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Ron Paul: First they ignored him, then they laughed at him, and they are not laughing anymore

December 18, 2011

Young India (23 September 1924) Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, vol.29 …..

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

Ron Paul:

First they ignored him.

He came up first in half a dozen straw polls, second in the first statewide Iowa poll, and they still pretended he didn’t exist. They kept him away from interviews, avoided mentioning him, the media pretending for the audience that he was nothing to be concerned about.

Then, they laughed at him.

But he kept going. Then between 2008 and 2012, suddenly the economy started acting just like Ron Paul had predicted to everybody. Gingrich is caught during the 2012 campaign interview cycle saying that no one could have predicted the severity of the housing bust or the financial collapse, but someone put that clip on YouTube right next to the clip where another network character interviewing Ron Paul is acknowledging that Ron Paul predicted it completely.

So as the 2012 campaigns got up into gear, they now started laughing at him. He is such a perfect gentleman, even with politicians on the polar opposite end of any of his positions, so they couldn’t catch him in personal insult exchanges. Although he is much aware of the total damage to the country done by the private banking cartel currency monopoly of the “Federal Reserve Bank”, he never used the word “traitor” to describe its chairman like Perry did. He has not lied or engaged in exaggerated hyperbole, so they can’t get a sound bite where he was actually wrong on facts.

So they still called him unelectable, and in between nervous laughter, said his ideas were nutty, like the CNN anchor who told the reporter, “heh heh, Hold the Ron Paul stuff”, while they kept the lie going about the “three front-runners” for the #1, #3, and #4 winners in the Iowa Straw Poll, skipping the obvious “surprise” of Ron Paul, #2. Nervous laughter indeed.

Okay, so with the polls as they were, they were flummoxed because RP was in the top-tier, so now they had to fill the podium with way too many presidential contenders in the debates among the candidates.

So cue more laughter, call him an isolationist, and then start merging into the next phase, and get angry about rogue states like Iran that are a clear and present danger to the United States. Yes, that’s right, you are hearing that right, ladies and gentlemen, we cannot let Iran get ahold of one nuclear bomb because then it will be too late and what will we do? We only have about a zillion nuke warheads we could rain down on them after all.

And shush, don’t tell anybody we could just let Israel loose off the leash and cut off all the aid to the region, where we give twice as much aid to Israel’s enemies as we do to Israel. God knows with half the Republican candidates calling for a war on Iran, we don’t know why they would want to arm themselves with nukes. How dare somebody suggest they might simply want to defend themselves?

O’Reilly does an Internet poll, and Ron Paul and Herman Cain place first and second (he didn’t say which) so of course he disqualifies them because they cheated. How does he know they cheated? Because they won 1st and 2nd place of course. Then he names the winners: the other guys. So now O’Reilly officially joins the informal Propaganda Cartel.

But his numbers kept going up. He wins the CPAC poll, and all of a sudden the usual media oligarch-picked “experts” (ha ha) say it doesn’t matter.

Then he won the California Young Republicans straw poll, but they skipped over covering that.

Then he won the 2011 Values Voters poll, in a conservative gathering, showing that conservatives are hearing the message. So Oligarch Media sent out a memo to their talking heads: it doesn’t count, because Ron Paul voters cheat. By actually voting. Not fair.

Now, they’re fighting him.

So his numbers kept going up. He wins the CPAC poll, and all of a sudden the usual media oligarch-picked “experts” (ha ha) say it doesn’t matter. Then he wins the California Young Republicans straw poll, and they skip over covering that. Then he wins the Values

So now they’re starting to fight.

For example, I heard Rush Limbaugh tell a whopper of a lie to try to stop him, saying he has no chance to beat Obama. Rush knows he has no basis at all to say this, because every poll and every indication is that he is the one with the BEST chance of beating Obama, and wins over more independents and self-identified Democrat Party respondents than any of the other Republican candidates.

So now when they call him isolationist, instead of snickering, they’re growling like bit dogs. It’s the hit dog that howls.

By now they ALL know he is NOT isolationist, in fact, Ron Paul believes in engaging with more countries than they do.

And they know he is a non-interventionist and is not isolationist, and explains that his position on foreign affairs is like Thomas Jefferson’s, and worked pretty good for about 150 years or so for us:

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Mark Levin went ballistic on one Ron Paul caller, shouted him down and wouldn’t let him talk, yelling the same old tired mantras about Nine-eleven, and terrorists and national defense. And of course telling his call screener, on the air even, to nix all the Ron Paul callers.

But see, Ron Paul is not pandering to the oligarch’s media scripting. We are supposed to all be good team players, and just line up on the Robin Hood side (“tax the rich”) or the Neo-Con side (no cuts to defense, join the “Occupy the World” movement).

A growing number of we the people are tired of going along with the Big Media idea of what we’re supposed to do.

He doesn’t pander to audience popularity or saying something to get elected either.

Like the Limbaugh said, Ron Paul does not just say what people like to hear, he just tells it like it is, tells it as he sees it –no teleprompter necessary, by the way– even when his audience doesn’t like it. And he obviously knows his subject every time he says something.

The more people are able to hear from Ron Paul himself, and hear what his ideas really are, the more supporters he gathers. And the ones who understand his ideas never go back, because his candidacy is riding completely on his ideas. In other words, it’s not just a matter of getting rid of Obama now, it’s not just voting against the other guy, here is somebody with ideas you can actually positively support who obviously knows what’s going on in the economy, the lone voice of warning that told us what would happen, and for thirty years never wavered from consistent positions and never compromised his vote. Finally. Maybe they’ll do a movie somebody, “Incorruptible”. My Dad told me never to say never, but thirty years is a pretty long time for a politician.

