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Christ is Anti-War

October 25, 2013

Way to go, Paul! I’ve been preaching against the state of war and especially the American version ever since before I became a missionary. Went from Vietnam-era anti-war Communist to anti-war Christian preaching against the fiat money changers. It’s a gospel message, and this looks like a “mission field” I fell into, like Wilberforce with slavery.

The books of Moses that so many atheist voices use to make their warrior accusations actually says the opposite. In fact God told Abraham he could not have the promised land because their “cup of iniquity” was not yet “full”. Only when they were past the point of no return in their violence against each other, against their women, and raising the next generation worse than ever, and sacrificing the babies to their gods, THAT is when he said to “wipe them out”, by which he ordered them explicitly and specifically in the same mission to leave the women and the children alive.

There was one exception to that, and only after they had defeated the Amalekites THREE times, only to find that the women had raised the next generation to attack the Hebrews again.

When they demanded a government (a king by any other name) from Samuel, God said they had rejected HIM. Preachers misconstrue Romans 13. The 501(c)3 status has a lot to do with them muzzling themselves, they even admit it outright, demanding a change it that very law, and the IRS attitude toward enforcement.

Romans 13 denotes more of a contract and describes what a government does when God allows one to continue extant. If they don’t “bear the sword” for good, they broke the contract. When they “[touch] the apple of [God’s] eye”, warnings abound and judgment.

And hey! Jesus paid taxes? Yeah, read the rest of Matthew 18. By way of a question, he said the people that collect taxes are corrupt. “Do their children pay tribute?” he asked. “No”, answered the disciples, and we see that today with the exemption Congressmen give to themselves, to the President and his underlings, and the Courts. And we see that also in the Federal Reserve.

Remember, the only revolutionary violence Jesus Christ did was to beat the money changers out of the temple at the end of a very nasty whip, and he overturned their tables in a fierce anger. (“Be ye angry and sin not.”- Be angry at the proper targets of same but don’t ride it into sin.) You can imagine what he would do today to the money changers of the Federal Reserve. After all they believe in that old joke: “Got change? Thanks. Yeah, I meant change from your hand to mine.”

I have written a e-booklet on the subject of how Christianity demands a libertarian type stance toward government. I’m just looking for an editor first. I’ll put it up on my blog at and/or The latter is more on Biblical and doctrinal issues when I post there less often than the other. This subject is voluminous.

From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? —James 4:1



Pro-Big-Government Media Lying About Delegate Numbers

May 20, 2012

You also keep missing the point.

CNN was caught lying with its pants down about the delegate numbers.

It looks like the official Government-Corporate-Media complex just doesn’t know what to do with this story. No wonder the plutocrats have had to step in and save some of the Conformist Media in what appear to be acts of charity without good prospects for payback, one millionaire buying Time Magazine for one dollar, and Buffet’s companies snatching up 66 newspapers for fire sale prices. The Omaha tycoon a few years ago said newspapers were going to disappear soon. What’s up with that?

Maybe he figures he’ll get favorable consideration for his companies’ tax debt, and for permits and keep the IRS off my back please…..

It’s not just CNN. It looks like a blacklist on the story after story about what is going on in Republican Party conventions across the country at the local, county, and state levels.

“…Paul backers won 12 of 13 Republican National Convention delegate slots filled in balloting Saturday, May 19, at Rivers Edge Civic Center.

They might have taken all 13 seats if a Paul state delegate had not graciously conceded the final slot to Rep. Michele Bachmann….” Sounds like it means they could have kept her out of the delegate slate but conceded it to her.

So now 32 of Minnesota‘s 40 national delegates in August are committed to Paul.

RP has clinched at least the five states needed to place his name in the running at first ballot (the way I understand it at least), and his delegates have already won delegate majorities in eleven states – eleven.

The Doublespeak Media is LYING when they say the Ron Paul campaign has given up, conceded, or quit campaigning. The official campaign has NOT given up, they have said the strategy is shifting to accumulating delegates where it counts and skipping primary beauty contests where the more massive banking money favors Romney. That money is also supporting Obama, but later for that.

