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Obamacare: Nightmare of 68,000 new diagnosis codes for ICD-10 including the bizarre

June 14, 2015

I now work for a healthcare company, and before that a hospital software company, and be it knownst that the Obamacare legal abomination carries a LOT more than just the lying insurance cover.


They are requiring more conversion by more healthcare companies, and smaller ones, to electronic claims and payments processing and other non-insurance requirements. They are requiring conversion of the electronic diagnosis codes from the ICD-9 list to a new ICD-10 list, with at least ten times more codes.

Look at this number thoughtfully: The ICD-10 requirements include some 68,000 codes for the presumably 68,000 different diagnoses that a doctor might make for a patient. Presumably each healthcare company will have to decide how much to charge for each diagnosis, and possibly negotiate rates with each insurance company separately.

The codes include such idiotic details such “struck by a turtle”, “struck by a sea lion”, “accidental striking against or bumped into by another person, initial encounter”, “headache associated with sexual activity”, ”Pedestrian on foot injured in collision with roller-skater, subsequent encounter.”

Those were found at:

“ICD-10 involves an ‘enormous amount of complexity’”:

I’ve seen some of the more outlandish ones myself. With all the web pages a search brings up for “ICD-10 ridiculous”, it’s truly hard to tell which ones are made-up and which ones are spoofs. One listed “cat-scratch fever”, a la Ted Nugent song.

This may well create more too-big-to-fail companies. There is a mad rush in the healthcare industry to consolidate. Smaller hospitals are begging for bigger chains to buy them out. I haven’t seen specific reference to it, but I’ll bet this includes a LOT of “non-profit” medical companies selling to “profit-based” chains, or other “non-profit” organizations.

The company I work for is snapping up smaller ones everywhere in the country.

Many in the software industry are calling this “bigger than Y2K”, and I think it is. I worked for a small air conditioning equipment distribution company at that time, and changed something like over 600 tables, 1200 “views”, and 1,800 programs. This may affect more. It most certainly has involved LOTS and LOTS of typing and editing and changing going on. Every affected company, corporation and partnership affected, has to finish its own preparation enough to set up test environments so they can jointly test with EVERY other organization they do related business with.

One writer says it will cost trillions of dollars in costs to the medical industry. At my small-ish employer, it is reasonable to say it likely costs millions of dollars in developer pay, and pay for medical diagnosis coders time, and their training, plus all the accounting that goes into the use of the equipment and executives’ time. And all the extra personnel needed to both make the transition, and now the ongoing increase in costs associated with this crazy mess of codes and the multiplication of both human and programming mistakes.

See, this is the problem when people believe that a government can do better than God in sorting things out and taking care of people.

It will never be known how many people will suffer because of so many resources and so much time wasted on obeying government commands to comply with rules that bureaucrats make to justify their salaries, thinking they are helping people.

It’s not just skyrocketing medical costs that will result from this abominable law. It is the resources that are wasted in making life easier for government officials and politicians and giving them yet more socialized control over the lives of individuals. It’s easy to cry foul when a cop shoots a man in cold blood caught on video. It’s not so easy to consider the unemployed teens and unskilled poor who are locked out of the labor market by minimum wage laws. It’s not so easy to consider the invisible harm done to the sick, elderly, and disabled by laws that pretend to expand healthcare but shrink it. It’s not so easy to see the lost jobs and lost wages for the poor and under-employed that lose out to the increased tax burden imposed on their employers. It’s an easy mark to criticize giant corporate profits, but not so easy to see the way the regulations themselves benefit the biggest corporations and keep smaller competitors down. It’s easy to hear the demagogues complain about greedy corporations, but with a government-compliant big-corporation media, it’s not so easy to see how those same “greedy corporations” benefit the demagogues themselves.

Socialism is a lie. Like a friend once told me who had lived in Russia during the days of the Soviet Union, socialism does not exist, there is no such thing. It’s just a trade of one set of rulers for another one with less pretension. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

But let’s be clear. Obamacare is a bipartisan program. It is an implementation of a “conservative” Heritage Foundation plan published in the 1990s, it is Romney-care writ large, it is Hillary-care recharged. Charged to us, making us foot the bill. Let the refrain sound throughout the land: Obamacare is Hillary’s 1993 plan, Phase One.

“But be not deceived. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”



The oppressive heel of stifling government regulation

October 28, 2012

The recent meningitis outbreak, with dozens of deaths and hundreds of serious illnesses has been traced to a facility that was filthy, and was exempt from government regulations and inspections concerning the production of drugs.

First, remember that all the massive regulation ALREADY in place did NOTHING to stop the sale of these supposedly contaminated batches of medications. This is the cost of losing caveat emptor.

If the government regulated used car sales like they do medications, nobody would be able to afford one anymore!

When you have a populace that is educated according to the individual convictions of each one’s parents, and has not had its minds zombified by having a nanny state government that guarantees an omniscient ability to protect it from all corporate evils, then you have a populace that regulates the hell out of the markets.

We have MORE of that today with government regulation. The FDA is a big drug-pusher, if for the ones who have the right cozy relationship with the proper agent-in-charge.

The FDA and the Agriculture Department have done more to destroy the health of the nation’s people than help them.

Stores that sell healthy nutrition and healthy food have been relegated to a dark niche market restricted to the rich and those who appreciate the difference, because those who sell it have been censored by rules that “regulate” medical claims.

Marijuana could help some people in some cases in pain and in other ways but THE REGULATORS “protect us” by telling us it is as bad as heroin.

If health food bakeries tell the truth, they are slapped down with punitive fines. There have been businesses bragging about benefits. If you aren’t a BIG corporation that can pay for a $5 million study, you can’t tell what you know is the truth about a product.

Drugs are advertised all day on your favorite TV programs. Listen to the big long disclaimer list in those ads, and then think about the fact that those omniscient superhuman beings that said they could market and advertise (think your dictators) are the same omniscient superhuman beings that say marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin and cannot be prescribed or taken for any use whatsoever.

Oh and don’t forget HEMP that has no recreational effect at all!

Oh what divine wisdom we entrust to both our elected officials and to the bureaucracy that hires the divine wisdom of characters that prefer to be little regulation dictators.

Oh yeah, we’re so dumb we need to be told what we can eat, buy, sell, drink, drive, or THINK.

If you think that scandal was bad, you should have seen the stories about the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION hospital in South Florida a few years ago, where things were truly and really filthy.

As you know, that’s a government facility.

How Not to Win a War

December 6, 2011

The trouble with having academics setting the rules for ground troops and officers:

Afghanistan PowerPoint slide: Generals left baffled by PowerPoint slide | Mail Online:

Its coloured charts, graphs and bullet-points are supposed to make the most incomprehensible data crystal clear.

But even the sharpest military minds in American were left baffled by this PowerPoint slide, a mind-boggling attempt to explain the situation in Afghanistan.

‘When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war,’ General Stanley McChrystal, the US and NATO force commander, remarked wryly when confronted by the sprawling spaghetti diagram in a briefing.
Read more:

No wonder the troops favor a straight-talking practical guy like Ron Paul.

What Amendment was violated in the McCulloch v. Maryland case

November 5, 2011

Maryland was right, Marshall was wrong, wrong, wrong:

What Amendment was violated in the McCulloch v. Maryland case:

A Central Bank has powers way, and far beyond, any of the purported implicit powers contained in the enumerated powers of the US Constitution, and any that somebody today could think up that Marshall did not. There is no way that loan guarantees for private corporations can be considered under any the explicit listed powers, for example, or the creation of fiat currency out of thin air.

There are some quarters who use ‘constitutional’ justifications with an interpretation that the federal government can do anything it wants to, including some that are direct violations of other clauses, and even more that make a mockery of the stated purposes in the Preamble.

The Constitution as a “Supreme Law of the Land” in the real world means that it rules over the Supreme Court and all its decisions too, which also means that when the Court rules against one of its provisions in the name of other provisions or even that provision itself, then the Court itself is in violation of it.

