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Another blow against the Empire

April 25, 2013

Michigan House Unanimously Passes NDAA Nullification Bill – Liberty Crier:

Even in Michigan…



The DEA, Honduras, and End Interventionism!

May 22, 2012

Some Hondurans are demanding that the DEA leave Honduras, but not all of them:

The article quotes all the wrong people in this article. Meaning, all the United Nations and other dictator-friendly groups that condemned Honduras for pushing back against a hostile foreign takeover by socialists and their willing local surrogate, the super-rich rancher and dictator Manuel Zelaya, who was ruling by decree, breaking all the laws passed by Congress that he didn’t like, telling the nation he didn’t have to obey any court orders, and was organizing one of the most massive and blatant frauds in the history of fake elections in Latin America.

Remember too, that Roberto Micheletti is still considered by the Honduran people to be a national hero. He is also an object of admiration all over Latin America as one who stood for freedom against the whole world and welcomed the vitriol as a badge of honor, and deservedly so.

But I have to make this next point very clear. I myself demand that the DEA get out of Honduras. I am absolutely against any official U.S. government intervention whatsoever in the internal affairs of any other country. In fact, I want the DEA and the CIA, and the KGB and the FSB, the FBI and the Cuban Intelligence Directorate, I want all foreign intervention to get out of Honduras RIGHT NOW!

In fact, United States drug policies are literally killing Latins south of the border, and north of the border, every day. The war against drugs has been a gross abject failure and the very best thing the U.S. could do for Honduras against the drug-fueled criminal organizations in Honduras and all Latin America –and for our own people, for that matter– is to throw away all the bans on drugs! It’s gotten so ridiculous that natural vitamins, and even herbs, are becoming targets of the pharmaceutical-government complex.

I want all foreign interventions OUT of Honduras TODAY! If there is any cooperation among nations, then let them help Honduras track down and bring to justice the killers who are murdering freedom-loving reporters in Honduras who speak up against leftist tricks and their public figures like Manuel Zelaya.

Who is financing the professional hits against reporters in Honduras? Like the two “professional” hits targeting Karol Cabrera that killed her daughter and a professional colleague. Why have those murders gone unsolved?

In the article above linked, one of the most ridiculous and ludicrous paragraphs were the last three:

George Withers, a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America, which promotes human rights and democracy in the region, said his organization is concerned that DEA agents are frequently embedded with police and military throughout Central and South America for counter-drug operations. He said it’s disconcerting to have Latin American military forces engaged in police work.

“We have seen over the years that whenever the military interfaces with the populace, incidents of human rights abuses go way up,” he said. “We’re concerned that the U.S. is encouraging the use of the military for police work.”

In a written statement, the Committee of the Families of the Disappeared of Honduras, a human rights organization, said that “the so called Honduran authorities have the ethical and political duty to demand from the U.S. Department of State an explanation and a public apology, and to punish those responsible.”

The military forces in Honduras is the MOST RESPECTED government institution in Honduras for honesty and respect for civilians and most of all, for being the most free of corruption, except for the socialism-oriented groups, who probably get their funding from the same sources that ultimately finance the hits on the reporters who advocate freedom from leftist demagogues (and rightist demagogues, but they are the same thing).

I guess human rights abuses don’t include shakedowns by local police, hands-off attitude toward the crimes that ARE the biggest violations of the rights of peace-loving citizens. Maybe they don’t include the thefts by invaders organized by interventionist international socialist organizations that lead the willing and gullible into taking over cultivated land that does not belong to them, as they did in Bajo Aguan.

You think they care about the poor? Look how the poor fare in the land of one of their sponsors, in Venezuela, where infrastructure has been neglected and they lay on the floor in hospitals on bare sheets, and where in 2003 the government censored all crime statistics to hide the chaos inside.

Hondurans do not want to live in another Cuba or Venezuela, they have seen that future and they do not want it. Reporting like in that article are not helping the cause of freedom. Fox News, by recycling this kind of misinformation and disinformation, is just like the entire Big-Government Corporate Establishment Press based in the U.S.

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