It is evident that the campaign is managing expectations among Ron Paul supporters, while at the same time possibly making a show of being gracious to Romney.

But the truth is, the Ron Paul campaign has no more idea than Romney about how close the delegate count may favor Ron Paul when it comes to counting numbers at the national convention. They have no idea what the effect of all this is.

Plus:  neither the Romney campaign nor the Ron Paul campaign, neither Gingrich nor Santorum nor Bachmann, none of them knows for sure what the delegates for the “dropouts” will do, despite the “endorsements”.

The bottom line is, “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”, much more so than before.

I’m old enough to remember the floor fights at some of the party conventions in the 1950s and 1960s, and they were covered live by the three major national networks open gavel to final adjournment, and I remember being intrigued as a young boy and teenager watching them, including speeches on the floor for one candidate or another, then the announcements of the votes, the conclusion that no one had won, and then finally the cheering when one of them got the “magic number”.

Nothing wrong with that. But apparently somebody didn’t like it and they started making the whole thing a horse race in the time of primaries, and making sure the conventions would simply be the infomercial of the anointing of the selected one. Like in the words of the now disillusioned Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama “was selected before he was elected”.

See the REAL delegate map by state:

Ron Paul, Evangelicals, Jerusalem, the American Embassy, and anti-Zionists

April 22, 2012
The Ron Paul blimp.

The Ron Paul blimp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeremy Hammond laments what he calls a “change” in Ron Paul‘s position toward Israel, when he told some Christian leaders he could support a move of the American embassy to Jerusalem because that’s what Israel wants, pointing out that the U.S. would not like it if other nations suddenly declared they were moving their embassies to New York or somewhere else.

But that’s because he doesn’t understand Ron Paul and he doesn’t have a sufficiently “rational” or “objective” view about just one of the issues that relates to Israel. It looks like he just links up with anything that the Controlled Media tells him is “anti-Zionist” and doesn’t like anything else.

But he does temper the hit at the end with the recognition of his position on foreign aid.

Paul first made this position known Wednesday night, during a private meeting with evangelical leaders interested in helping the Texas Congressman reach out to the conservative Christian community.

According to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider, the leaders started off the meeting by asking Paul whether he would sign an Executive Order to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a major policy objective for Israeli hardliners and many leaders in the Christian Right.

“The real issue here is not what America wants, but what does Israel want,” Paul told evangelical leaders, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider. “If Israel wants their capital to be Jerusalem, then the United States should honor that.” 

“How would we like it if some other nation said ‘We decided to recognize New York City as your capital instead, so we will build our embassy there?’” he added. 

Even Paul’s senior campaign aides were surprised by his response.

“We were floored,” senior advisor Doug Wead told Business Insider. “It sounds like pure Ron Paul, but it still caught us off guard…If someone would have asked him that in a national debate, I suppose it would have popped right out, but nobody did!”

Ron Paul’s position is PERFECTLY consistent with previous views NOT a change, Zionist anti-Paul propaganda notwithstanding. While what you are saying is true of the history of the ethnic cleansing that took place at the hand of the Irgun and the Stern Gang, the United States should not be telling the world what to do, but to recognize the de facto reality is another story. Should the United States move its embassy from Beijing to Taipei? Should it move its embassy

He was also recorded in an interview saying he thought the conditions in the Gaza Strip were comparable to those of a concentration camp, and he has been obviously rejected by most hard-line Zionists while some have become enthusiastic over his emphasis on letting Israel determine its own course, and ending the practice by American presidents of telling them what to do.

You expose the bankruptcy of your own grasp of the situation, so gullible, by appealing to one declaration after another of the United Nations, and not because they have denounced Israel, though some of those declarations equating Zionism with human rights abuses expose the hypocrisy of the nations that stone women for adultery (but not the men) and cut the hands of thieves and put Muslims who embrace Jesus Christ in prison.

