ABC exposes itself in a deceitful smear job against Herbalife

No, I don’t own one penny of Herbalife stock. None.

But I’ll bet you that Ackman, this billionaire who has shorted Herbalife stock, has millions, tens of millions, is also vested in pharmaceuticals. At the least he stands to make billions for shorting Herbalife stock. Of course Herbalife has been strong.

The ABC story briefly mentions a lawsuit by (some) Herbalife stockholders who claim that the company did not disclose it was a pyramid scheme? Is that the story? Really? These guys put there money into something they didn’t check out first? They didn’t check out the company?

The very worst player in this whole report is ABC, along with these “investigative reporters” that work for it. It is obvious that the video clips they told us were “medical claims” were obviously not. They were only PERSONAL testimonies. “I took Herbalife products and this happened”.

Big Pharma is in there somewhere. They HATE good nutrition. And if they were *really* making generalized medical claims, well, the FDA and other government goons swoop down real fast like a plague of locusts to shut them down, not today but yesterday. Maybe one or more of those mega-billionaire companies that pay mega-bucks to ABC to place their ads, maybe they nudged them to “investigate this” too, besides Ackman contacting them.

ABC itself paid its employees (“journalists”) to sign false documents as distributors and making promises that they only want to sell Herbalife products. Maybe there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere.

Also they themselves are not disclosing everything; not content to do investigative reporting on the things that matter, like the secret administration agreements to decide who would rule Ukraine, like why they don’t research why US agencies financed what they knew were Al Qaeda killers in LIbya (Gaddafi warned you) to overthrow the ONLY ONE nation in the world to invite the nuclear powers to come and take it all. (Maybe gold-backed currency alternate to the dollar?)

And they tried to posture as “objective” by mentioning Ackman’s conflict of interest, in doing his best and recruiting (bribing?) a a former executive to “blow the whistle”? At least ABC also blew the whistle on Ackman and his “protege”, an executive who was probably soon going to be out or had some grudge anyway.

Or maybe Ackman found out something and spoke to him *before* the guy left, meaning this “whistleblower?” was enticed out? That would be not only a conflict of interest but also illegal. Why didn’t ABC ask *those* questions?

ABC is desperate to win back some audience, I guess, but they’re doing it the way they always have, by avoiding the stories that people want to know about. Like how the players in government (and ahem, media) have been screwing them over.

What goes around, comes around. Remember, Whatsoever a man seweth, that shall he also reap.


2 Responses to “ABC exposes itself in a deceitful smear job against Herbalife”

  1. trutherator Says:

    Got it from a previous comment on the web page:

    “This is a thread that I want to see explored: Giovanni (Ackman’s whistleblower) is a board member at Algrita, Inc. On his LinkedIn profile, Giovanni lists “Allergan” as a client of Algrita. Is it a coincidence that Giovanni has a front-row seat to one of Ackman’s largest trades of the year?

    Guess what? Allergan is a healthcare products company. The nutrition and vitamin companies are the worst enemy to Big Pharma. Betcha Ackman has some money in Big Pharma too. He’s pushing the government to go after Herbalife. That’s what these campaigns by Big Corporate government-Media complex are all about, after all.

  2. Rene Says:

    Why would Ackman be willing to pay up to 3.6 million to a whistle blower that says something about the “Ethical shortcoming of Herbalife?” Anybody know what the whistle blower had to say?

    The whistle blower was a low level manager that was fired for incompetence, could not produce a spreadsheet without errors. He was NOT involved in executive decisions for HLF.
    The only reason I can think Ackman wanted this “strategic witness” is to get FTC, FBI, et al, involved – with the HOPE that that would DRIVE the stock price down! Well, didn’t workout to good! Ackman is an dishonorable short seller and should be disciplined by SEC

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