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Beware the Plutocrats’ Revisionist History: Question Everything

June 2, 2013

Here is my answer, my book review of: “Efrain Rios Montt: Servant or Dictator?” on Amazon, found here:

This story gives the other side of the historical revisionist model, fed to us by the international corporate-media complex that would like to deceive us into buying into their fascist/socialist farce.

It is another example of both sides of the bad guys finding a convenient scapegoat. While the atrocities committed by openly atheist and Communist guerrillas are ignored and blamed on any “rightist” government handy, the slightest “rightist” slight is exaggerated, invented, twisted.

This is pure revenge against Rios Montt, a convenient target, for actually bringing the Indian tribes in question here into the economic like (“beans”) while arming them to defend themselves against the ruthless and brutal guerrillas (“guns”).

#1. The “Left” (a front for international fascist/socialism, which is a front for a small super-capitalist-banker NWO clique while claiming to oppose it) hates him for doing the opposite of what he is accused of doing. He organized the program to bring the Indians into economic life and arming them against the extremely violent guerrillas, who often used the Indians as cover so they would get the blame and to try to provoke retaliation. —Provoking retaliation was a tactic I learned about when I was a Communist myself–.

#2. The faction among the landowners that wanted to rob land from the Indians hate him for stopping their plans, some of them falsely accusing some of the Indians of guerrilla activity.

#3. There were some corrupt colonels and generals, no doubt, getting benefit from cooperating with the landowners, so they hate him too. Besides, he is a convenient scapegoat.

#4. Many of the corrupt rich hated his rule –and colluded with the generals to get rid of him later– because he was fair to all, and the day he was ousted was the same day that a national sales tax would go into effect, a percentage tax that the rich could not escape.

#5. NOT LEAST, the Roman Catholic hierarchy must have hated him because he was an evangelical. There is a faction among them that was fierce against my own missionary work in the Dominican Republic, of whom I once met a Jesuit priest. They have a more peaceful face than the history we know, but they are still trying to take over all of Christendom again. These are glad to revise history.

Efrain Rios Montt’s reputation among Guatemalans of honesty and integrity is why the military commanders to ask him to be president. Guatemalans had roared against the recent obviously fraudulent re-election of the previous president demanding his removal, but they didn’t trust the military at the time either.

Rios Montt was their compromise. Or cover, maybe?

He didn’t heed their radio calls for a long time. They found him working at the church where he taught Sunday school. If he were the bad guy as painted by this late kangaroo court, he would not have reacted like he did. “Sorry, boys, I have to take some time and pray about this and get counsel with the brethren”.

I’VE SEEN THIS HISTORY REVISIONISM BEFORE. In fact all the international press you heard about Honduras in 2009 is exactly upside down, inside out. Manuel Zelaya was “elected” –and he admitted his fraud in an interview with Jorge Ramos of Univision, he violated the Constitution he swore to obey and wanted a different one, he advocated re-election which was explicitly both forbidden in that Constitution and defined it as “treason”. Honduras was fed up with fraudulent re-election lifetime presidents when they ratified that Constitution in 1982.

Zelaya was auto-coup dictator by 2009, the people in an uproar against him and with constant demonstrations against him. The CIA may have interfered to help Chavez install Zelaya as lifetime dictator, certainly the US ambassador had endorsed his fraudulent referendum/survey cover-story plans, and was in the presidential palace Saturday night June 27 helping with those plans.

Honduras did not want to be another Bolivia or Ecuador or Cuba or Venezuela. Yuck! they said. They are already poor enough, they said. Now history revisionists have twisted the story.

This book is one under-funded attempt to right the wrong propaganda, a counter to the flood of lies coming at us from the NWO oligarchy.

And now, finally, it seems that the liars and revisionists did an over-reach and they are getting at least some blowback, from both the “LEFT” AND THE “RIGHT”. Former guerrillas join “rightists” in blasting what they call an “infestation of Marxists” in the Attorney-General’s office.

From the Miami Herald:

GUATEMALA CITY — The overturning this week of former military dictator Gen. Efrain Rios Montt’s conviction on charges stemming from Guatemala’s brutal civil war has created a surprising consensus among critics on both the left and the right: Prosecutors badly overreached when they tried to pin accusations of genocide on the 86-year-old former president.