For example, the protections against arbitrary confiscation of property are clear, as is the requirement for a “public purpose” for property, and the purpose of the clause should obviously cover the prevention of arbitrary property transfers between private owners.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul so Paul can pay the thief does not count as a “public purpose”.

The government is not “the public”, the public is the public, and our government has become a thief.

The American `allergy’ to global warming? – Oh yeah? My answer to the AP

September 25, 2011

Another article setting up another hit against dictatorship-resistance using a psy-war tactic: call them mental.

The American `allergy’ to global warming: Why? – Washington Times:

Maybe we’re allergic to bogus science. Maybe we are the skeptics that Michael Shermer claims to be.

If the author of this bogus analysis of why the denial were a true decades-long researcher into the global warming debate, he would know that the denials come NOT from oil companies but that it is CLIMATE SCIENTISTS leading the charge to yell that this Emperor Has No Clothes! Like the 100 career scientists that signed the protest letter to Obama.

So either he’s an INCOMPETENT reporter, or he’s just outright LYING. Which one is it, AP?

Not the first time AP published a falsehood. There’s one still floating around the Internet where they claimed that the biggest civil-society independent organization in Honduras supported the dictator and wannabe caudillo-for-life Zelaya, whereas in reality they, along with a certain 80 percent of Hondurans, backed his ouster and the restoration of their constitutional republic. Flawed as it is, corrupt as it is as Hondurans know it is, they knew that another Chavez would turn it again into a banana republic for the new club of tyrants.

I told them thru the first reporter’s email I could get and they blamed it on a translation glitch, but I notice their byline is still out there at their clients news sites with their attribution!

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Europe Rules Out Stimulus, Shuns Geithner Plea – Bloomberg

September 18, 2011

Oh this is really something. Timothy Geithner is telling Europe they have to spend more money, aka “stimulus” and printing money:

European finance ministers ruled out efforts to spur the faltering economy and showed no signs of taking up a proposal by U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to increase the firepower of the debt crisis rescue fund.

Get this gem:

Geithner preached the lessons of the emergency banking support provided by the Treasury and Federal Reserve in reaction to the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., mixing it with criticism of Europe’s crisis-management coordination.

What lessons? That none of the central planners in DC had a clue? That nothing they have done has helped? That money printing hasn’t helped either?

How about the real-world lessons? Europe’s money changers are at least admitting the obvious, sort of, even if they will never accept that everything they can do to interfere with the free market does anything to stimulate wealth? All they can do is create illusions by “spreading the wealth around” to their friends, with a few crumbs to the poor for cover.

Another Bush might not be quite as bad as the almost openly declared Marxist mole Obama, but that won’t help either.

The Gullible Idiots Media sectors keep trying to say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. They know it’s baloney. In spite of all the voluntary self-censorship by the government-media complex, anybody can see that Ron Paul’s predictions in 2008 have come true beyond all Americans’ fears, and that he is a fully serious contender, and that his supporter base is growing in leaps and bounds.

The only excuse anybody can give who is disgusted with the present Big Government cartel, is that he “doesn’t have a chance”?

The only barrier left now is the illusion among the evangelical faithful that somehow they must empty what’s left in their pockets to fight Islam. The country cannot afford any more wars, they can’t even afford the wars they’re already in, and the Bush-Cheney-Obama-Clinton-Soros foreign policy in the Middle East is literally killing us. Literally.

And the fiat currency regimen is killing us too, and dragging us into economic oblivion. Without fiat currency, Congress could not get away with a debt for present and future liabilities that push close to exceeding the entire worldwide money supply. They would have to spend real money that carries independent value. If it had independent value, they couldn’t steal from the poor by pumping out more fiat dollars, by engaging in what amounts to fraud.

Because even the payouts to the poor that are financed by loans, whether directly or indirectly by fungible budgets, are a stealth tax (aka theft) that robs the very same poor the programs are supposed to help by what’s called “inflation” which might better be called a “currency value tax”.

That tax by inflation is what the politicians that like to call themselves “progressives” call a “regressive” tax, meaning it takes a bigger percentage chunk from the poor man’s income that it does from a rich man’s income.

So why are all the Democrats, and almost all the Republicans, including the presidential candidates, ignoring the biggest private corporate monopoly in the country, the Federal Reserve, with only one who has consistently warned us all about them for over 30 years?

Fiat currency is a false balance, a false scale for value. It’s against the law for supermarkets to rig the weight scales in the supermarket to give you a false reading of the value of the produce on that scale. And yet we allow the Congress, the Executive to tip the scales.

How do they do it? You know that dollar in your pocket? The same two dollars that bought five pounds of potatoes ten or twenty years ago, and only buys four pounds today. The Federal Reserve robbed you of the difference with their fiat money magical computerized dollar printing.

No wonder the famous banker patriarch Rothschild said he didn’t care who sat on the king’s throne if he had control over the currency.

But now, thanks to the fact that Ron Paul’s candidacy has pushed the issue into the minds of the electorate, Americans are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “free money”, and even elite Establishment Republican candidates and Lap Dog Gullible Idiots Media has been forced to recognize the Federal Reserve as an issue, Americans are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “free money”.

Fiat money is a “false balance”, a false measure of value:
Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Why the hit on guitar-maker Gibson and not Martin?

August 28, 2011

Why is Obama’s administration going after Gibson and not Martin?

Same wood, same paperwork, same everything, but Obama’s government raided Gibson and left Matin free. Why?

You may remember this recall of burger meat from Burger King (and other) restaurants that bankrupted Hudson Foods over 16 cases of e.coli and an arbitrary finding by FDA that there had been more “questionable practices” at their plants? (Note: They are all arbitrary).

Hudson Foods was the biggest competitor to Arkansas-based Tyson Foods (maker of “Tyson Chicken”). See the story of how CEO Tyson was losing market share to CEO Hudson until Tyson buddy Slick Willie’s FDA slammed down hard on Hudson Foods.. (“Slick Willie” was the nickanme for Governor Bill Clinton, for his way of slipping smoothly out of trouble):

From that article:

> For more than a decade executives at Tyson, whose chicken business is more than twice the size of anyone else’s, have been itching to buy Hudson. But every time Tollett or Tyson Chairman Don Tyson approached Red Hudson with the idea of selling the company he created in 1972 (after buying Ralston Purina’s chicken operations), the 73-year-old chairman said no thanks. Tollett’s most recent entreaty took place in mid-July at an over-the-fence in Red’s kitchen across the street. Discussions broke off several days later because Red, who didn’t really want to sell, was asking what he calls “a pretty good price” for his 90% of the company’s voting shares.
> But Tyson wasn’t after Hudson just because Tollett was reminded of his rival every time his Ford pickup passed Red’s Mercedes at Pinnacle’s gates. The real reason is that Tyson needs to meet analysts’ projections of 15% annual growth, and in recent years Hudson Foods has been stealing some of Tyson’s thunder. Hudson has eroded Tyson’s position as the dominant supplier of chicken products to Wal-Mart, the Arkansas neighbor that Merrill Lynch estimates will own 9% of the country’s food sales by 2005. Hudson, a company with annual sales of $1.7 billion, now does slightly more business with Wal-Mart than the $6.5 billion Tyson. Shane Glenn, analyst for the Little Rock investment bank Stephens Inc., attributes this to Hudson’s greater willingness to negotiate on price and to its new chicken plant in Henderson, Ky., which primarily supplies Wal-Mart. (The fact that Red’s grandson, Mike Hudson Jr., is married to the daughter of a Wal-Mart executive can’t hurt either.) Other Hudson assets attractive to Tyson include a thriving turkey operation, chicken processing facilities in three states where Tyson has none, and other product lines that are complementary to Tyson’s.

