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Rubio: Rand Paul is right

March 19, 2017

To Senator Rubio:

Ryancare will make Republicans pay for the sins of Obamacare, deservedly, because it is the same thing mixed around, fixing nothing of what is wrong. Be not afraid of the Thought Control Press. Trump proved they are irrelevant. You rode the tea party outrage into the Senate, now the bill has come due. Pay in full one way or another.

If Congress does this, you will pay. My naturalized wife and the step kids, Trump haters, have said it will be a redo of Obamacare.

Rand Paul’s plan will really make things better. Gosh, force the insurance companies to compete nationally instead of little state exchanges that let them carve out turf like a Mafia-families treaty? Unlimited individual HSA accounts that roll over year to year puts price shopping back in the hands of the consumer and stops most of the emergency room abuse AND forces insurance companies to compete with the consumers for their dollars. And damage all those mandates to hell where they came from!!

Maybe your colleagues are afraid of those organized Soros gangs disrupting town halls, but what door they care about your electorate? Paid trolls will use this vote either way to send you to oblivion.

The dollar is about to bring the house down. Follow your conscience not your excuses. Reap and sow. You can even call out Trump on this!

Take that one and hang it around Democrats’ neck!!!



My read on Florida’s proposed constitutional amendments.

October 27, 2012
English: Honduran girls demonstrating against ...

English: Honduran girls demonstrating against Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fellow liberty champion in a meetup list shared the following link to a web site that has fairly good coverage of the amendments on the upcoming November ballot in Florida. Below are my decisions on these votes.

But before that, I want to say that I believe in a secret ballot and a secure ballot. Many states are passing voter-ID laws, and that makes all kinds of sense. In Latin America they would roll around in the floor with laughter for an hour about this. There is NOT ONE poor person in the United States, even in these Fed-infected economics, not one that can say they have more material obstacles to acquiring an official ID. And even the most corrupt of the rulers do not insult the intelligence of their victims that much.

That said, the tie-in to “secret” is that TOUCH SCREEN VOTING MACHINES ARE Trojan horses, whether by ignorance or design. You cannot trust them, and I’ve said this since the very first time I heard about them! But there must be a reason there was a mad rush to get them into voting booths long before the touch screens and touch pads got popular consumer market share!

Every programmer like me, or system administrator, knows that there is no security against the official, “legitimate” administrator of a system, no matter what. Like “Trust me, this is secure”?

What, like nobody’s cheated in an election before? Honduras’ ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya even admitted he got elected through fraud, out loud, in an interview on Univision with Jorge Ramos!
The following amendments will appear on the General Election ballot on November 6, 2012.  The Collins Center’s analysis of these proposed constitutional amendments provides  explanations of the proposals along with arguments for and against them.

For a brief summary of the proposed constitutional amendments, click here.  Select each link below for more information on each proposed amendment.

Amendment 1 : Health Care Services

    YES to banning medical insurance purchase command.

Amendment 2:  Veteran’s Property Tax Discount

YES to anything that lowers taxes for anybody

Amendment 3:  State Revenue Limitation

    YES – Limit revenue collection by the state to population and inflation growth (it’s a start)

Amendment 4:  Property tax limitations; property value decline; reduction for non-homesteaded assessment increases; delay of scheduled repeal

YES to limit taxes and cut the tie to incomes

Amendment 5:  State Courts

YES to more legislature oversight of the courts

Amendment 6:  Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions; Construction of Abortion Rights


Amendment 7:   This proposal was known as Amendment 7 until a legal challenge by opponents led to the rewriting of some of the ballot language and its reinstatement on the ballot as Amendment 8. This is the reason there is no Amendment 7 on the 2012 ballot.

Amendment 8Religious Freedom

NO THE AMENDMENT SUMMARY FOR THIS IS WEASILY WORDED BY SOME OFFICIAL WEASEL SOMEWHERE. It does not say that this amendment would end the discrimination against the option by private citizens that is active today because of a court decision based on this amendment. The decision made some sense based on the law if the original statute used the word “indirect funding”. In any case, there should be no religious test in either direction, whether for public office or for public funds.