Despite sharp divisions over the civil war – the legal process against Rios Montt exposed that underlying issues of racism and inequality are still-open wounds – starkly opposing forces are united in criticizing the prosecution for saying that ethnic hatred, and not economic or ideological issues, was the root of the war. They include two former Marxist guerrillas and a right-wing activist who asserts that Marxists infest the Attorney General’s Office.

“To affirm that a genocide occurred is to twist history,” said Adrian Zapata, a sociologist who was a guerrilla commander during the civil war, which gripped Guatemala from 1960 until peace accords were signed in 1996. “What happened wasn’t an ethnic war like between the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda.”

A fellow former guerrilla leader, Gustavo Porras, said Rios Montt had deployed soldiers in a scorched-earth campaign in the remote Ixil Triangle region because rebels had a strong presence in the area, not because he sought to wipe out the Ixil Maya, one of 21 ethnic Mayan groups in the nation.

“The Ixil area was the home of the EGP,” Porras said, using the Spanish initials of the Guerrilla Army of the Poor, a faction in the insurgency known as the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity. “It moved through that area for decades.”

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God bless Mary O’Grady, God help history revisionist paid liar Stephen Lendman

May 28, 2013
Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya.

Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





The CIA is not slouch and no angelic force for good but facts are facts. There is some really wrong stuff in that article about Guatemala! And if the “left-of-center” governments were so vulnerable to the CIA, then why is there no right-of-center governments left in Latin America?

Where do you get your paycheck for being a professional history revisionist, Stephen? I’m breaking my own rule and I am not even going to post a link to such revisionist history, a coverup for the really bad guys, probably the guerrillas themselves that did the massacre and then blamed it on the military.

The ruling against Efrain Rios Montt is a blatant abuse of power and corruption itself, a coverup for the real abusers, and is a message to all men in political positions to “obey, or else we will get you, now or later”.  And they want you to remember Pinochet: If we can’t get you, we’ll keep you locked up based on a lying judge in Spain (with an open public history of Communism) for awhile and then we’ll come after your children. It’s also a warning to their operatives, the ones that are fully cognizant of the crimes they commit against all the peoples, to stay away from Christians. That’s another reason he’s the one persecuted.

The bad guys have offered up a scapegoat to take the blame. But it won’t work. They will get their just desserts later, maybe from the same overlords that wanted to punish him.

The revisionist history that makes genocide disappear is not the ones that the revisionists that fancy themselves “leftists” make it out to be.

Fact check #1: Efrain Rios Montt did NOT  “seize power”. A coup d’etat did ask him to run the government, after overthrowing one of the most blatant electoral FRAUDS to that date in Guatemala’s history, after the then RIGHT!-of-center president that they overthrew arranged his own “re-election”, votes be damned, and the people roared in such loud protest demanding mlitary intervention against this shameless attack on “democracy”. They asked Efrain Rioss Montt to serve because he was universally respected in Guatemala as honest and impeccable.

But they overthrew him 16 months later because he remained true to his reputation, and because he tried to STOP dirty tactics against the guerrillas. Three percent my ass!

That’s why it took till NOW to do this, because (1) the real bad guys needed a scapegoat, and they don’t like Bible-believing Christians, and (2) a lot of voices of truth resisting the lies had to die off first, and (3) to get a younger indoctrinated generation critical mass that was not so close to events.

Like Manuel Zelaya planned on doing in his own unreported auto-coup, too, in 2009.

As to that slaughter of the Indians, he STOPPED it. It was local landowners getting colonels to take over lands, AND THE GUERRILLAS WERE MAKING SURE THERE WAS ENOUGH CONFUSION AND FALSE INTELLIGENCE TO MAKE SURE a lot of innocent Mayans would be killed.

That is what they’ve been doing in Honduras. The revisionist history in this article is the “leftist” version. The international socialists are as bad as the National Socialists for pushing lies and propaganda and distortions.

As we speak they are agitating a climate of serial murder against journalists and public figures in Honduras to take over by hook and crook after the Honduran people rejected their auto-coup by fraud in 2009.

Revisionist history indeed!

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