And then (drumroll, please):

> Despite Tyson’s numerous attempts to acquire Hudson, it wasn’t until the company was thrust into national headlines for issuing the largest recall of meat in U.S. history that Tyson finally got its lucky break. Abandoned by a major customer and served up as an example by a government agency, Hudson was brought to its knees in September and driven into the arms of Tyson–something Red Hudson never would have imagined when he first received word at the end of July about E. coli-contaminated meat that was traced to Hudson’s beef facility in Nebraska.
> As far as outbreaks go, this one seemed mild. Unlike Jack-In-The-Box’s scare in 1993, which sickened 500 and killed four, only 16 people in Colorado became ill from eating Hudson hamburger patties. No one died. And it was determined that Hudson’s plant probably wasn’t responsible for contaminating the beef–it was brought in from an outside supplier. Hudson recalled 20,000 pounds of beef on Aug. 12. Then, for reasons still unclear, the USDA forced Hudson to increase the amount to 1.2 million and then again to 25 million pounds. Thomas Billy, head of the USDA’s inspection service, says that his department found record-keeping inadequacies and practices of recycling meat from one day to the next at the Hudson plant, which made it impossible to locate a break in the chain of tainted meat, but says he won’t elaborate because a USDA investigation is still under way.

Washington needs people who put their actions where they promise, every time. There’s only one who has done that without compromise. Americans are sick of compromise in Washington, they want Washington to get OUT of their lives.. If Americans continue compromising they will deserve the consequences…

Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning on the Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar

August 7, 2011

Global financial crisis fears after US rating downgrade |

A lesson from all this avoidable debt and dollar crisis is that establishing the Federal Reserve not only did nothing to resolve what they said was the purpose, that of banking credibility and bank runs from the 19th century, it only nationalized the problem, postponing it for a run on the federalized bank, especially when they let the dollar loose from a gold or silver standard.

Another lesson from the debt downgrade: The warnings that the ratings warning had nothing to do with unlimited spending and socialist Ponzi schemes were dead wrong. But the Congresspersons that were saying so from “high places” like Congress knew they were wrong. Durbin knows their positions proved to be ruinous to the economy, he said so with his Keynesian economics coffin comment.

So if they know that what they are demanding is destructive to the economy, why do they demad it? Why do throw epithets and dirty names at the ones who want to do the non-Keynesian things that would save the economy, or at least lessen the pain toward a more sensible economic policy?

Or, why do they want to do it, or, why do they think they have to do it?

Not all warnings are scare-mongering like Obama’s threats to unilaterally default on debt or let Granny starve if the Congress didn’t capitulate with the debt ceiling raise, which they did, giving up the constitutional duties of Congress to a committee of twelve Boss-selected legislators for no extra charge. But in the words of Rahm Emmanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Meaning, in their own words, they use “crisis” all the time to put one over on us and get us to go along with outrageous attacks on our liberty and our property that we would not have tolderated otherwise.

Although of course it could be they plan to use the dollar’s fall to ditch the dollar for a new one-world currency –but don’t call it “currency” just yet.

They could have just balanced the budget instead. Oh yeah, what budget? They could have legislated Ron Paul’s painless solution to buy time for a genuine solution.

Does anybody think this commitee selected by the same group of power brokers that have failed 117 times before already is going to do anything different? Or make a difference?

Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning on the Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar:

The dollar is a “false balance” where the vendor, the Fed, tells you it it is equivalent to a dollar’s worth of gold, but they have their hands on the scale and every time they “print” more dollars or finance more dollar debt they are robbing you of value:

Proverbs 11:1  ¶A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Hosea 12:7  ¶He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress.

Don’t believe misinformation: Americans got screwed, Tea Party got screwed

August 2, 2011

Americans flipped the House of Representatives including a good number of the freshman class that were elected based on tea party promises to put the brakes on the unlimited bloated government and the tax increases that DC loves AND the runaway borrowing.

On this one, after more than 1

Tea Party Express says FOUR of those tea party freshmen got flipped when they voted for this surrender to the Bloated Government Party deal. This giveaway to Bloated Government and Runaway Spending by freshmen who pledged otherwise is why Ron Paul is so admired in his own district, including by his political enemies.

The credit agencies are long-term worried about the fast-growing debt in the long-term. Democrats forced this agreement on wishy-washy Establishment Republicans who bent over with glee.

Now the Dems are wailing like the rabbit who got the fox to throw it into the briar patch in the old fable, but in this tale the rabbit is still complaining about the briar patch as if he got the short end. It’s like the merchant in the plaza who screws you with an outrageous price you think you negotiated and he’s loudly protesting that HE is losing money on the deal.

