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From the Villains’ Own Propaganda Meisters: Obama-Scare Forces Nationalized Medicine

December 5, 2011

And folks, socialized medicine is not “health care” any more than nationalized “education” teaches anybody anything.

And now the shadow propaganda ministry cheer appears on Forbes of all places:

I can’t believe a “capitalist” magazine like Forbes would publish such a cheer for one of the worst things that ever happened to the American economy in history, alongside such fantastic assaults like the Federal Reserve Act and the income tax.

It is health rationing, only without the free-market system where the rich can afford the newest and riskiest experimental treatments, replaced by budget-mandated bureaucrats hired by politicians.

We already have a politicized “education” system that is a political conformist factory, where politically approved revisionist history replaces historical debate and independent thinking, and where formulas for property seizure (aka “wealth redistribution”) replace real-world mathematics.

Maybe these big corporations are being promised a cut of the socialist monopoly pie or something, to go along with this attack on prosperity, but in the end they will get a major shock, just like the rich tycoons that financed Hitler.

Who anointed Obama in the first place anyway, him coming out of nowhere into presidential politics? Kind of like Hugo Chavez, who went from exiled coup “golpista” to president of the country by “election” in about five years. Who financed him, and why were there floods of immigrants accepted into the country from the year before the election campaign?



What Michael Moore And Pee Wee Herman Have In Common |

September 30, 2011

Repeat it, let it echo:

Anti-capitalist movie-maker Michael Moore makes more money than most of the CEO’s he denounces.

And the gap between rich and poor? What’s he doing about the gap between what he makes and what the less-known Hollywood producers make?

And praising Chavez? What about poor little Honduras, picked on for defending its constitutional republic against Chavez-backed dictator Zelaya? And the poor that are hurting more than ever in Venezuela?

Does he complain about loan guarantees for political buddies? The Fed’s secret giveaways to the capitalist bankers he says he wants to eliminate?

When has he ever complained that a bunch of Wall Street bankers control the nation’s money? Or that their printing money and causing inflation is a theft against the poor and the middle class?


Rep. Ron Paul sparks sensation at CA GOP convention, says media misreported Tea Party

September 18, 2011

Presidential candidate Texas Rep. Ron Paul – followed by cheering crowds at the California State GOP convention today — said the media “twisted” the Tea Party reaction at the last presidential debate, and argued that the conservative position on health care is both Constitutionally sound and ”compassionate.”


Presidential candidate Texas Rep. Ron Paul – followed by cheering crowds at the California State GOP convention today — said the media “twisted” the Tea Party reaction at the last presidential debate, and argued that the conservative position on health care is both Constitutionally sound and ”compassionate.”e
We asked Paul after his speech to the Lincoln Club whether health care or welfare are appropriate expenditures of the federal government. “Follow the Constitution,” he said repeatedly.
And we asked if he thought it appropriate that, at the the last Tea Party debate, cheers and applause followed a question about an uninsured 30 year old man left to die in the streets.

Here’s our award-winning SFChronicle/SFGate Shaky Hand Productions capture of his answer:

Click here for the article to watch Ron Paul’s answer the question:

Paul is causing a sensation at the California Republican Party convention in Los Angeles, followed by hoards of chanting supporters as he makes his way around the JW Marriott at LA Live where 1,000 state party activists are convening in a three day meeting.

The Texas Congressman was met by a parade of sign-bearing supporters on the street when he arrived at the hotel, and they have followed him adoringly around the venue. T-shirts on display proclaim the “Ron Paul Revolution” and “I’m voting for Peace.”

By contrast, Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann’s reception

Friday looked cool and anemic indeed — as was the general reaction to her keynote speech Friday night (with the exception of one or two applause lines about standing up for Israel.)

No so, Paul, who was cheered at the Lincoln Club event. And the crowd around him is so raucous that Paul, a physician, was actually turned away from the convention’s health care forum when he showed up with a chanting mob; a volunteer freaked out and barred the door, keeping him out.

And even more interesting: long lines of mostly young people are snaking around the halls, signing up to register in the party and vote in today’s California straw poll. We think we know who might come out ahead here.

