History highlights

1917 Bolshevik Revotion “of the Masses” -financed by gold brought to Moscow by Lenin and St. Petersburg by Trotsky

1920s-1930s Big Banker Warburg (aka “Warbucks”) brags that the Bolsheviks would have collapsed without Western bankers’ money

1944- 45 countries meet in San Francisco and agree to form the United Nations, in a conference chaired by Alger Hiss, protege of Roosevelt, later convicted and condemned as a Soviet Communist spy..

1910 – Senator Nelson Aldrich and various other representatives from some of the biggest banks of the US meet on Jekyll Island, arriving in clandestine fashion, using false names for arranging their travels there.

1913 – The fruits from the Jekyll Island meeting become the Federal Reserve Act, the third unconstitutional central bank of the US. Booms and busts are nationalized ever since.

1945- Nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after extensive wartime conspiracy to hide the nuclear research for the bomb..

1940-1945- Office of Strategic Services establishes a permanent spying and conspiracy factory, from its wartime work, later morphing into the CIA

1947-to-Present- The business of the CIA is specifically conspiracies, discerning them and developing their own, including one disinformation campaign against JFK assassination researchers to use their grip on media to turn the words “conspiracy theory” into an epithet of adolescent ridicule.

1963- A coup in South Vietnam removes the stigma of dictatorship from the regime with the announcement of elections, and now the USG can aid a “democracy”, and later on, LBJ’s friends at Bell Helicopters land one of the biggest contracts to sell their stuff to the Army after losing a bidding competition.

August 2, 1964 -A North Vietnamese Navy torpedo hits a US Navy ship in an incident that never happened and is later exposed, but not before Lyndon Baynes Johnson and the Congress use it to start a major war against a Vietnamese guerrilla force and the North Vietnamese, costing billions of dollars, untold millions of dollars and too many young lives, and creating a fierce anti-draft war and exploding

1933 – Reichstag – No conspiracy here, keep moving, nothing to see here..

201 – BUT a documentary by an Israeli film-maker made in 2011 features an interview with an elderly German Jewish immigrant of the 1930s.

He talks about the “common interest” between the National Socialists and the Zionists during the 1930s.”

1960 -Eichmann, jokingly called “the little Jew” by fellow Nazi generals during the war for his Jewish appearance, is captured by Israeli agents and flown to Israel for a war crimes and genocide trial. On the way, he tells one of his captors that he “knows Hebrew” and proceeds to sing a song that the Jews used to sing in the camps, in Hebrew.

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