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Ron Paul says the “shutdown” debate is “rather annoying”. (Not a real shutdown)

October 4, 2013
Ron Paul Visiblast

Ron Paul Visiblast (Photo credit: Jayel Aheram)


Ron Paul says the “shutdown” debate is “rather annoying”.


For example, it’s not a shutdown. The worst parts are still going full blast, including NSA spying and all the “dole” programs. (I don’t call them “entitlements”, a lying word, nobody is “entitled” to steal their neighbor’s anything under any decent law)




Who It was Dan Rather Wanted to “Cut His Heart Out and Throw His Liver to the Dogs”

May 9, 2013

That’s what Dan Rather wanted to do to Bush:

But his biggest insults were to the intelligence of Americans.

For my positions, I always say if it’s the truth, that’s enough, no embellishment needed…

Remember, this is the guy at the center of Rathergate, caught passing a fraudulent document to his broadcast as “proof” of something. The font and the source proved his undoing…

Falsehoods and cover stories are getting harder to make stick.. The Internet is starting to expose more and more shady and corrupt dealings..

CNS: About James Taylor: Exactly how did he “suffer” with Bush that he does not “suffer” with Obama?

December 9, 2012

Did CNS even ask? IF they were not there, and got their information from somebody else, did their source answer that question or the ones below?


Rock singer/songwriter James Taylor tells the National Press Club he “suffered” during the Bush administration:

What I don’t get is what this article is doing on the “Conservative” News Service web site, without any mitigating perspective by the writer, like,

(1) Was there a Q&A session after this guy’s talk?

(2) Did this guy give ANY specifics as to HOW he “suffered” under Bush and has not “suffered” under Obama, or WHAT it is he suffered?

(3) How did Obama’s policies 2009-2010 “fix” anything?

The reason I ask these questions is that almost everything the usual famous suspects were complaining about with Bush, Obama has done it all and done more of them.  I would have asked him one more thing:

(4) Did you understand Ron Paul‘s message? Do you understand why people on polar opposite ends of social behavior and philosophy came together to support him? Polar opposites on theology, family, different ethnic backgrounds?

Of course the 4th question would be an exercise in spreading the message of liberty.


There was a reference to the topic being Campaign Finance Reform (groan, again!) but no quotes or paraphrases from that topic either. Does he think legislators need to make it harder for people to run against them? Does he think legislators should be able to make the rules that make it harder for opponents to raise the funds they need to run against them?


Or did he even wonder whether the gang that made McCain-Feingold into law, whether the law was really meant to be fair to both incuments and opponents?


If limiting corporate influence in elections was the problem, then why does he think it no problem that big corporations own the broadcast networks and cable networks and the (declining) newsprint industry, or that NPR is the government reporting on itself and on opponents of the ones that fund them?


If you think government funding for campaigns is the answer, why do you think government making rules for who gets the money is fair to anybody, or how it takes considerations of money out of the picture? How is fair to favor people who already have all the name recognition, for example?


Tax and Spend % GDP 1993-2008

Tax and Spend % GDP 1993-2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



What’s so big and new and dangerous about Obama’s regime?

November 2, 2012


Everybody knows I have blown the whistle on our esteemed leaders of BOTH parties and their warmongering ways, and their murders, but there are some really big differences with this regime.

I don’t trust Romney and might not vote for him but with Obama we have a MAJOR slide into the abyss of no return.

(1) On the Kill List, this is the first president that has BRAGGED about it.

(2) This is the first administration that had a Defense Minister (they should be honest and change the name back to War Ministry) that testified –TESTIFIED– to Congress ON THE RECORD– that they don’t need to ask permission from Congress to go to war, BUT they DO need to get permission from the United Nations. From the club of unelected dictators!

(3) This is the first administration that signed a law into effect that supposedly “authorizes” the president to order killings on anybody along with indefinite detention of anybody he personally decides is a threat to national security. Anybody.

(4) This is the president that took over two major industries that heretofore were in the private domain, the automobile industry and the medical industry.

(5) This is the first administration that pushed a law that commands every citizen, like it or not, religious objection or not, to buy a product that 70 percent of the people hate.

(6) This is the first president that DOUBLED the national debt, meaning he has pushed an expansion of national debt more that ALL THE PRESIDENTS OF AMERICAN HISTORY COMBINED.

(7) He has BLATANTLY, in a manner that we call “in your face”, directly disobeyed court orders to open up offshore drilling. Twice.

(8) His administration killed an open and closed case against members of the “New Black Panther Party” in a real-world case of voter suppression, that had won several court decisions.

(9) He refused to defend a high-profile law passed by Congress. It was the one relating to marriage, but who is he to decide what laws to defend or not, outside the veto power. He did not have that power over it.

(10) He multiplied the personal presidential dictatorial clout, bypassing the constitutional legislature vetting process by appointing more czars with near-cabinet level power than any other president in history.

(11) He pushed for power for the Muslim Brotherhood across northern Africa, and put Christian lives in danger, with scores of them them already dead. Jimmy Carter set a precedent for this when he pushed moderate Muzorewa out of the way to let the butcher socialist Mugabe take power, BUT THIS TIME THOUSAND OF BLACKS ARE MURDERED IN LIBYA by the ones Obama pushed into power.

(12) And they have come back to bite him in the rear with Bengazi-gate, in which he exposed his own administration’s push to expose official Americans to danger.

(13) Remember his 2008 promise to build a “civilian security force” that would get just as much funding and as much equipment and clout as the military? In other words, a police state to rival the military? He hasn’t done it yet, but then again he couldn’t make it blatant and formal, presumably because they are waiting for the right time, and they’re not sure they can keep a lid on Americans. Second amendment and all that….

(14) His administration not only pushed guns to one of the most murderous gangs in the world, they were exposed


Rumors of the demise of Ron Paul campaign blown away by Ron Paul gains in reality

April 23, 2012

URGENT – Rule 40 Explains Ron Paul and Voter Fraud! – YouTube

You cannot believe what the Old Media tells you about the Republican nomination campaign or Ron Paul.

Like Josh says, if Ron Paul didn’t have any chance, they would not be talking about him.

See on Youtube Blatant In-Your-Face Blackout of Ron Paul! (with disclaimer)

April 2, 2012

First the disclaimer, the video at the link is preceded by an ad for Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama’s campaign:!

This was a local TV news broadcast –that’s right, local

Bad week for Obama, one thing after another

March 31, 2012

A good article summing up the list of the embarrassing things that happened that exposed the president this week..

HURT: Brutal week for Obama, the worst of his presidency – Washington Times:

As if everything before now wasn’t enough!!!

Obama Impeachment Process Started

March 13, 2012

Obama Impeachment Process Started | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich co-sponsored a measure to impeach George W Bush for the same thing, remember…

David Pietruza talks about Calvin Coolidge

February 27, 2012

[Silent Cal’s Almanack] – C-SPAN Video Library:

Coolidge was an interesting character, as presented by this author. I had to watch this whole thing about him when it came on CSPAN.

About halfway in he reads a list of quotes from Coolidge. He could have been talking to Americans of 2012.

An interesting listen.

Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Sues Anti-Huntsman Video’s Makers – Businessweek

January 21, 2012

There was some Internet speculation that Huntsman’s daughters actually created the video, based on some comments they had made in an interview shortly before this sham video appeared.

They should win this suit handily, but don’t expect apologies or “mea culpa”s from Tilted Press.