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90% bracket

September 8, 2012

Abusive taxation policies cheat the poor and mostly the middle class. Obama‘s own billionaire and Wall Street sponsors (how do you think he out-raised McCain in 2008?) like George Soros and the former CEO of Progressive Insurance, billionaire Peter Lewis, they help Congress write the tax laws together with their supposed “enemies”, other billionaires and Wall Street banksters, and their Wall Street-hatched buddies running the Federal Reserve print them all the money they need.

And the inflation that devalues the dollar for these fat cats means the housewife gets 10% of her grocery bill robbed right out of her hands just by their printing these “Federal Reserve Notes”.

And you thought they got rich by just cheating on taxes??!

Why are neither Romney NOR Obama talking about the Fed?

And consider. Does your next door neighbor have more than you? The most common excuse heard from robbers who burglar the mansions is, “They can afford it”. Even in a recent movie, the mastermind told the doubter the bank wasn’t going to lose anything, because the “FDIC insures it” all. (Since about a generation agone already, Memo to screenwriter: they insure one individual account per user up to only a hundred grand)

If you vote for taxes for you at 10% (or give me EIC$ back), and vote for taxes on a quarter-millionaire of 40%, what is fair about that? Said another way, if you tax a millionaire just because he’s a millionaire, and you’re not, explain to us how this is not “taxation without representation”.