The United Nations condemned Honduras for defending itself against a presidential auto-coup by one dictator Manuel Zelaya, who instead of dissolving Congress simply ignored them, and instead of dissolving the courts said he didn’t have to obey any “juecesitos” (“pipsqueak judges”), and took international money for the poor and paid off politicians to support his fraudulent “survey” that would presumably consolidate his coup or get the UN to back his reinstatement.

Hypocrite anti-Yankee Zelaya in fact demanded that the gringos put him back in power after his constitutional removal. Take the UN and stuff it. It’s the infrastructure they’re using to build up the government of the oncoming world dictatorship.

The guy has proven consistent, there’s no reason to doubt him this time, instead of knee jerk reaction you forget this is the guy who will cut off official aid to Israel along with cutting off aid to every other country, THANK GOD finally, freeing nations of the corruption of foreign aid. And you KNOW he will work to do what he says, as he has been all along.

The Inside Story from the Towns on the Maine Caucus Vote Fixing

February 23, 2012
Seal of Kennebec County, Maine

Image via Wikipedia

This is a commentary page where participants from around Maine put in their complaints about the way the state Party bosses -looking at you, Charlie Webster— blatantly threw out the true counts for the wrong ones they preferred.

One guy commented this would be the end of the Republican Party if they keep this up…

Errors in GOP Straw Poll Could Give Paul Win | As Maine Goes:

The first comment that got the thread going, from a “LarryInAugusta”, who also posted further down, ” There is a 100% chance of errors in Kennebec County.”:

TO: Kennebec GOP e-mail list

Attached are the results from Kennebec.

For those who received the press release sent by Mike Quatrano last night, there is an error. Two municipalities are listed with zeros when, in fact, they submitted their numbers. One is Waterville.

XXXXXX was responsible for keeping the spreadsheet. I can tell you, because I saw it, that she had the Waterville numbers. The spreadsheet was copied from her master to a laptop. Somehow, in that process, the numbers changed.

As Charlie Webster stated last night, the official numbers will be placed on the MRP website tomorrow. They will be using XXXXXXX spreadsheet, not the numbers sent in the press release. ”

Looking at both list below is the error rate and if these errors hold true throughout the State Paul will win the straw poll by six votes. Paul would have 2289 to Romneys 2283. How does this sort of thing happen? 15% of Ron Paul votes were not counted…..

Wrong GOP Totals 118 143 62 21 0 346
Right Kennebec County Totals 123 164 62 24 8 381
Missing Totals 5 19 0 3 8 35
Error Percent 1.042372881 1.146853147 1 1.142857143 0 1.101156069
GOP Released State Totals 2190 1996 989 349 61 5585
Possible Right Totals 2283 2289 989 399 61 6150

Republican Insider: GOP Establishment Planning To Subvert Iowa to Prevent Ron Paul Win

January 4, 2012

From January 3rd:

The web page includes a video with a Republican Party insider in Iowa boldly proclaiming the kinds of tricks that party leaders were going to use to make sure that Ron Paul would not come out in first place in Iowa.

The host of the show refers to state GOP insiders showing “great concern” that Ron Paul is performing well in Iowa because they fear a Paul win would undermine Iowa’s position as being the first Republican primary. He implies that influential members of the Republican establishment within the state are offering sweetheart deals to prominent voting blocks in key swing districts in order to “sway” the result and ensure Ron Paul doesn’t win.

Despite the fact that this is brazenly unethical and, if bribery was involved, without doubt illegal, the host dismisses such conduct as “just politics”.

“Is it possible that the party apparatus here could be silently asking those District Chairmen to start swaying some important caucus members over to the anti-Paul side which may end up being Santorum…do you see a scenario like that happening,” he asked Benkie.

“I’ve talked to the party officials, I know they’re concerned about it,” said Benkie, adding, “Ron Paul doesn’t do us any good in Iowa, doesn’t do the country any good, will never get there, so let’s figure out what we need to do.”

