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There is really only one “race”, the human race

January 3, 2014

Came across this article. The title is, “Early skirmishes in race war”, by Thomas Sowell:!

For American society, a dangerous polarization has set in. Signs of this polarization over the years include opposite reactions between blacks and whites to the verdict in the O. J. Simpson murder case, the “rape” charges against Duke University students, and the trials resulting from the beating of Rodney King and the death of Trayvon Martin.

Thomas Sowell, listed four famous incidents that were covered intensely over a long period of time over the last couple of decades. For what It’s worth, Mr. Sowell is a respected economist, and dark-skinned (aka “black”, “African American”, etc).

Maybe that makes me neither black nor white in those terms.

#1. I thought people should leave well enough alone with the O. J. Simpson trial after he was declared “Not Guilty” by the jury. (A mostly white jury, by the way).

#2. I was very skeptical of the charges against the Duke University students, but mostly thought the media, and the university, treated them with their own prejudice.

#3. I thought the police that beat on Rodney King should have been put in prison. They claimed that the drugs that he admittedly had in his system had made him oblivious to pain, so that they had to keep going in order to subject him. I always thought the video showed there were enough officers there to physically subjugate him and then hog-tie him, bind his legs and arms together and haul him back to the station.

But on all these things, it is hard to see how any of the millions of people not directly associated with the events or even indirectly could be so very certain of themselves, just based on media reporting.

In other recent examples, mostly outside the race issue, in my opinion you can see some telling signs of media attitudes about race and class. Casey Anthony was tried, convicted, hung, tarred and feathered on national news networks long before the trial ever began. My own background is from a poor single-mother family, and lived on literally the “wrong side of the tracks”. It became visible to me that the media reporting mostly manifested the elite upper-class snotty-nosed attitude toward “white trash” (or alternately “trailer trash”).

Even now, you get conflicting media flashbacks to the Anthony trial on both sides of the jury decision. A pox on both sides. Not even the jury knows what really happened, it seems, and that would make a “Not Guilty” decision the right one.

#4. That brings me to the Trayvon Martin case. That one is another example where it pays to pay attention, but it pays a thousand times better if you pay heed to the first whispers of reporting, or search back to them, AND waiting to see the details (finally) come to surface.

World Turns Away as Rebel Massacres of Syrian Christians Intensify

Al Gore Forecasted “Ice-Free” Arctic by 2013; Ice Cover Expands 50%

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Monitoring Climate Change

December 4, 2013

Why is the Controlled Media and Pop Press –and the world’s political class– ignoring the real climate scientists?

Fortunately, many of us are not, and it gives the Ruling Class great conniption fits.

We are just supposed to lay ourselves prostrate and open our necks to them in submission? And they’re surprised that many of us refuse?

Of course the social engineers manipulating the propaganda are not surprised. They’re getting madder by the minute because THE REAL CLIMATE SCIENTISTS ARE GETTING HEARD BY THE REST OF US. They are bypassing the Control Gateways.

That’s why I think it won’t be long until they clamp down on the Internet.

We the undersigned, qualified in climate-related matters, wish to state that current scientific knowledge does not substantiate your assertions.



Secular creation myths

November 1, 2012
English: Amino Acids

English: Amino Acids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people can’t bring themselves to believe that somebody turned water into wine or that water covered the earth for a few weeks once upon a time, but look at this list of myths they do believe in:

(1) that something came from nothing, the whole universe in fact,

(2) and that it made sure to create itself complete with more than a dozen specific physical constants, fine-tuned to tens of thousands of decimal places to make sure humanity would be able to thrive,

(3) that eager to make more complicated stuff from nothing, this stuff organized itself into nucleotides, which in turn eagerly pushed the left-handed amino acids into a strings composed of about 10 to the 9th nucleotides,

(4) to become the building blocks of DNA and all life,

(5) and of course creating a computer with a design programmed into a digital computer, complete with a machine language, and interpreter systems that carry out the instructions on how to fold more chains of the same stuff into proteins that organize the environment of this system,

(6) and that this turned into a vast array of all kinds of biological units that a-knows where to get its energy, b-has complicated system designs that process that energy, c-reproduces itself, d-many of which seek out other systems similar to itself to exchange design information, and e-repairs itself.

(7) Who also believes that global warming is an immediate danger to the planet because Al Gore‘s beachfront property will be flooded,

(8) That Drake’s equation is some kind of scientific formula,

(9) That even though the sun makes a difference of up to 50 degrees a day in temperature, that they can turn on the furnace and heat up the atmosphere more than the sun can,

(10) and that knowing the difference between men and women is like thinking that the races are different, in spite of the fact that the “races” are a bit of melanin only, and a couple of trivial items, whereas the sexes are an entire chromosome different…



No wonder Phil Jones was so terrified of what might happen to him

November 7, 2011

Understanding Climategate: Who’s Who – a video | Watts Up With That?:

I guess he didn’t know what powerful players were backing the scam. Maybe Jones thought they might throw him under the bus for a scapegoat. But there was too much invested.

For a calming bit of laughter, we might say that somebody had decided to emphasize human-caused global warming instead of aliens for getting people to go along with the program…