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Secular creation myths

November 1, 2012
English: Amino Acids

English: Amino Acids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people can’t bring themselves to believe that somebody turned water into wine or that water covered the earth for a few weeks once upon a time, but look at this list of myths they do believe in:

(1) that something came from nothing, the whole universe in fact,

(2) and that it made sure to create itself complete with more than a dozen specific physical constants, fine-tuned to tens of thousands of decimal places to make sure humanity would be able to thrive,

(3) that eager to make more complicated stuff from nothing, this stuff organized itself into nucleotides, which in turn eagerly pushed the left-handed amino acids into a strings composed of about 10 to the 9th nucleotides,

(4) to become the building blocks of DNA and all life,

(5) and of course creating a computer with a design programmed into a digital computer, complete with a machine language, and interpreter systems that carry out the instructions on how to fold more chains of the same stuff into proteins that organize the environment of this system,

(6) and that this turned into a vast array of all kinds of biological units that a-knows where to get its energy, b-has complicated system designs that process that energy, c-reproduces itself, d-many of which seek out other systems similar to itself to exchange design information, and e-repairs itself.

(7) Who also believes that global warming is an immediate danger to the planet because Al Gore‘s beachfront property will be flooded,

(8) That Drake’s equation is some kind of scientific formula,

(9) That even though the sun makes a difference of up to 50 degrees a day in temperature, that they can turn on the furnace and heat up the atmosphere more than the sun can,

(10) and that knowing the difference between men and women is like thinking that the races are different, in spite of the fact that the “races” are a bit of melanin only, and a couple of trivial items, whereas the sexes are an entire chromosome different…