No demagoguery. No shilling for corporate cronyism. He doesn’t cover up for the Fed, just blows off their cover. No isolationist.

With grassroots supporters doing unpaid enthusiastic groundwork for him, and explaining directly to voters, ever more people support him. As it becomes OBVIOUS that they cannot stop the message of radical freedom, more people gather round.

Now, he is much more than just “electable”. Representing his ideas that Americans have always loved, he is much more than the one who can do best against Obama. For the first time, people of all kinds and from all professions and lifestyles are joining in realizing that here is a candidate they can support.

Because for a change, he is not just “the least bad”.

He is not just somebody who is “better than the other guy”.

Finally, here is somebody who you can enthusiastically support. Somebody that the crony capitalists are actually afraid of, the ones who laugh in private meetings about left-leaning candidates who say they are going to stick it to them. Both crony capitalists and phony Robin Hoods.

Even Rush Limbaugh is even nervous. That’s the guy who said he was even almost relieved that Obama was elected because he didn’t “have to carry the Republicans’ water anymore”.

Rush lied, I’m sure of it, when I heard him say that Ron Paul is the only one who cannot beat Obama. Because if he’s been paying attention to anything on the subject, if he’s been keeping himself updated on it, if he knows anything at all about what he’s talking about, he knows that Ron Paul is the one with the BEST numbers, the BEST indications, in a matchup against Obama.

In fact, he’s probably the ONLY one, because the Republicans are acting like they believe this stuff oozing out of rotting media about them all having a poor chance against Obama. They aren’t even using their best openings. Americans STILL HATE socialized medicine. They STILL HATE the raid on the Treasury.

Except the thing that raises Americans’ hackles the most, is the giveaway of trillions of dollars given away to prop up European banks, both private banks and the private cartels they call “central banks”. Trillions for corporations, for Wall Street.

The other Republican candidates are getting millions for their campaigns from big banks. But Ron Paul has forced them to TALK about the Fed and housing bubbles and Fannie Mae (keep sweating Gingrich) and socialized medicine’s attack on health (keep sweating, Romney)!

The message is clear.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate we can trust to avoid these endless wars.

He is the ONLY candidate to REFUSE to go to war without a constitutional declaration.

He is the ONLY candidate we can trust to immediately strengthen national defense, by bringing home the troops from the 130 countries where they are scattered around the world, and put them on our soil where they can actually defend against any threat, and concentrate on strengthening them instead of this thinning them out. Oh yeah, borders? Yeah, on the borders.

And he won’t sell guns to violent criminal gangs like the guys in Obama’s ATF that were promoted after they were exposed. Now that’s bold-faced. In my opinion, the only reason they were promoted would be because they were following boss’s orders. It’s a one way to keep whistleblowers quiet, I suppose.

And he will do all possible to stop the endless printing of money, now done by just entering numbers in computer screens.

End crony capitalism.

End the Fed. Restore real money.

That will restore the economy quicker than anything. Sure, government is limited if it can’t print money, how’s that working out for ya?

Against abortion? He proposed a CONSTITUTIONAL method to in effect “repeal” Roe v Wade without needing a constitutional amendment, and he was appalled (me too) at the way the Right-to-Life organizations ignored it, and did not push it. Instead they got the Christian audience all giddy about Bush saying he was kind of in favor of a constitutional amendment. Give it a break!

But lots of abortion supporters are in favor of him. Remember too that opposition to abortion has penetrated among atheists too.

And gays support him in great numbers too, although is openly a Bible-believing Christian. The reason is, he is for the same freedom as Christ is. Remember the “adulterous woman”? Jesus told her “Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more”.

Most preachers miss the big point there. It’s “Neither do I condemn thee”. He did not join the rock-throwers. We are all sinners. Ron Paul should mention that story of the adulterous woman. We need to stop throwing stones, start telling sinners Jesus loves them, he does not condemn them, we will not send out big guns and laws against them, so that way they might actually listen when we admit we’ve sinned too, we drop the stones and say “Go and sin no more”.

A good number of the links below show that now they are getting scared that Ron Paul might actually win the nomination AND THE PRESIDENCY, so the conservative talk show hosts are unleashing both barrels with the only thing they THINK they can get him on with voters that want to stop runaway rogue government, what they call “national defense”.

Now on national defense, keep in mind that the guys that are on the battlefield, who actually put their own lives on the line for “national defense”, our men in uniform, the ones who know our international enemies better than anybody, they have said with the loud voice of their own money and their own numbers that Ron Paul is their man. He beats out all the other candidates including Obama in numbers and total amount of donations from active military.

Instead of spreading them out so thin all around the world in 130 countries, he would bring them home. Why should we spend money on bases where they are not needed and no longer needed, especially Europe and the Middle East.

They would be HERE and ON OUR BORDERS protecting national defense, instead of scattered, and the budget for those bases would be spent HERE where we NEED it instead of “over there”. Michael Savage’s rants about “borders language and culture” would even be buttressed. Protecting the border, especially on our southern border now with a major cartel war going on just south of it, is the best national defense possible.

That, and the fact that an economy that is about to collapse in the most dramatic fashion cannot continue to sustain this military infrastructure around the world. We can’t afford it. A weak economy cannot support submarine building, space defense.