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Clinton-era taxes? How about Clinton-era spending as a baby step toward sanity?

December 8, 2012
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The usual suspects that seem oblivious to the problem of an infinite money supply problem and on-rushing Weimar Republic sinking of the value of your dollar, are going on talk shows to claim that going to Clinton tax rates will not hurt the economy because there was so much prosperity.

Let’s even skip over the fact that Federal Reserve policies were spinning the economy into a recession in Clinton’s last year or two….

That argument only works if you declare an election like that of 1994 (or 2010 eh?) that “the era of big government is over” like Clinton did, and then implement pro-business policies like Clinton did, and if your budget is the size of Clinton’s, and your national debt is still “as low as” it was during Clinton’s presidency, indulging the oxymoronic use of “low” and “national debt”.

Oh yes, and remember, also, that he did have the “peace dividend”, and avoided getting the USA into the really big and very costly interventionist wars that G.W. Bush and Obama did, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.

Heck the most radical spending-cutter in Congress in 2012 is (still this month) Ron Paul, and in the campaign he only demanded a return to 2008 spending levels!!!



You don’t understand economics until you join the Austrian School

October 21, 2011

Nobody understands economics until they join the Austrian school. Nothing else makes sense in the real world, and it’s the only economic philosophy that has been proven true time after time after time.

Facts don’t matter to demagogues and government-worshippers, so the backwards lie about the 1800s is repeated. Phooey.

After the Control Freaks Incorporated played havoc as much as they could during the 1800s, and Congress surrendered national sovereignty in 1913 to Karl Marx’s idea of a Central Bank, the Fed only nationalized bank panics, Roosevelt nationalized the problem worse, and the result has been depressions and recessions and now the looming dollar crash, as predicted by Austrians.

The problem for people is wrapping their heads around the fact that Government can not do one thing to help the economy, it can only hurt. Saying that would really choke up politicians who are used to promising things, and the audiences that want to know what you’re going to do to make things better.

Krugman would have you roll out the Weimar Republic printing presses.