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Berlin attacker left his license at the scene? Really?

December 21, 2016

Strange things come out in the first hours after major incidents.

It turns out they’re saying the attacker in Berlin was under surveillance.

Arrested and released for forged documents earlier in the year, and they let him go.

He managed to avoid deportation, avoided jail for forged documents, was being watched by the authorities, and then arranges to kill all these people and escape the scene.

And they are telling us that this same guy who got through all that, managed to leave his driver’s license at the scene?



Ron Paul and the dangers of rogue government

December 29, 2011

It’s disingenuous to casually dismiss Ron Paul‘s position on Iran as being one of “casually brush aside the danger of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism“.

Because in doing so you “casually brush aside” the obvious epic failures the United States has reaped from the previous recent attempts to meddle in the affairs of nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you think active military –that’s right, active military– are “casually brushing aside” the dangers of “rogue nations” like Iran, when they contribute more to Ron Paul’s campaign than to any other including Obama‘s? And though it is common knowledge that active military has favored Republican presidential candidates in the past, this time around they are telling us that they have more trust in Ron Paul as the best leader in these troubled times.

Israel already has at least 150 nuclear weapons (that we know about). By the time Iran gets one, Israel may have 300. Poor Iran if it uses just one bomb, and if somebody sneaks one in one Jerusalem, you can count on the Mossad to know who did it, and poor country that gets a rain of fire from that kind of foolishness.

Now they’re pushing the Jews against Ron Paul, as if US policy as applied by all these other guys has been effective. How’s that workin’ out for you? WHO is one of the few who voted against condemning Israel for bombing Iraq’s nuclear site? Ron Paul of course, who says we should let them sort it out as they see fit instead of tying their hands.

Nope, good thing the people, the grassroots, the farmer, the peasant, the laborer and the clerk are all paying attention to rational arguments rather than distorted caricatures of Ron Paul’s positions.