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Some teachers don’t want to bear arms, but let’s welcome the help from those who do

December 23, 2012

I came across a blog on the subject of those who are having trouble with the confusing propaganda that says decent Americans should give up their guns to protect themselves from people with guns. It doesn’t make sense, but the “profusion” of guns is being blamed for manic acts like the one in Newtown instead of blaming the one who did it and the outrageous way that mental health patients’ families have been left without recourse to help their sons, like in that case…

Okay so you’re not comfortable around firearms, and NOT ONE person who is advocating the freedom for teachers and staff to have the means to stop the bad guys, NOT ONE is saying teachers should be “forced” to have them or get distracted. But there are LOTS of teachers who are well-trained and responsible with them. If you are more afraid of such decent teachers having handy access to their arms in the case of a threat, than you are of mad dog killers like in Newtown, then you don’t haven’t had a chance to think through this thing logically.

but from the response we see that there are principals and teachers that are very much comfortable with them, trained in their use, not klutzes, would never shoot a sparrow, BUT would be fierce in the act of protecting the young children in their care. The principal charged at the shooter in Newtown and sacrificed herself to try to buy time for everybody else, but it could have been MUCH better an outcome if she had just shot him instead.

Or since this shooter apparently was intent on ending it with his own suicide, just letting the shooter get a glimpse of it (like Alfred Thompson’s firefighter father) might have led him to end himself quick, like the hero in the Clackamus Mall who aimed at the bad guy –who shot himself after seeing the weapon.

By the way, the media encourages these massacres when they publicize the names of the bad guys. I heard one American anti-violence activist report in an interview during the time of school shootings in the 1990s, that Japanese journalists were appalled that American media published all the names of the perps.

That’s right, Japan, with brutal gun-control laws, has mass school killings and attacks. Before guns, people, throughout recorded history there were these things called “wars” that were fought with not one firearm, before there were such things.

China certainly makes it illegal and nigh impossible for its serfs to get firearms, but that didn’t stop a deranged man from getting at 22 children with his knife before somebody was able to stop him.

Who can deny that the best way to stop a bad guy that has a gun is with a good guy that has a gun.

Once upon a time my wife stopped the kidnapping of her own son cold by taking out her own concealed weapon. Don’t tell her she should not have one!

Now here we go, I do agree that nobody should be forced to carry a firearm, and here we have Doug who has the common sense to avoid them for himself. But there are teachers who are good at their use and would love to be able to have them handy, like the teacher in one of those school shootings in the 1990s who had to rush to his car –outside the “gun-free” zone, of course— to fetch his own which he then used to stop stop the shooter!

But guess what? Your national media that barks so loudly about the “public’s right to know” when they want to know something, they had a toothless bite for this one, only saying that a teacher “was able to subdue” the shooter.

If somebody walks into your son’s school with such intentions, would you rather have somebody on the spot that can shoot back at the killer before he got to his own grandson? Or would he prefer not to bother teachers?

And there’s one more thing.

The number one reason lovers of freedom like Patrick Henry and Gouverneur Morris forced the inclusion of the Second Amendment in the Constitution with the rest of the Bill of Rights was not to protect the sport of hunting or local and national target competitions. As they stated specifically, the main thing was the importance of protecting the right of INDIVIDUALS to bear arms WITHOUT INFRINGEMENT, was to protect those individual rights as the birthright of all people.

Expert in killing psychology tells us how to stop a lot of these killings

December 18, 2012
US Gun Ownership Grows Under Obama Presidency ...

US Gun Ownership Grows Under Obama Presidency – FBI NICS (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier)

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society: Dave Grossman: 9780316040938: Books:

I just watched some of the Bill O’Reilly program on Fox News Channel. I don’t listen to him as much as before, because it seems like he presents his brand as “conservative-light”, but he tends to try to pull the audience toward more government. What gives his program value are some of the people he interviews.

O’Reilly interviewed John Grossman, who knows how soldiers are induced to kill fellow human beings. In the discussion Mr. Grossman pointed to a study done by Stanford University, a double-blind study, that showed that by turning off the television and the video games in schools would cut crimes IN HALF.

I do remember another study made around the 1960s and 1970s in northern Canada during the time that television was penetrating into areas for the very first time. They found that between 15 and 20 years later crime went up dramatically.

And now we find that friends of the mother of the Newtown shooter, that she had always been looking for ways to get help for her son without very much success. It has also come to light that the shooter had tried to buy arms at various gun shops but did not because he did not want to wait for the required checks.

That means that the waiting period and background checks were absolutely worthless in the case of Newtown.

Background checks are not a panacea either.

As a father of a late son that was also troubled albeit in a somewhat different way, I can understand what the mother went through. It’s an outrage that the ACLU and some “mental health advocates” in misguided efforts pushed for releasing mental health patients that were not ready for the wider society, despite their families’ protestations.

The real question to ask is about the people who do these things and about the American culture and psyche, and that does NOT mean the so-called “gun culture”.