Europe Rules Out Stimulus, Shuns Geithner Plea – Bloomberg

September 18, 2011

Oh this is really something. Timothy Geithner is telling Europe they have to spend more money, aka “stimulus” and printing money:

European finance ministers ruled out efforts to spur the faltering economy and showed no signs of taking up a proposal by U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to increase the firepower of the debt crisis rescue fund.

Get this gem:

Geithner preached the lessons of the emergency banking support provided by the Treasury and Federal Reserve in reaction to the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., mixing it with criticism of Europe’s crisis-management coordination.

What lessons? That none of the central planners in DC had a clue? That nothing they have done has helped? That money printing hasn’t helped either?

How about the real-world lessons? Europe’s money changers are at least admitting the obvious, sort of, even if they will never accept that everything they can do to interfere with the free market does anything to stimulate wealth? All they can do is create illusions by “spreading the wealth around” to their friends, with a few crumbs to the poor for cover.

Another Bush might not be quite as bad as the almost openly declared Marxist mole Obama, but that won’t help either.

The Gullible Idiots Media sectors keep trying to say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. They know it’s baloney. In spite of all the voluntary self-censorship by the government-media complex, anybody can see that Ron Paul’s predictions in 2008 have come true beyond all Americans’ fears, and that he is a fully serious contender, and that his supporter base is growing in leaps and bounds.

The only excuse anybody can give who is disgusted with the present Big Government cartel, is that he “doesn’t have a chance”?

The only barrier left now is the illusion among the evangelical faithful that somehow they must empty what’s left in their pockets to fight Islam. The country cannot afford any more wars, they can’t even afford the wars they’re already in, and the Bush-Cheney-Obama-Clinton-Soros foreign policy in the Middle East is literally killing us. Literally.

And the fiat currency regimen is killing us too, and dragging us into economic oblivion. Without fiat currency, Congress could not get away with a debt for present and future liabilities that push close to exceeding the entire worldwide money supply. They would have to spend real money that carries independent value. If it had independent value, they couldn’t steal from the poor by pumping out more fiat dollars, by engaging in what amounts to fraud.

Because even the payouts to the poor that are financed by loans, whether directly or indirectly by fungible budgets, are a stealth tax (aka theft) that robs the very same poor the programs are supposed to help by what’s called “inflation” which might better be called a “currency value tax”.

That tax by inflation is what the politicians that like to call themselves “progressives” call a “regressive” tax, meaning it takes a bigger percentage chunk from the poor man’s income that it does from a rich man’s income.

So why are all the Democrats, and almost all the Republicans, including the presidential candidates, ignoring the biggest private corporate monopoly in the country, the Federal Reserve, with only one who has consistently warned us all about them for over 30 years?

Fiat currency is a false balance, a false scale for value. It’s against the law for supermarkets to rig the weight scales in the supermarket to give you a false reading of the value of the produce on that scale. And yet we allow the Congress, the Executive to tip the scales.

How do they do it? You know that dollar in your pocket? The same two dollars that bought five pounds of potatoes ten or twenty years ago, and only buys four pounds today. The Federal Reserve robbed you of the difference with their fiat money magical computerized dollar printing.

No wonder the famous banker patriarch Rothschild said he didn’t care who sat on the king’s throne if he had control over the currency.

But now, thanks to the fact that Ron Paul’s candidacy has pushed the issue into the minds of the electorate, Americans are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “free money”, and even elite Establishment Republican candidates and Lap Dog Gullible Idiots Media has been forced to recognize the Federal Reserve as an issue, Americans are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “free money”.

Fiat money is a “false balance”, a false measure of value:
Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Why the hit on guitar-maker Gibson and not Martin?

August 28, 2011

Why is Obama’s administration going after Gibson and not Martin?

Same wood, same paperwork, same everything, but Obama’s government raided Gibson and left Matin free. Why?

You may remember this recall of burger meat from Burger King (and other) restaurants that bankrupted Hudson Foods over 16 cases of e.coli and an arbitrary finding by FDA that there had been more “questionable practices” at their plants? (Note: They are all arbitrary).

