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Glenn Beck is losing credibility, Ron Paul knows his subject

January 20, 2012
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This does not pass the smell test:

This sounds like the media playbook that pretended it was a Ron Paul supporter that said “Let him die!” when a moderator asked him about somebody without insurance that died of cancer.

I told my brother I thought it was most likely somebody who did not like Ron Paul yelling that.

And that was the Ron Paul who treated such cases in his private practice free of charge when they could not pay, and worked for a while at a Catholic hospital that treated for free many patients who could not pay.

Nowadays, the people who were generally treated for free before, now get Medicare and Medicaid, so the demagogues can now say there’s all these people who depend on it. Blah blah. How much wealth would be freed up if you eliminated the zillion-dollar federal “health care” bureaucracy?

Now Glenn Beck wants to discredit Ron Paul by saying this crap? And why is HE the ONLY one supposedly getting all these “death threats”?

I’ll bet you, there are so many trillions of corrupt dollars at stake for some interests it would surprise me greatly if it is Ron Paul who was not getting death threats!

So big deal, Glenn Beck! And go have your logic examined for reality!

The thing you say is crazy about Ron Paul’s perspective on the Middle East is the same thing the CIA experts on the subject are saying, that American meddling has a blowback principle.

What, you think American bases on Saudi Arabian soil doesn’t irk some Saudis and Arabs? How about an Arab whose grandfather or cousinĀ  was killed in Deir Yassin? You don’t think American support for Israel would not bother Arabs?

We Americans complain about United Nations authorities telling us what to do here.

And why not try the same thing that worked for so long in American foreign policy, the Founding Fathers version, be friends with all with entangling alliances with none. How about that? Speak softly but carry a big national defense stick?

Like the respected international security analysis company Stratfor said when we went into Afghanistan, they predicted this too. They said if the USA goes in and overthrows the Taliban and chases al Qaeda into the nooks and crannies and then gets out and leaves it to the Afghans, they would be able to declare a victory and destroy their credibility, as in “Don’t tread on me”, and don’t mess with this tiger.

But instead, they made al Qaeda into this big evil monster that was going to overthrow the United States of America and take us over if we didn’t invade Afghanistan and Iraq and suspend the Fourth and Fifth Amendments with the Patriot Act and put out yellow and red threat alerts and check our genitals at the airports.

Give me a break! It would be a comedian’s laugh line if it weren’t such a real threat to us!

Our biggest threat right now to our freedoms is our own federal government and a looming unconstitutional police state that has full arbitrary confiscatory powers over all our production, it’s not those Arabs, jihad or no!

Rather than paying to have troops in 150 countries around the world in 900 bases with money we do not have, better to have them spend their money here and strengthen national defense here at home, protect our own borders instead of Afghanistan’s, use the savings from cutting out useless and burdensome federal bureaucracies to pay for the nuclear submarines (which Ron Paul strongly supports).

And that way they will have to take notice: You attack us here, or you attack our ships carrying freight or passengers, we will not hesitate to defend ourselves…

And hey Glenn Beck! Since when does a Mormon oppose the Golden Rule?

Obama’s Trump Card in Iran?

October 15, 2011

There they go..

Obama‘s numbers are in the basement, fourth level down, and there is no stairway up for him in sight, since he has burned his bridges upward by trashing the economy with his policies.

Most of the people aren’t fooled anymore by just the class warfare rhetoric, so maybe he’s pulling out the rabbit in his hat like many presidents have done before him, the ominous sound of the threat of war.

So his poll numbers couldn’t get any lower, so surprise, surprise, they find two agents of the Iranian government plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador.

Maybe now we’re getting a glimpse of why Obama chose not to support the first “Muslim spring” country –they couldn’t call it that but we can. It was an Islamic country in the Middle East called Iran.

Somebody said the U.S. is trying to get Israel to take out the Iranian Navy.

All across the Middle East, they’re getting ready to rumble. They’ve expected war for many decades.

Sometimes I wonder if any of the leaders over there, or over here for that matter, really want war. The average Muhammad and Moshe in the street do not, I’d guess, although the ones we see in the street in the West are the ones the news photographers get with scarves over their faces throwing rocks and missiles at Israelis, and others shooting missiles at Palestinians.

So maybe Bush’s parting gift to Obama was to leave Iran to him.

Some of us thought that Obama would be different, but as we can see, and as the Who sang many years ago when I used to be a gullible socialist in the street myself: