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Plastic surgery tragedy proves caveat emptor is better than government regulators

March 9, 2012
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Plastic Surgery Nightmare For a Texas Woman | Fox News Latino:

Here we go again. The statists will say things like this need more regulation. By which they mean more regulations written by government employees or more laws written by Congressional aides. (With apologies to the few who might write their own proposals).

The regulatory regime has lulled too many people to somnolence with the idea that the government is on top of everything and that it should prevent anything bad from happening to us.

That’s the solution, they think, to bad doctors, incompetent doctors doing bad things to their patients.

But then that just shifts the discussion to the one-size-fits-all solution, a government panel to set the rules by decree, and it does not fit all, not at all.

For example. Some people are more willing to take the risk. For new treatments that cost more because they have not had historical traction, why should a millionaire who is dying of cancer have to wait for a costly government process if he wants to take the risk and has the money to finance the first attempts at a possible cure for what ails him?

As it is now, a drug company is required to finish three years of experimentation on rats, and another three years of experimentation on humans, and another study demanded by someone on the last review panel.

Once upon a time I met a guy who had distribution rights in the United States for a new idea to reduce the facial wrinkles that come with age, and to firm up skin on younger folks. The obvious market would be women –and some men of course. It was just a type of bag with a substance similar to the packets used to keep things cold in refrigerators and in styrofoam, and I have no idea whether it works except that the idea was convincing and this guy seemed decent enough, and the company already had convincing traction in Columbia, South America.

It could be sold in the United States without the FDA approval, and with the claims for firming up skin, according to the friend, but it would be open for any kind of liability suit someone might bring. So he said anyway, but I know of companies that have been shut down for any kind of claim whatsoever that somebody at an FDA desk decides is “medical”, even true things. Like healthy amounts of fruit helps keep your immune system healthy. Can’t say that while you’re selling oranges, unless you finance a study.

Not making that up, no-sir-ee.

The FDA study that would have protected him from lawsuits cost about $3,000. Not much compared to what a lot of drug studies have cost the big companies. This wasn’t a drug and it was external, and its most important ingredient was sealed inside a strong flexible plastic, and its use was basically merely the cooling factor.

But the packaging material touches the skin, and there is that cooling factor, so the study was required. And… that without any promise that there would not be more requests following.

The friend was a retiree, and had a comfortable monthly income, and after the surprise he got had decided he did not want to bother with the investment, especially when the final decision lay not in the results but in the whim of a bureaucrat.

People who demand more government control over their lives and over the people they buy from and do business with, often don’t realize they are demanding to be told what to do with their own lives, more than they think. They trade off the abuse they get from private parties, private companies, so they think, to the trust they have in their government.

They forget that the members of government departments are made of the same kind of flesh as everybody else.

A guy or group in government, if you give them control over a big chunk of national commerce, economy, what is going to keep them more honest than their counterparts in a private enterprise that also have to answer to both their stockholders and to their customers, and even their employees?

So, it’s time for Golden Rule Government:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. – Matthew 7:12