Really, the state should not be funding schools at all, including public schools, our graduates we are all dumb enough already!

Also I think all organizations with any religious or even non-religious purpose, profit or non-profit, should reject the chains that come with taxpayer-funded conditions.

The  ACLU‘s statements on this are self-contradictory. They claim there is no anti-religious bias in a statute that bans equal consideration for funding based on the recipient group’s religious character and prefers the secular. Second they specifically mention the voucher programs to argue against them, because PARENTS are prohibited from the free exercise of their own PRIVATE religious convictions in a decision on where they would place their children.

This again shows the ACLU’s own militant anti-religious proclivities.

There is a mention of Florida’s voucher program, which the Florida Supreme Court ruled that PARENTS of children (not government officials) could not use them to put a child into an explicitly religious school, based on the “no-aid” clause and also on a clause in the Constitution that requires the legislature to maintain a “uniform system of public schools”.

If that’s the essence of that constitutional clause, then the court ruling is a laughable and outrageous distortion of it; if it is not, then this explanation is bad. I suspect the former.

Amendment 9:  Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Military Veteran or First Responder

YES to anything that lowers taxes for anybody

Amendment 10:  Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption

YES to anything that lowers taxes for anybody

Amendment 11:  Additional Homestead Exemption; Low-Income Seniors Who Maintain Long-Term Residency on Property; Equal to Assessed Value

YES to anything that lowers taxes for anybody, although the fair thing to do would be lower them for everybody and stop spending so much of the money that wasn’t yours but confiscated.

Amendment 12:  Appointment of Student Body President to Board of Governors of the State University System

NO. In my opinion, this is something that leads to more bureaucracy controlled from top-down, and increases the conditioning of students to the current political structure that enforces conformity and compliance, and protects the incumbent two-party collusion.



President Obama: Afraid to Defend the Medical Industry Takeover, Makes Scary Movies Instead

March 25, 2012

Style vs. Substance: President Obama Sells Movies Not Solutions on Healthcare | American Action Forum:

The first film in that series features a family that has a daughter with an expensive medical condition, and shows the mother’s voice breaking up while she’s saying, “I can’t understand, how anybody would want to take that away from us.”

This is an outrageous thing, propaganda to scare people out of repealing this oppressive socialism-inspired law that nationalizes the medical industry in a Machievellan collaboration between monstrously giant pharmaceutical companies and politicians who think government can cure any ill.

It is a false promise that some people will find out after it hits full force. It’s a hurricane with a thousand tornados that are going to appear by surprise. It will be a surprise to families that think this is a good thing when they find out that doctors are massively abandoning the practice, squeezed out by bigger predators than the ones they think they’re being rescued from.

Pick any one family that gets a freebie for some need, and it’s “how could you take this away from us?”

The question the American people should ask, and they are asking, is “How can you rob so much of the people’s economic prosperity engine, the goose that laid the golden eggs in times past, to make sure there is less health care than ever in the United States of America?”

Because make no mistake: The harm to the people’s health will be a thousand times worse when this bill comes into effect.

The present system presents a way, albeit another pyrrhic solution, already for that family that would have much better future than this Unaffordable Health Care Act, because in most states, if that man “loses” his job or moves out, the mother is then single and if she doesn’t have a job she gets food stamps, a welfare check, and all the Medicaid she could ever use.

But wait. Oh yeah, they cut the budget for Medicare and I think Medicaid too in this bill. Heck, we’ve had this bill in in public now from the day they supposedly passed it into unconstitutional law, and WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT’S IN IT, and the HHC still TODAY (March 25, 2012) does not even have a great many of the rules ready so employers, insurers, and medical concerns in general still have not been able to begin calculating the effect.

But never mind, there is a plan as announced from even before the 2008 campaign, to move the thing to their end point of one national health care system anyway, aka “single payer”.

There is no way they can handle this as a one-size fits all solution directed from the insulated castles of the District of Columbia, so protected they are from the peasants by this moat of central command authority and such a voracious appetite for taxation and the printing presses of the Fed that beat out all the counterfeiters of all the ages for its huge worldwide reach.