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EXCLUSIVE: Adam Kokesh, A Modern Day Political Prisoner? | Ben Swann Truth In Media

November 4, 2013

Here’s the story, with Ben Swann, for your information:


Maryanne Goldboldo, New Civil Rights Hero

September 29, 2013

This is what’s wrong with Big Brother Command Center medicine:

Rob Cunningham’s has a good idea:!

Here’s a local Detroit story about the new national hero Maryanne Goldboldo:

She got news by barricading herself in her home for something like 13 hours to protect her daughter from the state Family and Children’s department seizure of her daughter because she stopped giving her daughter the meds that were making her daughter violent. She reports that there are a number of lawsuits in progress against the maker of the particular drug they were giving her daughter.

Sometimes I think maybe my son’s worst episodes came after the drugs instead of the other way around. It’s hard to tell. Some of them made him shake.

I knew a woman once that behaved perfectly normal as long as she took her lithium, and went baffy one day when she didn’t take it. I decided then that some causes of mental conditions were physical rather than spiritual (although the spiritual affects the physical in every way as well).

But in her case, the last I heard, she had later weaned off the medicines and was living a life free of them and as a good “normal” housewife with children with a husband she had married.

With faith, all things are possible.

Why They Stay: Stockholm Syndrome in Human Trafficking

June 7, 2013
Ubicación del subcontinente centroamericano en...

Ubicación del subcontinente centroamericano en el mundo. Location of the Central American subcontinent in the world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why They Stay: Stockholm Syndrome in Human Trafficking.

Worthy of attention..

Child kidnappings have been a plague on my wife’s country of Honduras and all of Central America.

When Guatemalan villagers beat an American woman in reaction to the “rumor” that she was there to traffic with the children, the left-leaning international press elites reported it as some ignorant remote country villagers who were superstitious.

The reporting was extremely callous. The kidnappings were real and happening daily. My stepdaughter’s friend of high school age escaped her capture at a border checkpoint where she screamed at the border guards what was happening. They may still be ongoing, though I think less now.

Liberal Society Hidden in the Dark Ages by Jonathan Goodwin

April 25, 2013

I thought these factoids buried in revisionist history were fascinating, especially the parts relating to women:

I think it was Einstein said: “Question everything”. So question your history…

I would question the reputation for the level of Einstein’s genius, for example. Another factoid you may or may not know: Einstein was so “bad” at math (relativistically speaking, that is) that his wife had to help him with his math for his big relativity breakthrough..


Do women belong in combat?

June 14, 2012
Pregnancy in the 26th week.

Pregnancy in the 26th week. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article I just posted from WSJ, but even more so the other two links, go into great FACTUAL detail about the difference between men and women and the effect on a military mission. The facts therein detailed are not “sexist” at all. There are just facts.

It doesn’t help an argument to make a false argument from irrelevant analogies, such as between race and sex, as an answer to facts that are relevant to the issue.

I say irrelevant because all that long list of facts that detail the sex differences, PLUS the actual results of mixing the sexes PLUS the drain on military readiness from the pregnancies without even starting on issues of the menses and other such factors, these are real differences.

There are no real racial differences. Guys from different people groups are more like the men in other people groups than the women in their own same people groups, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and in behavior generally, and these differences cry out for fair treatment. To be fair you cannot pretend they are the same. Only in modern urban settings and in modern occupational and urban culture do they lay out an equal playing field.

Black recruits don’t get pregnant,  don’t need a monthly accommodation, Amerindian guys behave more like Caucasian guys than they do Amerindian women.

I can see red lights going off in a FALSE alarm in some readers now, because they are missing the point, trained in the false analogies and the trained response of thinking that any facts against mixing women into combat can ONLY come from prejudice. Consider those facts and RESPOND TO THEM instead of going to straw man diversions.  It is difficult to argue against the results in practice, and so even considering the real-world realities can be a difficult concept, let alone responding to them.

Turn it off. Is it possible for one woman in certain situations to get the better of a man in combat? Sure. Not as often as in Hollywood movies I’m sure and on average, but sure. When the right man cannot be found, often there is a woman. Deborah leading the charge at the head of the Israeli Army, she had to do it and did it well. My wife would have made one fearsome General in any man’s army.

But to make it policy to treat women like men, or to think bringing them in equal numbers to combat situations, is ludicrous. That policy has nothing to do with thinking a female army would do in combat as good as a male army, it only has to do with forcing a false ideology (women = men) into an institution that we trust to protect us from invaders.

It also has to do with a more shadowy unstated purpose, that of removing women from child bearing, a population control mechanism with a different costume, and child nurturing in the earliest and most important years of a person’s life. Some military couples have already been ordered to simultaneous overseas deployments and had to leave their children in the care of others.

Family breakups are bad, and are mitigated when one parent can stay with the kids. The mother is the best at nurturing during the younger years, that is a fact of scientific biology, and it is sexism-gone-batty to claim otherwise. Sexism because it claims territory that forces women into roles that MOST of them do NOT want.

Abortion IS a war on women!

April 10, 2012

From women who were victims of the induced abortions, sometimes willing victims:

One of the biggest women’s issues organization in the country:

It’s hard to find trustworthy data about abortions, here’s a source:

There is a waiting list for adoption, and it would be millions longer if there was not so much paperwork and hassle and government agents inspecting every corner of your house for perfect and to see if they like you. So it is a lie that any pregnant mother’s baby is “unwanted”.

There is another lie about this too.

Abortion is a war on women because it gives the MEN an excuse to go deadbeat easy, and some surveys suggest most women say that would prefer to keep the baby but they can’t because.. and fill in the blanks, and often there’s either a man involved or some bad man or can’t trust men…

Best thing that every happened to deadbeat dads