Hudson Foods was the biggest competitor to Arkansas-based Tyson Foods (maker of “Tyson Chicken”). See the story of how CEO Tyson was losing market share to CEO Hudson until Tyson buddy Slick Willie’s FDA slammed down hard on Hudson Foods.. (“Slick Willie” was the nickanme for Governor Bill Clinton, for his way of slipping smoothly out of trouble):

From that article:

> For more than a decade executives at Tyson, whose chicken business is more than twice the size of anyone else’s, have been itching to buy Hudson. But every time Tollett or Tyson Chairman Don Tyson approached Red Hudson with the idea of selling the company he created in 1972 (after buying Ralston Purina’s chicken operations), the 73-year-old chairman said no thanks. Tollett’s most recent entreaty took place in mid-July at an over-the-fence in Red’s kitchen across the street. Discussions broke off several days later because Red, who didn’t really want to sell, was asking what he calls “a pretty good price” for his 90% of the company’s voting shares.
> But Tyson wasn’t after Hudson just because Tollett was reminded of his rival every time his Ford pickup passed Red’s Mercedes at Pinnacle’s gates. The real reason is that Tyson needs to meet analysts’ projections of 15% annual growth, and in recent years Hudson Foods has been stealing some of Tyson’s thunder. Hudson has eroded Tyson’s position as the dominant supplier of chicken products to Wal-Mart, the Arkansas neighbor that Merrill Lynch estimates will own 9% of the country’s food sales by 2005. Hudson, a company with annual sales of $1.7 billion, now does slightly more business with Wal-Mart than the $6.5 billion Tyson. Shane Glenn, analyst for the Little Rock investment bank Stephens Inc., attributes this to Hudson’s greater willingness to negotiate on price and to its new chicken plant in Henderson, Ky., which primarily supplies Wal-Mart. (The fact that Red’s grandson, Mike Hudson Jr., is married to the daughter of a Wal-Mart executive can’t hurt either.) Other Hudson assets attractive to Tyson include a thriving turkey operation, chicken processing facilities in three states where Tyson has none, and other product lines that are complementary to Tyson’s.

And then (drumroll, please):

> Despite Tyson’s numerous attempts to acquire Hudson, it wasn’t until the company was thrust into national headlines for issuing the largest recall of meat in U.S. history that Tyson finally got its lucky break. Abandoned by a major customer and served up as an example by a government agency, Hudson was brought to its knees in September and driven into the arms of Tyson–something Red Hudson never would have imagined when he first received word at the end of July about E. coli-contaminated meat that was traced to Hudson’s beef facility in Nebraska.
> As far as outbreaks go, this one seemed mild. Unlike Jack-In-The-Box’s scare in 1993, which sickened 500 and killed four, only 16 people in Colorado became ill from eating Hudson hamburger patties. No one died. And it was determined that Hudson’s plant probably wasn’t responsible for contaminating the beef–it was brought in from an outside supplier. Hudson recalled 20,000 pounds of beef on Aug. 12. Then, for reasons still unclear, the USDA forced Hudson to increase the amount to 1.2 million and then again to 25 million pounds. Thomas Billy, head of the USDA’s inspection service, says that his department found record-keeping inadequacies and practices of recycling meat from one day to the next at the Hudson plant, which made it impossible to locate a break in the chain of tainted meat, but says he won’t elaborate because a USDA investigation is still under way.

Washington needs people who put their actions where they promise, every time. There’s only one who has done that without compromise. Americans are sick of compromise in Washington, they want Washington to get OUT of their lives.. If Americans continue compromising they will deserve the consequences…

Ron Paul knows the quote: “First they ignore you…”

August 23, 2011

Try as you might, Ron Paul is not going away, and whatever you do with him, his message has more stickiness than your desire to ignore it. both arms of the government-media complex, the leftist shills and the neo-cons, try as they might, can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.

His shining of the light on the attacks on freedom in our generation has exposed them.

Freedom brings people together, and whatever band of operatives of the Establishment they identified with, they are sick and tired of being told what to do, and how much of their own incomes they can keep, and sick of lying conniving politicians.

