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African Pygmies Are Being Eaten Out Of Existence

September 12, 2010

African Pygmies Are Being Eaten Out Of Existence:

That’s right, you saw it right, and I heard it straight from the mouth of Dr. Bree Keyton.

Due to all of the mistreatment and cannibalism, many tribes of pygmies have completely gone out of existence, and others are threatened with total extinction.

That is where Bree Keyton comes in. Bree Keyton is an American Christian minister who is waging a one-woman crusade to aid and to rescue these pygmies. To hear about her recent adventure to find these pygmy tribes and her project to evacuate them from the danger zone, go to the following site and listen to the program entitled “Cannibalism of Pygmies”:

The United Nations and the other major industrialized nations have refused to do anything about this genocide, so it is up to courageous warriors like Bree Keyton who are willing to risk it all to save these precious people.

Please visit her web site and help out…