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Robbing from your neighbor to “help the poor” is not “charity”

June 25, 2011

Private charity is one thing. Robbing from your neighbor’s pockets to do “charitable work” is self-contradictory. Private contributions to social causes in the poorest countries are TRIPLE government-to-government aid, of which the poor see NOTHING.

Ask Hondurans how much the poor got after Hurricane Mitch or how the auto-coup dictator Mel Zelaya robbed the UN money for the poor to get himself “elected” (wink wink) dictator-for-life. I’m sick of the rich-pig control freak cliques that use the poor for cover for their own abuse of the poor, like Hugo Chavez, where the poor aren’t getting government food distributions or streets fixed and sleep on hospital floors.

Tax Cuts? We aren’t that stupid Mr. Puppet President

April 17, 2010

Obama says we should be grateful for all those “tax cuts” last year.

I cannot believe he is telling the American people he thinks we are just stupid, adding insult to injury. So next he’s going to tell us that he increased the net production of goods and services in the country just by adding a bunch of big numbers of fake Fed money to a bunch of files in government computers, and offered to add computer money to ours.

Forget the dollars, we are still waiting for a little bit of jingle jangle pocket change…


Is the constitution unconstitutional?!

April 17, 2010

A judge in Michigan says she understands the constitution better than the original body that designed the American Constitution, and has declared the National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional!

These are people raised in history classes where they deliver indoctrination instead of history!

The Constitutional Convention at one point was stuck in a stalemate, and it looked like we were going to be thirteen independent little states on their own. But Benjamin Franklin suggested that they all just do a serious prayer meeting to ask for God’s help. Once upon a time the Smithsonian featured a public showing of a painting of this prayer meeting, showing all those representatives on their knees seeking God for guidance. That would be before they started purging such tokens of America’s Christian beginnings.

Better for us, to free the National Day of Prayer from interference or compromise from the overbearing involvement of government.

But idiot rulings like this are insane, another contortion of logic that requires either limited thinking abilities or a malicious disregard for the letter AND spirit of the Constitution.

What religion does a National Day of Prayer establish, in view of the fact that the most diverse religions possible participate?

What atheist is prevented from practicing their own atheism however they like? After all, this is their claim when it comes to banning homage to God within public service.

And government money? They should complain, hey! Billions of dollars goes to research by scientists that continue to try to disprove the Bible from the first chapter.


How to Help the Poor

March 20, 2010

This video about a good work actually portrays the best way out of poverty for the poor, and that is individuals doing individual things or acting in groups to help others.

Government-based solutions are a big burden on the poor, they are much more a hindrance for eliminating and alleviating poverty everywhere. That’s whether you go with the “right-now” dictatorship of the proletariat (which I once stupidly believed in), or with the “entitlement” programs with the handouts.

For those who think Big Brother Government as the answer to all social ills is a Christian thing, go read all those verses about justice and the poor in the Bible, and they are all about “you”. Meaning, “Thou” as a SINGULAR personal pronoun, whosoever hath ears to hear let him hear.

It is about YOU sharing this world’s goods that YOU have in YOUR possession, with those who are less fortunate, while sharing with them the good news that God’s love constrains you to consider the poor, and that God loves them too, and gave everything for them, including his only begotten Son. I support such works around the world.

That has nothing to do with taking somebody else’s goods and distributing them to the poor, Robin Hood ideas notwithstanding. In the laws of Moses, landowners reaping were commanded to deliberately leave behind part of the good harvest on the ground, so that the poor could come behind and clean it up. Debts were cleared completely and totally every 49 years, and that included total and unconditional freedom for all those who were working off debts as servants–which in Israel then, meant almost everybody who was a servant. And that was when there was no king in the land, and even afterward.

Another very important reason that such programs work and government programs do not is always missed. It teaches right from wrong to the POOR children who see love put into action. These programs that involve a love-motivated person in a volunteer organization especially, they help those poor children absorb good moral values. For the kids that are better off that do things to help, it inspires them in such good works.

But government programs involve impersonal meetings, paperwork, administrative concerns, budget worries, and never the least of them, the priorities given to political goals. Cuba sends doctors that do help the poor with its “medical diplomacy” but then hopes to enslave the populace with socialist dictatorship.

Now that said, there are variations on the theme, and it seems exceptions that stand out from all that. It will do no good to trust any government to cure social ills if the rich and the poor are motivated by greed or envy or coveting or resentment, because it takes people to man the government. It will do a lot of good but not enough if the rich are convinced to live by the Golden Rule overnight, if the poor do not.