That’s why they’re flocking to the only candidate in this thing who’s been there for 30 years, predicted the mess we’re in, the only one who really understands how to get out of it and how to set America’s liberty and prosperity engine free again.

“Democrats”, “Republicans”, leftists, rightists, conservatives, liberals, flaming homosexuals and true Christian fundamentalists, in the heartland and on the coasts, farmers and lawyers, construction workers and construction CEOs, information techies and users, teenagers and college kids, octogenarians, people of all kinds make up the Ron Paul Tea Party Revolution.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win”.

The plutocrats and autocrats will not easily let go of their power, but their psy-tricks are lost on a people who have seen it like it is. “Not easily” means they have not shown their complete bag of evil in America yet, but they will, and there will be a mess as the green paper pig inflated dollar balloon pops, but in the end, even the Beast of Revelation “will come to his end, and none shall help him”.

Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning on the Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar

August 7, 2011

Global financial crisis fears after US rating downgrade |

A lesson from all this avoidable debt and dollar crisis is that establishing the Federal Reserve not only did nothing to resolve what they said was the purpose, that of banking credibility and bank runs from the 19th century, it only nationalized the problem, postponing it for a run on the federalized bank, especially when they let the dollar loose from a gold or silver standard.

Another lesson from the debt downgrade: The warnings that the ratings warning had nothing to do with unlimited spending and socialist Ponzi schemes were dead wrong. But the Congresspersons that were saying so from “high places” like Congress knew they were wrong. Durbin knows their positions proved to be ruinous to the economy, he said so with his Keynesian economics coffin comment.

So if they know that what they are demanding is destructive to the economy, why do they demad it? Why do throw epithets and dirty names at the ones who want to do the non-Keynesian things that would save the economy, or at least lessen the pain toward a more sensible economic policy?

Or, why do they want to do it, or, why do they think they have to do it?

Not all warnings are scare-mongering like Obama’s threats to unilaterally default on debt or let Granny starve if the Congress didn’t capitulate with the debt ceiling raise, which they did, giving up the constitutional duties of Congress to a committee of twelve Boss-selected legislators for no extra charge. But in the words of Rahm Emmanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Meaning, in their own words, they use “crisis” all the time to put one over on us and get us to go along with outrageous attacks on our liberty and our property that we would not have tolderated otherwise.

Although of course it could be they plan to use the dollar’s fall to ditch the dollar for a new one-world currency –but don’t call it “currency” just yet.

They could have just balanced the budget instead. Oh yeah, what budget? They could have legislated Ron Paul’s painless solution to buy time for a genuine solution.

Does anybody think this commitee selected by the same group of power brokers that have failed 117 times before already is going to do anything different? Or make a difference?

Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning on the Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar:

The dollar is a “false balance” where the vendor, the Fed, tells you it it is equivalent to a dollar’s worth of gold, but they have their hands on the scale and every time they “print” more dollars or finance more dollar debt they are robbing you of value:

Proverbs 11:1  ¶A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Hosea 12:7  ¶He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress.

Escape from Facebook

August 4, 2011

I am GONE GONE GONE from Facebook. I hope. As much as can be to my knowledge.

Facebook is too open. Friends of friends, meaning former friends that you have considered best to sever all mutual communications with, get to hear everything you want them to hear and even more.

Worse still, Facebook’s multitude of FACELESS partners get to know about a lot of it too.

Gossip trail. Conversations are sometimes too quick.

Forget it. Email groups are better, they queue things up, grab them as you like.

One of these days soon, I’m going PGP too, as the dark clouds of the approaching worldwide political upheaals grow closer as predicted from millenia.

Click on this next link for a good rundown on why quitting Facebook is a good thing. BUT BEFORE you do, take shortcut and avoid the Facebook “help” maze and cick on the link below that one to see HOW to really and truly escape from Facebook’s greedy clutches. Dan Yoder has saved us some trouble clicking through Facebook.

Me, there’s another one. Zuckerman doesn’t like his data getting publicized like somebody did after his social networking web site sent out a missive encouraging all the users to share theirs.

