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Homesteading and taxes

October 23, 2016

I’m using the word “homesteading” in the Rothbardian-Block sense. Spain cannot make a claim on land he does not possess without occupying it, and in any case under the no-coercion principle he was an illegitimate authority because he claimed to own an entire peninsula and then a continent before even possessing it.

Homestead Acts are “grants” by authorities who “claim” the “right” to do the granting based on the use of force or threatened force over an extension of land.

And income taxes ARE a WORSE form of theft than property taxes (which are also theft), because a claim on all your income is a claim that the taxing enforcement “authority” OWNS ALL YOUR INCOME, all the fruits of your labor and all the return on your intellectual and material investment.

That is the definition of involuntary servitude.

So using the commonly understood meanings of “HOA” and of “municipal authority”, the buyer of a property acquired with the condition of joining a said “HOA” is an agreement to abide by the rules as signed. The city government, on the other hand, is a priori (by definition), and would only have legitimate authority over the parties that original voted for the charter or incorporation of said authority.

On everybody else it is a claim of FORCE and thereafter any property or other taxes taken from its “subjects” are illegitimate. Because they are FORCED to abide by rules they did NOT agree to.

Said another way, to answer an ancient philosopher on this subject, I signed no such “social contract”.

Being a Christian forum also, we can safely say that as a rule in this Earth, the MAJORITY IS ALWAYS WRONG. “Broad is the road, and wide is the gate, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat. Narrow is the road, and straight is the gate, that leadeth to life, and few there be that find it.”