JFK had a “secret back channel” with Krushchev, thank God!

Thank God that John F. Kennedy had a secret “back channel” to the Russians, or the whole operation against normal Americans with Trump as surrogate might have been moot. Not because it it doesn’t matter, but because we might have gotten a Third World War and everything would be moot.

See? And the Deep State wouldn’t even be able to accuse somebody in the Trump White House of trying to open a secret back channel to Russian counterparts.

See? We get to make fun of the insanity and laugh at how ridiculous these Orwellian “hate minutes” are, while we are trying to do our best to survive in spite of the slings and arrows of oppressive governments.

How about a Localization Party or something? States’ “self-government” over federal governments, counties count more than states, divisions in local communities over counties. Localize government!


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