of dollars to reduce class size. As a parent, we all love small class size,” Duncan told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “But the best thing you can do is get children in front of an extraordinary teacher. So other countries have higher class sizes but extraordinary talent in those rooms.”

We have at least one example in the person of Jaime Escalante, the teacher who was at the center of the book and movie “Stand and Deliver“. His classes were the most popular at his East Los Angeles high school, and there was so much demand for his classes and demand to get into them that his class size only kept growing ever year.

And his results should have shamed the teachers’ unions across the country into oblivion with their demands of seniority over results and a maximum class size.

They finally pushed him all the way out because he fought the union tooth and nail and face to face, and finally retired in disgust to his native Bolivia.

No wonder “Johnny Can’t Read”, and Jane can’t calculate when they get their diploma.

LIke they used to joke in my kids’ high school (they’re better now I think), the graduates can’t read their own diplomas!

The best solution for education is to free it from the chains of political hegemony, set it free for parents and private schools and private charities to take care of.  Political money is a poison pill, and all tax money outlays are political, without exception, because they are filtered through people with their hands in our pockets. It corrupts everything and distorts the market.

Evidence of this is just to look at the private school competition. Yes, millionaires and billionaires can send their kids wherever they want to, and their kids do better than the ones in the inner cities. Part of it is context, but private concerns have to compete for discretionary spending like that. Government vouchers doesn’t solve it all, though, because government is a lousy operator in matters of concern to parents. Look at the raid on the community in East Texas where the social workers who are supposed to look out for the children traumatized them by cutting off their communication with parents and trying to get them to say bad things about their mothers and fathers.


Oh, yes, and the president of the United States too. He has his kids in a private school in Washington DC, while he is cutting off the scholarships for the poor black kids in the District of Columbia. Hey! What is wrong with that picture?



Liberals’ shriveled up amygdala: “What? Me worry?”

May 8, 2011

“What? Me worry?” That’s the famous line from when I was a high-schooler, a quote from Mad Magazine‘s Alfred E. Newman character.

Of course the Nanny-State Press loves this study, just look at the stupid web page title:

Study: Conservatives have larger “fear center” – War Room –

I get real skeptical with assertions that brain structure affects political thinking, seems a big leap to me. But take all the “conclusions” by “scholars” with a grain of salt, especially if it falls one way or the other. They are forever trying to figure out what’s wrong with anybody who doesn’t think like them, after all. So am I, it’s incredible how many oxymorons and contradictory positions some people hold at the same time, one breath to the next.

To quote:

University College London researchers say brains of the right-leaning have big , small anterior cingulate.

Specifically, the research shows that people with conservative tendencies have a larger amygdala and a smaller anterior cingulate than other people. The amygdala — typically thought of as the “primitive brain” — is responsible for reflexive impulses, like fear. The anterior cingulate is thought to be responsible for courage and optimism. This one-two punch could be responsible for many of the anecdotal claims that conservatives “think differently” from others.

But like so many of the things liberals think fit their delusions, this one is also a backfire.

Rather than the non-liberals’ “fear center” so-called being too big, maybe it’s just stunted and shriveled up in the liberals’ brain.

It might also explain how Big Government advocates can be so blind to the obvious consequences of such monumentally stupid policies.

Debt, no problem, that’s just “leverage”. After all, we’re not bankrupt yet!

Victory mosque at ground zero, no problem, they’re just trying to get along with the rest of us.

Sharia law courts in Britain? No problem, Muslim women like it that way.

The Fed causing a constant zig-zag whiplash economy? No problem it’s those fraidy-cat Republicans‘ fault. MSNBC says so.

Prenatal infanticide? No problem for the rest of us. Nobody’s going to declare me subhuman after all.

Censor all questioning of oligarchy-mandated “science” a problem? It wasn’t a problem for Lysenkoism, no problem for me!

Then again there are guys like Andy Grove who get things done:

But then again, it’s liberals who think that without their Big Oppressive Government, the sky will start falling and the earth will open up and swallow them.

Another oxymoron from the same link:

> Since only adults were included in the investigation, researchers were unable to determine if cerebral physiology drives politics or if political beliefs change the brain. A previous University of California study suggests the former is possible, isolating a so-called “liberal gene” — the neurotransmitter DRD4 — responsible for an increased receptiveness to novel ideas.

Liberals can be among the most closed-minded people in existence. Even the smart ones have trouble understanding some simple truths.

I was isolated among my college peers when my thinking started wandering outside the carefully cultivated socialism box. When I started saying I believed in anarchism, they looked at me like they had just seen a Martian or something, confused. [Note: I outgrew that one too, but libertarianism is the closest sensible position to it].

And there’s the girl who had this astonished reaction to my daughter at Stanford: “What??! You’re Hispanic, and you’re a Republican?!”

They have an easier time believing SETI is going to find aliens. Go figure.

Remember Judge Napolitano’s signature quote: “That government is best that governs least”.