Dave Grossman points out that this mass killing phenomenon is world-wide, and a lot of the blame lies on the doorstep of the socialization of killing in the movies, television series, and video games.

Even Jamie Foxx has said this. Shame on the rest of Hollywood for avoiding admitting it.

In the 1950s, there were much fewer restrictions and LOTS MORE freedom for having and using guns, and there was LOTS LESS crime.

I tire not of pointing out that a concealed weapon prevented the kidnapping of a son of mine, for which I am forever grateful.

More permits and restrictions on ownership: NONE would have stopped the Newtown killer

December 15, 2012

NONE of those stupid laws that require permits for possession to keep them out of the hands of unstable personalities would have ever stopped this brutal and evil massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. They were not his own guns! This is the wild suspension of logic that comes out in this discussion!

Robbers can steal guns, and they sometimes clear out entire gun shops. Even with a total ban would only make guns that much more valuable, their price in the gray and black markets would skyrocket. Think military arsenals, and think Fast and Furious.

And think something else, from one of the most important incidents that led to the build-up of SWAT teams in almost every major police department in the country.

In 1997 two robbers entered a Bank of America branch in Los Angeles shooting their “illegally modified fully automatic” AKMs and an AR-15 rifle. They held the entire bank hostage long enough to gather their loot, but when they exited the bank to start their getaway they were met by dozens of LAPD police officers.

The shootout lasted hours. The story splashed the front page of newspapers across the country. A profusion of prose was written about it.

In one of the most untold details of the story, though, was that the weapons those two robbers carried were not only illegal for them to carry, they were Chinese weapons bought on the black market.

There is not one law in the United States that can stop that. The Mexican cartels get most of their weapons from sources outside the United States except when the Obama-Holder Justice Department makes sure they get them. The two most ferocious modern street gangs in the United States and anywhere, MS-13 and 18, make their own mini-bazookas.

When ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya made plans for a comeback, his collaborators in the capital city were using an old tooling shop used for teaching, to make weapons, while the Chavez-Zelaya operatives were training a handful of well-paid “volunteers” to train for a core guerrilla group. Thank God that some 85 percent of Hondurans were not so stupid as to fall for the demagoguery at least at that time, and thank God for the valiant and brave Honduran press and their courageous reporters who braved the assassinations their colleagues suffered at the hands of those government power freaks who want to shut the mouths of lovers of freedom.

Gun laws are not for the criminals or the criminal gangs, in the end. There are lots of well-intentioned people who think guns are the problem, but there are social power engineers who know that a freely armed citizenry can shoot back.

Like Solzhenitsyn said, the Stalinist Secret Police forces would have been a lot more reluctant if the citizens had fought back en masse and protected each other. Those days are coming, no doubt, to America.

The fight will be blamed by the perpetrators and dividers on the freedom-loving citizens, on rednecks, on Christians, on “the right”, on the militias, and incidents like the one in Newtown will be used as an excuse to make the streets more dangerous for the people and to convert citizens into subjects of the regime.

A false flag operation is not beyond their moral stature, it’s been done before, in the United States. The USS Miami in Cuba, the Gulf of Tonkin incident near Vietnamese waters, WMD’s in Iraq, and there are more.

Larry Pratt: “Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands”

December 15, 2012

Yep, that’s the real problem, not enough guns in the hands of teachers on school grounds. The gun control propaganda machine went emergency alert to avoid wasting this crisis on things like tragedy and helping heal the culture, but instead went after decent citizens’ ownership of guns.

All the control freaksĀ talk about “fairness”, but they don’t interview an articulate spokesman for the majority of Americans, who do believe in the right to the means of self-defense.

Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, responded to the tragedy saying, “Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered. This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones. The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun.”

Gun Owners of America urges state and federal lawmakers to overturn bans on guns in schools immediately. Larry and other spokespersons are available for interviews.

And Obama did a press conference, showed appropriate emotion, and immediately politicized the incident by saying we should do something about these tragedies without worrying about the politics. We all know what he meant by “do something”, and some of us know that he meant to steal the moral high ground by talking about the politics.

There are teachers and school staff who have used their weapons to stop such incidents before the police could arrive. The best time to stop a crime is during the crime. Even where guns are banned completely –whether it is a “gun-free” school zone or in countries where guns are banned– we see that such laws are not effective in stopping them. The police forces almost always arrive later, such as in Newtown.

They were much quicker in Aurora, Colorado, it is true, but in that cinema there was at least one active military soldier who died protecting his girlfriend. That soldier could not bring his firearm because the theater chain has a rule banning them. That ‘s their prerogative, but for the safety of their customers when something like this happens, they would do better to allow them in.


goa2010 (Photo credit: arellis49)

In Japan, with very strict gun laws, there was in the 1990s a series of stabbings of school teachers by students.

In my wife’s nation of Honduras, the street gangs make their own bazookas out of tubing and either powder or other chemicals.