Another CIA whistleblower is down

Another “heart attack” takes the former German editor who exposed the CIA in a book “Bought Journalists”.

Andrew Breitbart, a stinging thorn in the side of Deep State operatives Obama and the Clintons, also died of a sudden heart attack. This was one day before he said he was going to come out with a “smoking gun” video that would vet Obama like never before. The one that was published by his web site afterward was a bit disappointing but the questions remain: Was that the one that Andrew himself was talking about, and Were there other bombshells he was going to drop in association with its publication. And of course, was somebody scared out of putting it up, or did “somebody” steal it away?

This is why I use the moniker “Mockingbird Media” for the Establishment and compromised “news sources”, on-line, broadcast, and print.


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