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Michelle Shocked – Yes God is Real – – YouTube

April 28, 2013
Cover of the Communist Manifesto’s initial pub...

Cover of the Communist Manifesto’s initial publication in February 1848 in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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But in an interview later, she backed off earlier comments because she was inundated by accusations of hate when she shared that members of her church were afraid for the country because of the lifting up of homosexual marriage in the nation. She was subjected to so much hate speech that she sort of recanted.


But take note. I heard the video (or audio) of the first comment that caused the firestorm. They were mild and did not carry the weight of conviction or authority.


The flood of hate that awaits anyone who has anything positive about the natural nuclear family as even an ideal, means that anyone who is going to make such a statement should know what he is talking about, know his subject, and have the firm conviction of being right.


Christians need to remember we are sinners and it’s not even just the soul of our nation that concerns us, but the harm that homosexual behaviors invite by the behavior, a vector for unwelcome effects. And the children of the next generation. Every child has a father and a mother who have a responsibility and obligation to the child. And every relevant study shows that by almost any measure, a child is best protected and cultivated if he has the benefit of a father and a mother who raise him together.


The attack on the institution of marriage got full steam ahead with Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. The promotion of homosexual practices, with the demands for official same-sex marriage, abortion, these things were politicized in the 19th and 20th century by secularist leaders who of a truth are fighting marriage itself. This is something they are starting to feel safe now in saying out loud for an audience.


Karl Marx’ intent was to dissolve it. He called it a “bourgeouis” thing, although in fact it is a universal thing. Karl Marx had his own (neglected) wife and his children came to sorry ends, in fact. The real purpose is to make future generations safe for tyranny. They do this by having the state claim ownership of the children.

(By the way, the Kremlin has a bunch of writings by Karl Marx that are still kept hidden away in secret. What kind of dark stuff is it, you ask? We do too.)


Jesus loves the little children. God is love, and Jesus is his love manifest to us. If anybody “owns” the children, it’s God, regardless who has the blessings of raising them.







Problem with government intervention in anything

March 15, 2012

This fake issue invented by a ludicrous government mandate created a religious squabble
highlights once again the problem when you get government involved in the middle of anything where people differ, because (1) central planning historically never worked and backfired anyway, on micro- and macro- scales both, and (2) 10 people will always have about 15 different opinions on how to do anything, and (3) while some things are predictable (the sun will come up in the morning) nobody can predict the sum of all human behaviors with precision to be able to plan for them.

So somebody has to give in to the planners, whoever they are. Unless you just plan to let the people decide, not by a tyranny of the majority, or a tyranny of the purported majority. /

Mr. Friedman, Don’t You Ever Doubt Capitalism?

November 10, 2011

With all the inequity and greed in the world, don’t you ever have a little doubt about capitalism, Mr. Friedman? See the answer in this short clip on youtube: