Fake News program “60 minutes” tries to point fake finger at straw man, avoids Lew Rockwell, Drudge of course

Cernovich has exposed more real news stories in one month than CBS does in a year!

Susan Rice unmasking Americans’ names was illegal, for sure. Where was the warrant to go after information on an American? You want to expose a possible spy? Get a warrant! From a real court!

If not Susan Rice, then the whole illegal unconstitutional activity of the NSA in swooping up ALL the information they could get on ALL Americans INSIDE the United States.

BUT I do not seek out Cernovich for my news.

BUT using Cernovich for an excuse to try to innoculate your gullible audience against the alternative news sources that publish the stories your editorial Mockingbird masters won’t let you do even if you wanted to, that’s really a sneaky thing, a tactic of a forked-tongue snake.

The speech control regime and its propaganda organs –CBS among them– don’t really care about somebody like in some cases and not all who can be easily be debunked. They really want to shut down strong web voices that oppose the Rich Ruling Class narratives (aka lies and spin).

Like true-talking Breitbart. Lew Rockwell’s news aggregator and blog and “Political Theater” section. Drudge Report. Liberty News Now. Oh, don’t forget Ron Paul, one of the biggest threats to hegemony, enemy of unequal treatment and the racist-effect drug wars.

The whistle blowers and the truth-tellers are the ones they want to shut down. Like wikileaks exposing the real American foreign policy in the Bradley Manning leaks.

Like the web sites that expose the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Like the web sites that expose the fake science embedded in the politically enforced fake climate change (aka “global warming”) stories.

Like web sites that propagate the scientific claims of Creation Scientists.

Like the sources that expose the real truth about the wars.

God is not mocked, folks. Judgment begins at the house of God it says, but for those who love him, joy cometh in the morning.


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