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January 1, 2014

Mises Institute will broadcast this educational event live, presentations from a number of Austrian economists:


Some readers may be interested in this hit piece about the Honduras initiative to establish special economic zones, with a reply from Michael Strong:

–Michael Strong includes a few great links himself in his reply! I checked some of them and there’s a lot of interesting information.

Strong says there is an NPR program on Honduras about the special economic zone initiative that he says is fair. (See the article and video here) Wonders never cease, since they covered events in 2009 with shows that attempted to justify the attack by most of the rest of the world’s media and governments and social injustice blogs everywhere on Honduras sovereignty, constitution, and freedom:


Check it out, check “mailpile”, have your own mail server…


Good news for liberty, says the Lew Rockwell blog:

Russian saying they should follow American total surveillance example. Uh oh..


Cold weather trapped a ship and stopped an icebreaker’s attempt to rescue it:
..And that’s in the Antarctica summer.. Algoreans are in deep freeze…


Obama the Merciless:


See this 8-page pdf document on the future of higher education. They think it looks good:


There’s going to be trouble, because the dollar is going to crash, and other events are being set up as we speak. But the long term prospects are good for those who love the truth.


Why Ron Paul has a claim on his name on the Internet

April 10, 2013
Plaque on the ICANN (Internet Corporation for ...

Plaque on the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These guys wanting a quarter million means that the web site means a lot of money for anybody who owns it, BUT I DO think they know that they can never get the use of it, nor get the liberty-message mileage, AND their demand for a quarter million speaks volumes to the FACT that they are VERY MUCH into getting something just for being the first to take advantage of a GOVERNMENT-CREATED monopoly on DNS names and the DNS system for the entire world.

ICANN independent you say, not government? No more than the Federal Reserve, right?

The assumption that somehow Ron Paul is using government force to rob something from somebody that they “homesteaded”. NOT SO!

The DNS system and the government-protected monopoly mandate ICANN has to control the names, is a government “virtual” reality.

That’s why I think eventually Stephen Kinsella may even change his mind about this issue, because I agree with his view that a government-created “virtual” property is a speech-suppressing fiction and distortion on the free market. It’s not a telecommunications monopoly like AT&T was before their breakup, BUT it is a “virtual” monopoly.

He said in one interview that if not for trademark law, Ron Paul would have no basis for a claim.

My answer to that is that without a government protection for the ICANN monopoly, and its de facto control over the names by virtue of an Internet that grew as a government creation instead of “organically” like it was before ARPA “took them over” –whether by intention or by accident. It is also a government so bloated out of proportion to the “free” economy, such as it was, that the thing was warped from the beginning by government presence, because by then it was the biggest thing going in the economy.

When you go to visit somebody in the physical world, you look for what the address is. There is no easy such system for the Internet, and when you “lease” the “rights” to the name before somebody else from this government-created committee, you also implicitly are forced to agree that the same ones who granted this monopoly on the name in the DNS servers across the country, have the right to abide by their own rules, or at least make judgments based on those rules, to give it to somebody else.

In other words, all Internet named addresses have to go to the government-created name clearinghouse before you could get to your address, and they tell your computer where to go.

I’ve seen the mentions of other famous people who could not get sites with their names, BUT the examples I’ve seen are NOT examples that equate AT ALL. is NOT

Truth is, for awhile there were maverick companies making a bit of money by setting up other primary domains. One of them was dot-info, before the ICANN “approved” it. At the time, anybody with a DNS server on the Internet who wanted to was able to direct traffic that ended in that suffix to that DNS server, or download its name-to-address tables.

So get with it people. I once went to ronpaul-dot-com expecting it to be the good doctor’s own web site, and as soon as I realized it wasn’t I lost interest in it. That’s just me but it is worth something.

But the arguments against Ron Paul getting his name back from the government monopoly on virtual names, well, that’s just fair.

And these guys have apparently done okay by the message, while building a business. But when they say they’re barely “breaking even”, get skeptical, or, if they are barely “breaking even”, then why do they think the name is worth a quarter-million?

I recommend also reading Lew Rockwell’s article on this “controversy”, as he also adds a few facts that were ignored when the story broke. Like for example, the name-grabbers and present “owners” saying Ron Paul was going to the United Nations for this. Somebody picked up on this to go to the utterly ridiculous headlines. It’s a fictitious “ownership” because ICANN ultimately controls the naming anyway, and you have to keep handing them the recognition of the ownership fee annually or it “lapses” to someone else.

So there you go, you think about that.

* Ron Paul and The argument I haven’t seen out there (

Rand, Ron, Lew, and Small Businesses are the Economic Base to Oppose Corporatocracy

June 16, 2012
Image of Lew Rockwell

Image of Lew Rockwell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lew Rockwell has made some good points about Rand Paul‘s endorsement of Romney. Rand is NOT Ron, not at all. We all know that we generally differ from our parents, and if you have grown children during these times, you know that our children differ in many viewpoints from us.

The message of liberty is catching on everywhere, especially among young people and those who bother to examine the analyses of the brilliant economists of the Austrian school.

But even Ron Paul said he didn’t want a bandwagon effect, he wanted people to join the cause that really understood the philosophy, the principles. Otherwise you have a crowd that will lay palm leaves at your feet one day, and a few weeks later will cry “Crucify him!”

As best he could, Ron has prepared as many people as he could for the coming dollar crash. When we warn the unwary and gullible that government freebie programs are headed for disaster, the Aristocrats accuse us of wanting to destroy these programs. They are trying to poison the soil for what they know is the coming catastrophe. Some of them do know they are not only destroying those freebie programs, they know they are destroying the free market and prosperity. The economic base of any opposition is the target.

The economic base of the opposition to Aristocrat Control Freaks is not big corporations, but the middle class and small businesses, and many medium-size businesses.

When the hurt comes with the dollar crash, the Aristocrats will of course come riding hard with a rescue plan, complete with a loyal opposition that pretends to claim that it will be a disaster for the rich, just like they did with the Federal Reserve Act, when they had the richest bankers go around protesting it in the darkest terms, just months after they had promoted another proposal that was virtually identical.

But now instead of The Crash, upper-case capitalized, sending hordes of college-bred lockstep-fed youth rushing to man the barricades for a totalitarian “people’s revolution” [barf], many of them will instead be demanding freedom. People from literally ALL backgrounds have discovered the liberating effect of Golden Rule Government.

The “solution” offered to us may be anything. Personally they may be expecting a civil war. They accuse dissidents of it enough, the “fringe”.

But education marches on. Despite their generations of dumbing us down en masse with free government indoctrination centers for the children (us), we are not totally stupid. I think it was Rockwell who quoted von Mises as saying that totalitarian regimes eventually lose. Human nature eats them from the inside like a canker, brings corruption, and at the very worst, loosens its grip when the most brutal “great divine leader” dies.

Ron Paul has done a good job, and he will keep doing it.

But the giant has been awakened. The “We the People” was hypnotized into a stupor and has been pricked awake.

The seeds of the world-wide upsets against the World Beast Government have been sewn. The Beast will rule a regime that claims global power, and over time will quash opposition from saints and sinners, but in the end he is defeated by divine intervention and in human battle.

“He shall come to his end, and none shall help him”