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Federal Reserve Awareness Day: Every 5th

March 3, 2013

I’m reposting a note sent to me by one of the stewards of “Federal Reserve Awareness Day”. More information is at the link which I repeat here for your convenience,

I deleted myself out of Facebook sometime ago already, but if you have a presence there, you might want to refer to the web page to spread the word. It’s a good conversation starter on the subject of liberty too..

If you’re wondering why I quit, here it is:
“This is Why I Quit Facebook”:

Hi trutherator,

I’m starting a monthly effort to generate more awareness of the Federal Reserve system, alternative currencies, sound money, etc. and if you’re interested I would like your help.

The idea is every fifth of the month I will post information each hour to this Facebook page: (please like this page!) so that those who are following the page can easily share the information and (hopefully) reach a large amount of people who still do not understand the Federal Reserve system and how it operates.

I’m also asking for suggestions on content and materials to share on the Facebook page in this open thread:

If you know of something (a video, article, image) that should be shared on the 5th I hope you’ll post it here. Any questions you might have and/or ideas for improving the effort are also greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and thanks in advance for your participation.

-Trevor Lyman

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Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

November 5, 2011

Wow. Click the link and when the web page comes up, click on the video to the right just below the top, and enjoy 15 minutes of mind-boggling paradigm-shattering information from the PEAR program at Princeton:

It began with an undergraduate independent study proposal, with the student preparing enough basis for doing the study to convince Professor Jahn.

It’s thirty years later and the conclusion is 10 to the 12th confidence in the statistical deviation from random.

I heard a Christian prophet thirty years ago say that all these micro-electronics were sensitive to such phenomena.. It takes scientists awhile to catch up sometimes…