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History check on see-saw Politifact

December 14, 2013


They said Obamacare was not a “government takeover of health care”. To defend this preposterous claim the point to the “overwhelming reliance” on the “free market“, they had to compare it to total federal government ownership of all medical facilities.

Which of course NOBODY meant when they said it was a government takeover.

First, let us get this straight, that this is NOT any “free market” AT ALL. In fact, the reason for the controversy is precisely because it relies overwhelmingly on a massive regulatory regime. Government intervention on steroids. And built into the design, even if you want to call it intentional, is failure, presumably to get it replaced with another overwhelming government intervention.

A reliance on the free market would kill the already massive burden of government interventions in the medical markets, a removal of the barriers to interstate commerce in medical insurance, treating individuals on an equal level with businesses with respect to the tax deductions, and even getting out of the massive distortions caused already by massive government intervention that caused the problems in the first place.

This is why great numbers of institutions, doctors, and individuals are “opting out”.


..But it might come to that to make it work, if they don’t desist. We’ll see, they may have other tricks.


Oh gosh, Politi-lies keeps on getting hit my the truth! Even the hottest defenders have to admit now that they have to ration care to make it work. The kicker is that it is “only” when spending reaches certain levels. As if it will never. Ha.

And the law only introduced these panels that vote up or down on care, they said, “to control costs for Medicare“. That means, more of the elderly now have the option of denial of care.

Sorry, Virginia, it’s true, there are indeedy “death panels’


So in the very next paragraph after where they admit the death panels (by any other name), they say that the Death Panels are a falsehood!

Well, Politi-maybe was right on one thing. An overturning of this abominable law would not be an unprecedented and extraordinary overturning of a law passed by Congress, another of Obama’s lies.

Lord help us and keep us in these times coming upon us… “God is not a man, that he should lie”.



September 21, 2012
Bankruptcy Filings...

Bankruptcy Filings… (Photo credit: MyEyeSees)

California is broke. America is broke.

America was broke a long time ago. Nixon breaking Breton Woods was a declaration of bankruptcy, that American would no longer honor real-world value for the dollar. And all the parties to the substitute were co-conspirators.

In bankruptcy court, the judge divides up the assets left to the bankrupt, and distributes them to the stakeholders in proportion. The foreign banks and governments that went along with Nixon and the Federal Reserve went along with taking dollars that had ZERO guarantee outside “take my word for it”.

But the credit rating is falling fast, the polish has worn off, the ugly rust is showing, the dollar, instead  of representing a lasting value like gold, now represents a Federal Reserve that prints money for a Congress that keeps asking for more.

Now matter how much they say “fair share”, the demagogues know that all the millionaires and billionaires in America don’t have enough to “save Medicare as we know it”, or the welfare state.

They know that the welfare state has created more poverty than wealth, and they keep going. Platitudes about how righteous welfare recipients are don’t change the truth.



April 5, 2012
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looks like somewhere some idiot is trying to question the fact that active military personnel are supporting Ron Paul more than any other of the presidential candidates. And somebody somewhere is complaining that Ron Paul supporters are doing up dirty ads against other Republican candidates

Dirty stuff maybe. Like mentioning Gingrich’s ad promoting the United Nation‘s enviromentalist cover for controlling everything in our personal lives around the world, and his promotion of continued military and covert operations to meddle in the affairs of everyone else in the world, and his support for TARP.

Or dirty stuff like Santorum voting for the biggest expansion of Medicare spending since LBJ, accelerating the mad spiral into dollar bankruptcy, and votes to expand government power to break the Bill of Rights with unconstitutional intrusions into our private lives.

Or dirty stuff like Romney’s flip-flopping around all the time.

Or the WORST DIRTY STUFF of all: the fact that the biggest supporters of all FOUR of the other candidates including Obama were (are) the biggest beneficiaries of the raid on our pockets in TARP and the “stimulus” that only stimulated the economic decline of once-great and once-prosperous America, cronies like Goldman-Sachs and the rest of the gang.

Or EVEN WORSE MAYBE: the fact that not one of them mentions the Federal Reserve anymore.

Now hear this you naysayers: Ron Paul gets MORE AUDIENCE numbers than all your guys combined and of course they can’t even whisper about it in the bought and paid for Media.

They are trying to immunize people against even listening to the only honest man running for president who has proven his talk with his walk, useless to lobbyists, and the only one who talks about the biggest stealth white collar theft by the richest billionaires in the history of the world, using the Federal Reserve Bank. Inflating the dollar makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, because us little guys are at the end of the trickle-down money supply. The housewife buys 10% less at the store than last year because of the HANDFUL of rich bankers that spread dollars around to their friends and foreign banks with TARP funds, “stimulus” money, and the right kind of regulations, a devil’s unspoken dance by politicians who love the money that grows on Fed trees (and puts us in hock for the gardening costs), and the Fed that buys off entire nations on the cheap.


End the Fed!

President Obama: Afraid to Defend the Medical Industry Takeover, Makes Scary Movies Instead

March 25, 2012

Style vs. Substance: President Obama Sells Movies Not Solutions on Healthcare | American Action Forum:

The first film in that series features a family that has a daughter with an expensive medical condition, and shows the mother’s voice breaking up while she’s saying, “I can’t understand, how anybody would want to take that away from us.”

This is an outrageous thing, propaganda to scare people out of repealing this oppressive socialism-inspired law that nationalizes the medical industry in a Machievellan collaboration between monstrously giant pharmaceutical companies and politicians who think government can cure any ill.

It is a false promise that some people will find out after it hits full force. It’s a hurricane with a thousand tornados that are going to appear by surprise. It will be a surprise to families that think this is a good thing when they find out that doctors are massively abandoning the practice, squeezed out by bigger predators than the ones they think they’re being rescued from.

Pick any one family that gets a freebie for some need, and it’s “how could you take this away from us?”

The question the American people should ask, and they are asking, is “How can you rob so much of the people’s economic prosperity engine, the goose that laid the golden eggs in times past, to make sure there is less health care than ever in the United States of America?”

Because make no mistake: The harm to the people’s health will be a thousand times worse when this bill comes into effect.

The present system presents a way, albeit another pyrrhic solution, already for that family that would have much better future than this Unaffordable Health Care Act, because in most states, if that man “loses” his job or moves out, the mother is then single and if she doesn’t have a job she gets food stamps, a welfare check, and all the Medicaid she could ever use.

But wait. Oh yeah, they cut the budget for Medicare and I think Medicaid too in this bill. Heck, we’ve had this bill in in public now from the day they supposedly passed it into unconstitutional law, and WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT’S IN IT, and the HHC still TODAY (March 25, 2012) does not even have a great many of the rules ready so employers, insurers, and medical concerns in general still have not been able to begin calculating the effect.

But never mind, there is a plan as announced from even before the 2008 campaign, to move the thing to their end point of one national health care system anyway, aka “single payer”.

There is no way they can handle this as a one-size fits all solution directed from the insulated castles of the District of Columbia, so protected they are from the peasants by this moat of central command authority and such a voracious appetite for taxation and the printing presses of the Fed that beat out all the counterfeiters of all the ages for its huge worldwide reach.