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Twitter: Free Speech for anti-Trump gov users but shadow-bans Dilbert

April 10, 2017

Vice reports Twitter’s win against a request from DOJ to unmask the users behind a Twitter account that is appropriate used by a group of anti-Trump government employees, @ALT_uscis.

The report has a gleeful tone to it that some big guns lawyers lined up to oppose the “administrative warrant” against the government.

The problem here is not that the government surveillance state was pushed back, but the raging hypocrisy of Twitter executives in their justification for this “principled” stand.

Twitter’s “scathing letter of objection includes this gem:

“Attempts to unmask anonymous online speakers in the absence of a prima facie defamation claim are improper and would chill the First Amendment rights of speakers who use Twitter’s platform to express their thoughts and ideas instantly and publicly, without barriers.”

Now, that is a gem, in isolation as such. Free speech and all.

But Twitter’s actions against users who want to use Twitter as a “platform to express their thoughts and ideas instantly and publicly, without barriers.”, speak louder than these words.

Banning the expressions of effective speech by other users exposing selected crimes by Deep State operatives, including revelations of the Obama team’s illegal unmasking and surveillance of Trump campaign, and the rest of us.

And then there’s the shadow banning of dissident voices of opposition to shadow government and other instances of Deep-State crimes and ridicule against its propaganda.

So it just depends on which part of Deep State Twitter decides to support. In other words, Twitter has picked one of the two sides in the internecine tug of war inside the State.

I mean shadow-banning Dilbert, Twitter? Really? Champion of free speech?state

Nothing hidden, said Jesus,  that will not be known abroad…



Fox News Entertainment shows pro-W.D.C. control

November 4, 2016

What’s this? They have somebody at Fox News echoing the Official Central Government disinformation lies?

IT was a story about a supposed “white supremacist” tweet telling Hillary voters to avoid lines and vote by text message instead, and how the Twitter boss took it down after a tweet storm.

But then the writer had to throw in the Twitter boss’ banning of Milo Yiannopoulos’ twitter account because of a “racist hate campaign”. The writer stops short of explicitly blaming Milo but it is rather obvious to people who are not under the Newspeak spell of being driven about by every wind of Oligarch Doctrine that he was really banned for being a political dissident and denouncing official Control Freak Government, and that the Ghostbuster star’s quitting under the Twitter storm was, according to many reports, after she made the movie a feminist bat to beat over the heads of real-world thinkers.



Ben Swann “Truth In Media Project” Kickstarter Trailer – YouTube

June 10, 2013

Ben Swann is ready.

“Truth in Media Project”:


This is why I quit Facebook

November 22, 2012

Man Buys 1 Million Facebook Users’ Personal Information for $5: s%e2%80%99-personal-information-for-5.html

How much is your personal information worth? How about a data set consisting of over 1 million individual’s personal information complete with their full legal name, personal E-mail address, and URL to their Facebook account as confirmation? According to one ‘mystery’ company that recently sold 1 million Facebook users’ personal information to a very surprised blogger, not very much at all. About $5, to be specific.

It all started when one blogger, a self-proclaimed seeker of ‘cheap’ deals that pertain to potentially useful or interesting subjects, stumbled across an offer for ’1 million Facebook accounts’ for $5. Skeptical but willing to try it out, the blogger purchased the list to be met with much surprise when he actually personally identified many of the users on the list to be people he actually knew personally. Complete with their personal E-mail address (which Facebook is supposed to keep ‘hidden’), full names, and a link to their page to verify, this blogger had stumbled across a major corporation’s dream come true
… Read more at the above link….

When this blogger got in contact with Facebook people, they wanted him to send it back, delete it from his systems, and be very quiet about it, hush it up..

Ouch! And EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is suing the NSA and the White House to get President’s Obama secret executive order that tells them to spy without warrants on our emails, IP addresses, and browsing.

It’s starting to make Bush like an actual respecter of the Bill of Rights in comparison.