Rand, Ron, Lew, and Small Businesses are the Economic Base to Oppose Corporatocracy

Image of Lew Rockwell

Image of Lew Rockwell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lew Rockwell has made some good points about Rand Paul‘s endorsement of Romney. Rand is NOT Ron, not at all. We all know that we generally differ from our parents, and if you have grown children during these times, you know that our children differ in many viewpoints from us.

The message of liberty is catching on everywhere, especially among young people and those who bother to examine the analyses of the brilliant economists of the Austrian school.

But even Ron Paul said he didn’t want a bandwagon effect, he wanted people to join the cause that really understood the philosophy, the principles. Otherwise you have a crowd that will lay palm leaves at your feet one day, and a few weeks later will cry “Crucify him!”

As best he could, Ron has prepared as many people as he could for the coming dollar crash. When we warn the unwary and gullible that government freebie programs are headed for disaster, the Aristocrats accuse us of wanting to destroy these programs. They are trying to poison the soil for what they know is the coming catastrophe. Some of them do know they are not only destroying those freebie programs, they know they are destroying the free market and prosperity. The economic base of any opposition is the target.

The economic base of the opposition to Aristocrat Control Freaks is not big corporations, but the middle class and small businesses, and many medium-size businesses.

When the hurt comes with the dollar crash, the Aristocrats will of course come riding hard with a rescue plan, complete with a loyal opposition that pretends to claim that it will be a disaster for the rich, just like they did with the Federal Reserve Act, when they had the richest bankers go around protesting it in the darkest terms, just months after they had promoted another proposal that was virtually identical.

But now instead of The Crash, upper-case capitalized, sending hordes of college-bred lockstep-fed youth rushing to man the barricades for a totalitarian “people’s revolution” [barf], many of them will instead be demanding freedom. People from literally ALL backgrounds have discovered the liberating effect of Golden Rule Government.

The “solution” offered to us may be anything. Personally they may be expecting a civil war. They accuse dissidents of it enough, the “fringe”.

But education marches on. Despite their generations of dumbing us down en masse with free government indoctrination centers for the children (us), we are not totally stupid. I think it was Rockwell who quoted von Mises as saying that totalitarian regimes eventually lose. Human nature eats them from the inside like a canker, brings corruption, and at the very worst, loosens its grip when the most brutal “great divine leader” dies.

Ron Paul has done a good job, and he will keep doing it.

But the giant has been awakened. The “We the People” was hypnotized into a stupor and has been pricked awake.

The seeds of the world-wide upsets against the World Beast Government have been sewn. The Beast will rule a regime that claims global power, and over time will quash opposition from saints and sinners, but in the end he is defeated by divine intervention and in human battle.

“He shall come to his end, and none shall help him”


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