Here is this RINO David Frum who repeats the lies about Americans and about this “agreeement”

Can you believe that a “Republican” could say this with a straight face?!

Forcing the United States to the verge of default.

Shrugging off the needs and concerns of millions of unemployed.

Protecting every single loophole, giveaway and boondoggle in the tax code as a matter of fundamental conservative principle.

Massive government budget cuts in the midst of the worst recession since World War II.

Lie number one, and if this guy is as smart as he purports, he KNOWS it’s a lie. Obama’s was the decision as to what to do with receits and he even left himself an out in case the new House called his bluff on it.

(2) The “loophole, giveaway and boondoggle” is a favorite phrase of people who want to keep the debt-fueled gravy-train going precisely for every “loophole, giveaway and boondoggle”. That includes million-dollar cowboy poetry festivals, studies of shrimp on treadmills, the worse-than-useless official Bloated Government Propaganda Ministry (aka “public broadcasting”), and giving General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt a pass to pay zero taxes on $5 BILLION domestic profits on U.S. business while complaining about loopholes.

Besides, Bloated Government opponents have real examples of this lying conniving farce of giveaways and loopholes. Americans elected tea party types to STOP these boondoggles.

The biggest boondoggle is the MALICIOUS LIE that stopping bloat and shrinking government would “shrugging off the needs and concerns of millions of unemployed”. That’s a handy excuse for bloating government and filling the pockets of special interests under the cover of a banner claiming to do it “for the poor”.

Since when has the War on Poverty eliminated poverty in America? Ever since LBJ began this MOTHER OF BOONDOGGLES, poverty has not improved according to shills like this guy and his Republicrat friends. It’s always “worse” and it’s always a “crisis” and they always weep over their favorite lying story when anybody who wants to cut off the spigot of free money for Congress and their friends in high and low places both, where corporations and unions come together, where Wall Street marries Marxism in the presidential cabinet and in laws passed like this one.

The unemployed need the prosperity of the free market to come back. How can a market operate freely in this climate?

If the local sheriff hovered over the stalls in your local farmers’ market stalls demanding that the farmers hire more help, or else he will confiscate your savings and hire more help himself, what do you think they’re going to do? Rush out to hire more help or hide the “loot” from the sheriff.

We used to call that a crooked sheriff.

And everybody ignored the elephant in the room. Ron Paul suggested that they could just simply tell the Federal Reserve to “forgive” the “debt” of $1.6 trillion dollars from when the Fed created that debt with dollars pulled out of thin air.

Get this from radical extremist lefist rag New Republic:

Unlike the debt held by Social Security, the debt held by the Fed is not tied to any specific obligations. The bonds held by the Fed are assets of the Fed. It has no obligations that it must use these assets to meet. There is no one who loses their retirement income if the Fed doesn’t have its bonds. In fact, there is no direct loss of income to anyone associated with the Fed’s destruction of its bonds. This means that if Congress told the Fed to burn the bonds, it would in effect just be destroying a liability that the government had to itself, but it would still reduce the debt subject to the debt ceiling by $1.6 trillion. This would buy the country considerable breathing room before the debt ceiling had to be raised again. President Obama and the Republican congressional leadership could have close to two years to talk about potential spending cuts or tax increases. Maybe they could even talk a little about jobs.

Guess where they were quoted?

That’s right, you might have something going when a radical leftist rag and “the naked capitalist” agree on a good idea, neither of which group Ron Paul would even necessarily identify with. Ron Paul is “his own man”, so to speak, and does not let compromise interfere with his vote.

The U.S. Congress has raised the debt ceiling some 117 times in history.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you. Fool me 117 tmies, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH US?

KNIGHT: It’s official: Tea is good for the GOP – Washington Times

July 24, 2011

Pray tell, what is fair about a majority by any criteria voting to use the force of arms (legislation backed by US Marshalls with armies from a dozen other federal agencies) to seize a disproportionate part of the property of a minority?

No probable cause, no warrant, no evidence of conspiracy by the group or wrongdoing by the members, nothing?