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More benefits of ADULT stem cell research

October 14, 2012
English: Derivation of white blood cells from ...

English: Derivation of white blood cells from stem cells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The US is falling behind because education has been treated as if the authorities making the decisions about education were agents of a hostile foreign power meant to emasculate it, according to the Grace Commission Report, and because science has been made hostage to serfdom government. In fact the whole world is falling behind what it could accomplish.

“Adult Stem Cell Research Leaving Embryos Behind”-CBS News

Adult stem cells are proving capable of even growing entire organs, that they can do anything that is used to justify research into embryonic stem cells, and without the damage.

Some of the new approaches, like the long-proven treatments, are based on the idea that stem cells can turn into other cells. Einhorn said the ankle-repair technique, for example, apparently works because of cells that turn into bone and blood vessels. But for other uses, scientists say they’re harnessing the apparent abilities of adult stem cells to stimulate tissue repair, or to suppress the immune system.

“That gives adult stem cells really a very interesting and potent quality that embryonic stem cells don’t have,” says Rocky Tuan of the University of Pittsburgh.

Adult stem cells from a patient’s own body are not rejected and don’t disrupt the body, because they are recognized as from his own.

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with MS:

Among the other diseases being studied for stem cell treatments:

-Multiple sclerosis. In MS, the body’s immune system repeatedly assaults brain and spinal cord tissues, which can cause numbness in the limbs, paralysis or vision loss.

Last year, Dr. Richard Burt of Northwestern reported a small trial in patients with early MS that was aimed at rebooting the immune system to stop the attacks. He removed stem cells from the patient’s blood, destroyed their immune systems, and then re-injected them with their own cells to build a new immune system.

Patients with diabetes have been treated with their own adult stem cells and have gone “without insulin for years”. How can any “experts” then say this treatment is “too risky for that disease”? Maybe they are experts that work for the corporations that sell insulin?

-Type 1 diabetes. It’s also caused by a misguided attack by the immune system, this time on insulin-producing cells. Burt and colleagues reported last year that the “rebooting” strategy allowed some patients to go without insulin for four years. However, some experts call his approach too risky for that disease. Burt is now doing another study in newly diagnosed adults.

So let’s face it. Here is what it looks like when you look at it.

Competent researchers are getting funding from private sources and they are getting new medical applications, one after another. And they don’t have to rob anything from your paycheck or your employer’s payroll budget.

But incompetent researchers, and the ones that get their money from the heavily subsidized academic and university industry, found a wide open area that was not getting research funding, so they went to government, because the regime that gets its money by force and threat of force under color of “law”, does not have to get results. And it matched the social engineers’ manipulator’s political agenda of a bogus issue.

In sum, ADULT stem cell research continues to spawn cures for what ails us, while EMBRYONIC stem cells, taken from new human life, is destroyed in another bottomless pit of wealth forcibly redirected for political reasons.


Report denying danger EMP danger called ‘junk science’

March 6, 2012

Posted in the spirit of “for what it’s worth”:

But you always have to be skeptical of “research” when it comes out of the government or government funded programs anyway. Especially when the conclusions change shortly after there is a new political appointee….

Government funding of anything always politicizes its target, count on it. And if the funds allocated by Congress seems to go to research that goes against the principles mouthed aloud by Congress, then you have to wonder about those Congressmen themselves, why are they going against themselves and their constituents. And make no mistake, the research conclusions are tainted, and the facts can be arranged for impact.

I know the military has underground bases that are “hardened” against the effects of EMP above-ground and it does not take such things so lightly.

This report is corporation-friendly, very strange for an anti-corporation administration, don’t you think?

Remember when a solar flare knocked out most cell phones for a few days? And that wasn’t the strongest.