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Ron Paul’s message is a Christian message!

April 12, 2012

Don’t underestimate the Christians! I am definitely a Bible-believer and I can tell you Christians are beginning to abandon today’s Pharisees, and they are turning to realize that Ron Paul‘s message is like he says: based on our faith. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, who is my neighbor. They are starting to realize that when Jesus said Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God‘s, he didn’t have to say that everything in earth, in heaven and above the heavens is God’s not Caesar’s. And thou shalt not steal.

And in America, the Constitution is still the Supreme Law of the Land, and even the dictatorial regime pays lip service to this, and that Supreme Law of the Land says that in the USA, that means US! And so all those government functionaries should render unto “We the people of the United States!

And Jesus said “Make disciples of all nations”, not “subjects”.

Of course Bible believers also know the mark of the beast is coming, but those who study their Bibles also know that the Antichrist Beast gets all kinds of blowback and trouble from everywhere, especially those who keep hold on Christ and the word.


War, Social Values, and Ron Paul

March 11, 2012
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War, Social Values, and Ron Paul by Jon Basil Utley:

Hey the article is a good and fair criticism directed at the Pharisee faction of evangelicals, but the last paragraph can leave an unfair and misleading impression that puts Ron Paul’s evangelical and even “fundamentalist” supporters into a very unfair box with their persecutors.

False “evangelicals” like Ashcroft and Jerry Fallwell and Santorum and his gullible “clergy” blessers are the only ones publicized, it’s true, but it’s not the whole story. A “remnant” is growing and exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing, but it doesn’t help to let fellow liberty-minded citizens who are not evangelical think that all such Bible believers are so gullible.

Here is the offending paragraph, which is carefully worded so as to be technically directed at only the ones who are the offenders:

These evangelicals don’t want peace because it would mean postponing Armageddon. That’s why their leaders oppose Ron Paul.

That statement paints too wide a brush and  shows that the author does not understand evangelicals.

The real motive of evangelicals who follow after corrupt hypocrites like Santorum is Israel. They have been deceived by a line of their leaders into thinking that God wants them to support Israel, and they don’t even pay attention to the Orthodox Jews that condemn Israel as illegitimate.

I know one of “these evangelicals” who said what he doesn’t like about Ron Paul is that he doesn’t care if Iran gets the bomb! I shared a bit of education with him, but to say he “doesn’t want peace because it would mean postponing Armageddon” is an unmerited slur.

It’s on the same level as claiming libertarians want sick people to die without insurance. Like that leftist plant that yelled out at that debate (no Ron Paul supporter he).

I know the NWO is building toward the Beast tyranny and will wage a campaign to wipe out all Christians.

The NWO control freaks will do everything they can to wipe out all opposition, and they are very much aware that the true genuine and most tenacious defenders of individual liberty throughout these two thousand years have been the Bible believing Christians who gave their lives at the stake and at the guillotine and the Inquisition to give impulse to the Reformation, end slavery, establish independent science, and have more recently continued to testify against tyrants by putting themselves on the bad end of Stalin’s bullets and Mao’s massacres.

Once a Biblical Christian understands the message of freedom, it clicks in place because Jesus Christ was one of the first champions of individual freedom and what I call Golden Rule government.

And libertarians understand this: The government of the Antichrist will be one of plastic peace, but it will be the brutal “peace” that American visitors reported in Russia about Stalin, free of crime supposedly.

But he will be searching out not only Christians but all people who love freedom enough to understand that receiving that chip in their right hand or in their forehead is the last and complete surrender of one’s natural freedom.