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Ron Paul, the most anti-racist presidential candidate

December 25, 2011

Now Newt Gingrich has joined Insider Big Money Media in pulling up newsletters from 30 years ago and trying to get mileage out of negative campaigning which he sniffed he would not do.

He is indeed a hypocrite and flip-flopper. He sat down on a couch with Nancy Pelosi in a commercial to endorse absolute government control over everybody’s jobs and economy and household using the pretext of the anthropogenic global warming narrative. It was junk science then, and its most prominent “scientist” advocates have been exposed to be frauds.

He thinks he can wave his hand and say “he was stupid then” and that’s that, but it was just a couple of years ago. But he endorsed lots of government programs. He is still in the habit of announcing off-the-wall ideas just to keep attention on himself.

Back when he was speaker he endorsed taking the children of single mothers receiving government help and putting them into state foster homes, while Hillary Clinton pretended to want to keep families together.

The media is so hypocritical. Where were these kinds of questions with Robert Byrd, the guy who was an actual Klansman, leader in the Ku Klux Klan, Democratic Party Senator?

These same hypocrite questioners have also gone AWOL on the issue of the wildly different prison sentences mandated by law between cheap crack cocaine on the one hand, and the higher-quality cocaine sniffed up by the rich. That rich group includes the Hollywood group that wails and whines about racism, by the way, but does not complain about this disparity.

Ron Paul notes that the sentencing for these non-violent drug “crimes” is also applied more severely against blacks compared to the convictions achieved by prosecutors.

They also have gone missing on the fact that the federal war against drugs is playing out the same way the war on alcohol played out during prohibition.

The prohibition adds a big overhead margin to the cost of drugs to those who want to get them anyway, and that makes the markup profits hugely bigger for those who are willing to sell them illegally. Next, by definition, it is those who do not care about the laws who do get into the business of selling them, which brings in the guys who are willing to use bloody and brutal murders to their competition methods.

So the war on drugs has caused an extremely violent war between criminal cartels on the border, and is an extremely heavy burden to taxpayers to support the entire criminal justice system infrastructure.

And it is the worst racial disparity that still exists today in the United States of America, and Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate even talking about it. And what’s more, he is the only one with a 30-year record of actually doing what he says he will do to the full extent that the constitution allows.

Get ready, this is one good video collage on the subject:

Busted! Ron Paul racist rant caught on tape! OMG! OMG!–>!


CNN never pressed Robert Byrd to repudiate his Klansman leadership past

December 24, 2011
Ron Paul

Image by mojoey via Flickr

There’s a growing movement among blacks to support Ron Paul.

So when Big Government Media talks about Ron Paul and some newsletter from 30 years ago that somebody blamed Ron Paul for, they are the vilest hypocrites. He can’t say that but we can. They know Ron Paul is a racist and we all know it and we all know that they are demagogues the issue, using a personal slur that is not true at all. Repeat: They KNOW Ron Paul is NOT a racist.

They did not care one bit that the Democratic Party Senator Robert Byrd had been a leader in the Ku Klux Klan.

They do not care that Ron Paul’s foreign policy of ending wars would benefits black folks and minorities more than others, and his monetary policy would benefit all people equally, and the poor most of all, because then everyone must play by the same rules.

Ron Paul is the anti-racist candidate more than any of them.

They never acknowledge the Ron Paul point about non-violent drug offenses. That change would benefit blacks more than any of them.

Another thing they fail to mention about the race issue with Ron Paul is that his drug policies would benefit minorities, especially blacks, more than most of us. That’s because they are the major victims of incarceration relating to drug offenses.

Ron Paul is like Martin Luther King. Black voters support Ron Paul! – YouTube:

Ron Paul is like Martin Luther King. Black voters support Ron Paul! – YouTube:

CNN and the other Big Government Media never pressed Robert Byrd to repudiate his Klansman leadership past, and they never mentioned calls by black leaders for the Democratic Party to apologize for both slavery and for all the Jim Crow laws they pushed in the South.