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Report denying danger EMP danger called ‘junk science’

March 6, 2012

Posted in the spirit of “for what it’s worth”:

But you always have to be skeptical of “research” when it comes out of the government or government funded programs anyway. Especially when the conclusions change shortly after there is a new political appointee….

Government funding of anything always politicizes its target, count on it. And if the funds allocated by Congress seems to go to research that goes against the principles mouthed aloud by Congress, then you have to wonder about those Congressmen themselves, why are they going against themselves and their constituents. And make no mistake, the research conclusions are tainted, and the facts can be arranged for impact.

I know the military has underground bases that are “hardened” against the effects of EMP above-ground and it does not take such things so lightly.

This report is corporation-friendly, very strange for an anti-corporation administration, don’t you think?

Remember when a solar flare knocked out most cell phones for a few days? And that wasn’t the strongest.