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Prison » Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Publi c Release”

May 10, 2012

Prison » Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release”:

So their cover is blown, and this –and previous– U.S. administrations are have the United States Army setting up procedures for re-education camps (aka “resettlement camps”, “concentration camps“) inside the United States. They have a manual for this, which was leaked to of infowars, independently verified by other bloggers as well.

The manual was “not intended” for public release, which means either somebody hacked it out from their servers, or somebody on the inside didn’t like it.

I suspect there are a LOT of soldiers who don’t like this one bit.

Tiffany Woods was the public affairs specialist who confirmed the reality of this document –call it “leaked”, because it is– but says it was only intended for use outside United States borders. As if that isn’t bad enough right there!

She was not aware of the document until somebody sent her the link to it on the Army’s own website -hidden behind a log-in page requiring military credentials.

But the document itself puts the lie to that, because in the instructions it directs operatives to put a “social security number” on the second line of the form they use to identify internees. Forced labor is included.

A blogger independently confirmed the document:

This news of camps are a fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible, part of the buildup to world government, and also a fulfillment of Christian prophecies in modern times of concentration camps where the “benevolent” government would send dissidents to these camps to “help” them to “understand” United States policies.

Now, it’s not only Christians who do not see these things as bad but a growing movement of all kinds of people who oppose the future dictator, aka the Antichrist, so call them anti-Antichrists.


Vaccines Didn’t Cure Polio After All?

March 9, 2012

Prison » VIDEO: Vaccines Didn’t Cure Polio After All?:

Where has all the polio gone?

Once upon a time I went to a presentation about AIDS, and the questions from people in the audience turned to the vaccines and the dictatorial policies that go with them.

One lady told her experience with her baby that the same evening after her doctor had given her baby a shot, the baby began crying in crescendo until he was screaming at more volume than she thought possible, screeching with fits of pain, until she finally called her pediatrician and he said bring him in.

The doctor treated him but then said he had other patients that called him with similar reactions to the vaccine, and that he was going to call the pharmaceutical company to inform them that they had shipped out a bad batch.

He said the day after he called, federal marshals came to his office, shut down his office, shackled his doors, and told him he was under investigation!

Now that was one lady’s testimony, but as irate as she was it should not be hard to find others who have gone through similar ordeals:

A memorial web site for victims of vaccines:

Add one to them from me: I met a man once who had been hit by polio from a vaccine his mother took, and had to use wheelchairs his whole life.

Of course I think nowadays they tell doctors and mothers to avoid vaccinating pregnant women, but this was from the 1950s or 1960s.

These are just two incidents that I know of personally. Then there are those who talk about Gulf War Syndrome. Anthrax scares.

If the vaccines were so great, then why are they saying that those who go without them are a danger to those who do have such “protection”?

One more note. I had chicken pox and measles growing up, and I think whooping cough, and it wasn’t so bad. We should consider the possibility that shooting up billions of people with cultures grown in monkey blood, according to so many people who have been victims of vaccinations, just might be a bigger risk to public health.


Vaccines (Photo credit: www78)