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The Federal Reserve, a Privately Owned Banking Cartel, Has Been Given Police Powers, with Glock 22s and Patrol Cars | Alternet

September 22, 2012

Okay, now a private banking cartel, not part of any government department, is apparently now a fourth branch of federal government. Hidden in the Patriot Act is an unconstitutional establishment of a police force that answers to the Federal Reserve. They have police powers, they can arrest anybody without a warrant, coast to coast, and that “law” says they have access to whatever information they need for enforcing the “law” (general).

Man, how fast is this thing going, and will they eventually just give up trying to put all these things into “the law” and just go straight to arbitrary rule by whim?


CISPA: FBI wants access to your Facebook

May 12, 2012

EFF_icon_priv (Photo credit: ElectronicFrontierFoundation)

There’s only one national political figure exposing this attack against us, and you know who it is.. Facebook and Google both have supported CISPA. Such hypocrites.

EFF condemns CISPA:

The NSA has been reading our emails for decades…:

Pro-SOPA congressmen should have lost their political careers over it, and CISPA is worse, because it’s more obviously directed to the police power they were looking for in the first place…

Watch for attacks supposedly by Anonymous and its allies. One must now wonder after Fast and Furious, for example, whether those attacks might be what are called “false flag” operations.

After all, the FBI has done a bang-up job at stopping its own terrorist plots lately…


November 5, 2011

This book was apparently meant as a warning against a rightist takeover in the USA like the one in Germany happening at the time, in 1935, but it turns out that the same warnings apply to the danger of leftist tyranny.

Just like the National Socialists (note caps) were “no danger to democracy” to some gullible anti-conspiracy ideologues at the time, today’s apologists for the growing massive police power over our persons and property today claim it is no danger….