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Tyrants always crack down on guns first

December 15, 2012
Gouverneur Morris, Constitution Center

Gouverneur Morris, Constitution Center (Photo credit: geekygirlnyc)


Before tyrants “become” tyrants, they are simply politicians. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. One of the biggest reasons for respecting the right of individuals to the means to defend themselves is for protection against attacks by their government. One of the reasons founders like Patrick Henry and Gouverneur Morris forced the Second Amendment (with the other liberties explicitly respected) as a condition for ratification, was because the British had come attacking.


They attacked to protect the enforcement of the stamp act (and the self-written warrants to enforce them) and the tyranny of colonial rule.


The first step in the tyranny recipe is almost always gun control, adding ever more until finally it becomes gun confiscation. The propagandists do their job, many even believe in it, telling people they’re not interested in confiscation, just control and licensing.


There is never enough, because the more difficult it is for the people who obey the laws to get them, the more vulnerable they are, like in Newtown, Connecticut.


With the accumulation of records, then, what has happened after licensing they only have to look up the records and they know where to go to get them from freedom-loving citizens who might object to being arrested for speaking to their neighbors, or anything else they deem a “threat to national security”.


Germany’s Interior Minister bragged after Germany’s gun confiscation about how safe the streets were now. After licensing and registration controls, Turkey’s government knew which Armenians had weapons to confiscate, a couple of years before the massacre.




More permits and restrictions on ownership: NONE would have stopped the Newtown killer

December 15, 2012

NONE of those stupid laws that require permits for possession to keep them out of the hands of unstable personalities would have ever stopped this brutal and evil massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. They were not his own guns! This is the wild suspension of logic that comes out in this discussion!

Robbers can steal guns, and they sometimes clear out entire gun shops. Even with a total ban would only make guns that much more valuable, their price in the gray and black markets would skyrocket. Think military arsenals, and think Fast and Furious.

And think something else, from one of the most important incidents that led to the build-up of SWAT teams in almost every major police department in the country.

In 1997 two robbers entered a Bank of America branch in Los Angeles shooting their “illegally modified fully automatic” AKMs and an AR-15 rifle. They held the entire bank hostage long enough to gather their loot, but when they exited the bank to start their getaway they were met by dozens of LAPD police officers.

The shootout lasted hours. The story splashed the front page of newspapers across the country. A profusion of prose was written about it.

In one of the most untold details of the story, though, was that the weapons those two robbers carried were not only illegal for them to carry, they were Chinese weapons bought on the black market.

There is not one law in the United States that can stop that. The Mexican cartels get most of their weapons from sources outside the United States except when the Obama-Holder Justice Department makes sure they get them. The two most ferocious modern street gangs in the United States and anywhere, MS-13 and 18, make their own mini-bazookas.

When ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya made plans for a comeback, his collaborators in the capital city were using an old tooling shop used for teaching, to make weapons, while the Chavez-Zelaya operatives were training a handful of well-paid “volunteers” to train for a core guerrilla group. Thank God that some 85 percent of Hondurans were not so stupid as to fall for the demagoguery at least at that time, and thank God for the valiant and brave Honduran press and their courageous reporters who braved the assassinations their colleagues suffered at the hands of those government power freaks who want to shut the mouths of lovers of freedom.

Gun laws are not for the criminals or the criminal gangs, in the end. There are lots of well-intentioned people who think guns are the problem, but there are social power engineers who know that a freely armed citizenry can shoot back.

Like Solzhenitsyn said, the Stalinist Secret Police forces would have been a lot more reluctant if the citizens had fought back en masse and protected each other. Those days are coming, no doubt, to America.

The fight will be blamed by the perpetrators and dividers on the freedom-loving citizens, on rednecks, on Christians, on “the right”, on the militias, and incidents like the one in Newtown will be used as an excuse to make the streets more dangerous for the people and to convert citizens into subjects of the regime.

A false flag operation is not beyond their moral stature, it’s been done before, in the United States. The USS Miami in Cuba, the Gulf of Tonkin incident near Vietnamese waters, WMD’s in Iraq, and there are more.

This assistant principal in Pearl High School in Pearl, Miss, stopped a shooter using his own

December 15, 2012
Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course all the official government-media complex propaganda organs immediately went ballistic about guns with the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. But there have been several incidents where school shootings were stopped by an armed civilian, but there would have been more if not for the stupid law that says schools should be zones where the right of self-defense is not respected.

..But this assistant principal Myrick had to run to his car outside the school-area “gun-free” zone to get the gun he used to hold the shooter for the police.

What if he had been able to keep his firearm in his desk at school?

Many of the 61 school shootings they’re spouting about in Propaganda Media could have been stopped cold if more teachers had been able to bring their weapons on to campus.

Some gun control believers are even using arguments that show they do not even check there own facts. One blogger asked whether his reader “had ever heard of a mass killing being stopped by the use of guns even once”.


Why do the disinformation operatives think that the worst incidents happen in places like schools? Criminals have no problem getting guns! Heck, even if you’re the most ruthless drug-smuggling cartel on earth, you might even get the United States Justice Department to sell you some!

Guns are used much more often to stop crimes than to commit them, and they level the playing field for those who are smaller or weaker, or more often targets, like women.

IT takes just plain people sharing the stories to tell it, since the media covers this up.

It just makes sense though. Why do cops have guns? Because they face the criminals. So why shouldn’t decent citizens have them.

Besides, who will protect us if the government turns bad? It’s happened, after all, throughout history. Germany the Jews, Turkey the Armenians. the Bolsheviks, the Maoists

And this blogger put together a list of occasions where potential mass murders were stopped cold by a civilian with a firearm:

There are many he did not list, though. In Israel, early on, guns were banned to the population, but at some point, being a nation that has an interest in stopping crimes of this nature, passed a law that legalized concealed carry.

Shortly afterward, a group of PLO militia stormed a shopping mall and started shooting everybody in sight. One elderly granny pulled her concealed weapon out and started shooting back, and the attackers panicked in confusion. One of the wounded attackers told a paramedic, “We didn’t expect anybody to shoot back!”

Another incident was in a mixed-race church in South Africa during the times of apartheid. You have to ask why a radical anti-apartheid group would attack a mixed race church, no doubt expecting no one would shoot back. The answer is that they don’t generally really care about what they say, they are commanded by leaders who only think about how to attain power over the populace, using ideology as a cloak. That church had a member who possessed his weapon, an off-duty policeman, and he stopped them.