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Rick Warrren, False Prophets, Pharisees, and the Praise of Men

December 2, 2012
William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

William Wilberforce (1759-1833) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jesus himself warned about the enemies of the Lord’s flock: wolves in sheep’s clothing who would lead his people astray.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.-Matthew 7:15

Therefore will I save my flock, and they shall no more be a prey; and I will judge between cattle and cattle. –Ezekiel 34:22

Here comes Rick Warren pretending to be an evangelical pastor, all the while showing fruits of anything but Biblical.

“By their fruits ye shall know them”, and “..judge righteous judgment”, the scripture says.

Did Jesus invite the Pharisees over to a meeting so he could tell his disciples what they thought about things? That’s what Rick Warren did, invited a person he knew believed in allowing prenatal infanticide.

Did Jesus ever steal even one thing that he or his disciples ever ate? Did he ever ask the Romans to help the poor with the moneys that the tax collectors were extorting from the subjects of the Roman Empire?

What did Jesus do when he saw the abuse by the money-changers and the merchants against the poor people who were sheep Ezekiel’s prophecy was talking about?

He made a long very nasty whip and drove those evil thieves out of the temple.

Rick Warren invited their enablers over to “feed” his congregation. Ezekiel called it “trampling them” underfoot and soiling their ground.

Proverbs 1:11-14 warns us not to cast in our lot or share “one purse” with evil men: and yet Rick Warren has bragged about working with enemies of the Gospel in some of the “charity” groups he works with, and he pays his dues to get into the world economic conference in Davros, Switzerland, where the money changers and the merchants of Hoseah 12:7 hang out and share ideas ([He is] a merchant, the balances of deceit [are] in his hand: he loveth to oppress.).

He hobnobs with the author of confusion by using half a dozen different Bible “versions” in almost every article he ever writes, and using 15 –fifteen!– different such variations from the Bible in his first book about purpose.

He preaches a “social gospel”, which really means a “socialist gospel”. He pretends that his original idea is to help the poor. This is a major insult en grande against all the godly saints who have been healing and helping the poor ever since the earliest followers of the disciples. “Such as [they] had” they gave to those who needed it.

Rick advocates using the money governments steal from their subjects, but does not denounce the theft.

Almost 2,000 years before there was even such a baby as Rick Warren, before his members were written in his mother’s womb at conception (Psalm 137), women were leaving their babies at the front doors of the homes of Christian couples because they knew that baby would be well taken care of.

Two centuries before Rick Warren, God used William Wilberforce for a one-man campaign against the evil scourge of slavery. And fifteen centuries before even William Wilberforce, the man we know as St. Patrick shamed his followers and indirectly eventually the entire European continent into giving up slavery, until its resurgence met William Wilberforce and his mentor, the repentant former slave trader John Newton.

Long before Rick Warren got his congregation, the one we know as “Mother Theresa” was caring for the most outcast of all societies anywhere. I believe she bore the fruits of salvation, and I was impressed with the fact that in almost all her talks it was always Jesus this, Jesus that, Jesus all the time.

Rick Warren’s problem is that he seeks the praise of men rather than the praise of God, which is why he lets his underling proselytes do the dirty work that Saul did in Acts 7 and 8 before Saul was changed into Paul.

At least of the Pharisees Jesus could tell his followers to do “what they say”, even while telling them not to do what they do, not to follow their example. You can do what Rick Warren says when he is right, but not when he is wrong, and certainly do not follow his example lest ye bear the same fruits.


Rick Warren’s Bible Illiteracy Campaign, and KC Brownstone’s Scientific Illiteracy Campaign

September 23, 2012


Statue of Isaac Newton at the Oxford Universit...

Statue of Isaac Newton at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Note apple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

K..C Brownstone writes in her blog about the Christian Post report that Rick Warren says he wants to solve a Biblical illiteracy problem:

In view of Rick Warren’s flip-flop about homosexual marriage, and his approach to using government money confiscated (“stolen”) from other people to fund his projects, one must ask about his own Biblical illiteracy. His problem with Biblical literacy is most visible in the fact that he quotes liberally from 15 different translations of the Bible in some of his books and pretends they are equally valid.

Most of us would question whether a hippopotamus and an elephant and a behemoth are the same animal, and whether a hippos

That’s one issue. Then Brownstone does an association-link with another issue and says Rick Warren “has a lot to do” with a “scientific illiteracy” problem. Seeing that she brings Darwinism-deniers into the mix and mentions Ken Ham, presumably she sees rejection of Darwinism as scientific illiteracy.

Well, well. That’s news to Isaac Newton and his friends in the heavenlies right now, and it’s causing a laugh riot for a battalion of angels who are also sad to see people who believe in theories created by men who denied Creation and went trying to find a different explanation.

Scientists that believed in the Biblical history of the week of Creation, in fact, have numbered in the tens of thousands in recent centuries, including some of the most outstanding in today’s science textbooks that scrupulously avoid mentioning their declarations of Creation faith. Many are listed at the Institute for Creation Research web site:

Blaise Pascal, Kepler, Kelvin, Michael Faraday, Pasteur, Linnaeus, the list goes on and on.

So was Isaac Newton afflicted with “scientific illiteracy” for believing in the six days Creation?

Oh wait! You say it’s because he hadn’t come across the brilliant “discovery” of natural selection by Charles Darwin?

New? Hah. Greeks in the 5th and 6th century wrote various similar theories. There have been various version of “Darwinian” theories since Darwin, too.

Maybe, just maybe, Darwin knew about them. One wrote about animals over time having descendants that were different, and all animals were related. Yes, we were not taught this in our public schools.

We were never taught about the strong faith of the founders of the main branches of science of today. “Historically ignorant” science books taught us that Columbus “proved” that the world was round, whereas in the real world every knowledgeable person around the world knew this from the times of the ancient Greeks, and it’s even in a verse in Isaiah.

Not that the tautologies used to stamp Darwinism into young minds are any good explanation.

Here you can find a list of modern scientists who believe the Bible, meaning they believe what it says, including Creation:

They are many, and the list is growing leaps and bounds as young scientists with open minds discover the facts that were not taught them in college courses, or they apply the logic rules they learned to the issue.

Nobody can accuse Michael Crichton of “scientific illiteracy” but he is so accused of same in the mix because in said article anybody who doubts the unquestionable dogma of global warming is so accused.

He exposed it for what it was, and that was before Climategate exposed the fact that they have to commit fraud to make the thing stick. There is one guy who tore into the infamous Climategate study, tore the methodology to shreds, who now advertises himself as a “convert”, never mind he was recorded as saying he believed in it, just that it needed better methodology. Never mind his own study has been exposed as having its own ugly and untenable and indefensible practices.

Back to “scientific illiteracy’. NASA’s scientists with all their billions of years of wisdom, made predictions for the magnetic field strength of the planets Uranus and Neptune. What a surprise, they were orders of magnitude wrong, wrong, wrong.

Creation scientist in physics and large-scale magnetic phenomena, and inventor with dozens of patents with his name on them, Russ Humphreys, made a different prediction. He was spot on.

His predictions about the rapidity of the decline in the magnetic field of Mercury, also very very close to what it turns out to be, show there is some prediction power in believing that Genesis One is a historical narrative that tells us how God did it.