See their slogan: Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Let me paraphrase that:

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life, and connect and share all your information and theirs with any number of Facebook’s “partners” who pay for the privilege, including the former “friends’ who don’t edify your current state of being or where the connection does NOT make either of you a better human being.

Side note to everybody I was connected to on Facebook: I don’t mean you. I had already cut it off with the only stranger I was “friends” with. I don’t even know how he became a “friend”.

By the way, Linkedin, being oriented more toward professional pursuits and business, is a little less free-wheeling on letting people connect so easily, putting artificial limits on the numbers (unless you pay a little). And it’s not so easy, not the default situation, for visibility so many levels deep.

Happy escaping, friends. Let me know…

Remember: Cesar Castellanos “El Gordito” de Honduras

July 10, 2011

For some reason I felt compelled to say something in memory of Cesar Castellanos today here. Occasionally a politician comes around that inspires total confidence where you know, it’s obvious, that he is the rare gem of honest guy in “public service”.

He was one of them. He became known to the nation working in their National Party, one of the two major parties in Honduras. He was known as generous, everyone loved him because they felt that he was truly motivated to do his best for them at his job. They called him not just “El Gordo”, but “El Gordito Trabajador”, somebody who showed with his walk that his talk was the real genuine thing.

He was a real Christian, of a church of the kind many call evangelical, but no hypocrite he.

Everybody in the country knew, without a doubt, that he was going to win the next election, all the common folks that always voted for the other party, they were all going to vote for him. Sometimes there’s doubt, but in this case if another had won then it would have been too obvious, too much in your face and the presidency was lost to the corrupting influences.

He won the mayor’s office in 1998, and his first act was to gather together all the municipal employees and tell them that no act of corruption would be tolerated and would result in immediate termination. And nobody doubted that was exactly what he would do.

BUT. He also, in that same honest talk, he told them that if any of them had any personal problem, to talk to them and he would find a way to help them. And they all know that was exactly what he would do.

After all, he had already done it. As neurosurgeon, he had already gladly helped hundreds, even thousands of poor in all kinds of ways.

When he prepared his last trip, a helicopter flyover to survey the damage done by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, he was already anguished over the hurt borne by the city.

The helicopter lifted off from Toncontin Airport, but had difficulties almost immediately of some kind and fell onto the asphalt of a street that borders the airfield. It crashed and the occupants were all killed on impact.

That’s the official version. Air force officers confiscated film from cameras that were being used by reporters to capture the scene. There are no pictures publicly available that I know of.

Castellanos invited the vice mayor to ride along with him, but the vice mayor begged off, saying he was “busy” with other things.

The next scene in the drama opens at their City Hall, where the city was preparing to recognize the vice mayor as successor to El Gordito.

What was not told on CNN or any of the international news agencies, was that the poor of the capital city spontaneously and massively and literally mobbed the building, ringing it all around, yelling and chanting and sending a message to those inside.

The message: We know you murdered him, the mayor’s office belongs to him and nobody gets out alive if you don’t install his widow as mayor, it belongs to her. They bowed to the obvious and relented, and so they legally and officially made her mayor.

Of course it’s not the same, and widow Vilma de Castellanos would be the first that she was not as strong a personality as her husband’s.

Honduras lost a hero and gained a martyr that day. It is good to remember good models for the rest of us from time to time.

Robbing from your neighbor to “help the poor” is not “charity”

June 25, 2011

Private charity is one thing. Robbing from your neighbor’s pockets to do “charitable work” is self-contradictory. Private contributions to social causes in the poorest countries are TRIPLE government-to-government aid, of which the poor see NOTHING.

Ask Hondurans how much the poor got after Hurricane Mitch or how the auto-coup dictator Mel Zelaya robbed the UN money for the poor to get himself “elected” (wink wink) dictator-for-life. I’m sick of the rich-pig control freak cliques that use the poor for cover for their own abuse of the poor, like Hugo Chavez, where the poor aren’t getting government food distributions or streets fixed and sleep on hospital floors.