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Obama actions contradict what he says

November 5, 2016

Obama invokes the Constitution against Trump: He’s the most over-ruled president in history on constitutional grounds.

Obama says Trump would shut down the Press. Obama tried to remove Fox News from the WH Press Pool. Obama’s IRS tried to wear down recognition for applicants of the political opposition, not just Tea Party applicants.

Obama says Trump would throw opponents in jail. Obama promised the “most transparent” government in history. The Obama administration has criminally prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other administration in history.

Obama preaches about avoiding discrimination against people of different faiths. But Muslims from Syria are three times as likely to receive asylum from his administration than Christians, Alawites or other faiths. Wikileaks reveals the discrimination in his administration against Arab Christians for jobs.

Obama preaches against hating others based on religion. Yet every time a terrorist invokes Islam in an incident, he directs this warning against everybody else.

Obama reacts to warnings about Islamic radicalism by pointing to the Christian Crusades. He never mentions that the excuse for the Crusades was to reclaim the “Holy Land” after Islamic armies had conquered them by force.

Obama blasted Trump for saying that if he says something, government employees would do it. Of course what he didn’t say was that he has “a pen and a phone”.