Benkie said that the GOP establishment was concerned about splitting the vote between Santorum and Romney because it could increase the chances of a Ron Paul win, remarking, “We really don’t want Ron Paul to win.”

There you have it. They MSM is yapping about where is the “stop-Romney” candidate, but it’s Ron Paul they’re really worried about.

What are they afraid of? A genuine cut to the budget instead of an increased budget that cuts some of the increase? Bringing the troops home to the bases here at home and to the borders? An end to the inflationary poor-robbing money printing of the Fed and the officers it gets from Wall Street? An end to these wars that have done nothing for American interests except for some corporate interests?
A return to the Constitution to measure legislation and executive action?

Houston Chronicle lies about Ron Paul. Ron Paul says END THE RACIST DRUG LAWS!

December 31, 2011

Okay one more time: Like Ron Paul’s campaign manager told the Houston Chronicle, and like Ron Paul has said many times himself, and as the Houston Chornicle itself acknowledges they were reminded,

Paul’s campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, told us earlier this week that the newsletters were written by a ghostwriter in Paul’s name, but he admitted that Paul “should have better policed it.”

“Dr. Paul has assumed responsibility, apologized for his lack of oversight and disavowed the offensive material,” said Benton.

So there you go. It has already been answered, including in 2008 by the head of the NAACP himself as motivated by the fact that Ron Paul challenges entrenched money powers.

Again, Bring it on! Ron Paul‘s detractors in Big Crony Corporate Media is getting desperate, like in this article repeating the “racist” lies:

They say he “acknowledged” writing the one article about Barbara Jordan in 1996, but then quotes him as saying he did NOT write it.

But looking over both the Houston Chronicle‘s history and Ron Paul’s history, everybody who is anybody around him knows that you can trust him at his word better than the Houston Chronicle or any other political figure they might endorse.

Since Ron Paul is getting growing numbers based on the ideas and policy he represents with the credibility of his proven honesty reflected in his record, they now have to tell sneaky serpentine lies. This tactic will backfire, because the more blacks get interested in the subject, the more they will find that he is THE anti-racist candidate.

I have learned to look not only between the lines in Crony Corporate Mass Media reports, but also make sure you are peeking behind the lines. That’s the reporting they’re leaving out.

With all the resources of all these news agencies, newspaper staffs, and broadcast and cable networks ALL now coming down hard on Ron Paul, you KNOW that if they wanted to, in my opinion, they could have tracked down the REAL author of those articles a LONG time ago.

For example, I would not be surprised to find out that the guy was an infiltrator meant to sabotage any future chances for Ron Paul as an honest libertarian pushing the gold standard. That’s exactly the best explanation for the guy at the one Republican debate that yelled out “Let him die”. No doubt that was either a neo-con plant or one of these guys the Democratic Party handlers sent out to Tea Party rallies with racist signs.

All that did during the tea party rallies was to showcase a parade of black folks joining in the rallies and presenting themselves to the media. The media still pretended they didn’t exist, just like they do with Exodus International and other groups of ex-“gays”.

This was old news a long time ago, but black folks are not stupid and can smell a trick. This might just open their eyes to other history relating to the entrenched two-party cartel they have been willing to forgive and forget so far.

But now, when they realize that Ron Paul is the ANTI-racist, avowed ENEMY of all Jim Crow laws everywhere, and that all that government has done to “fix” racism has only institutionalized the prior status quo and made it worse.

Maybe they will now remember that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and the party of JIM CROW laws in the South and the northern and western wings of the party embraced it even so, until the Republicans in the Congress joined John F Kennedy in the Civil Rights Bill.

Ah yes, when black folks realize that Ron Paul’s opposition to Jim Crow laws are the same ones that caused him concern about the Civil Rights act, they will enthusiastically support him, because it is rooted precisely in Martin Luther’s own idea of treating persons as individuals instead of members of groups:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

And, besides that, the principle of individual freedom that says black folks and white folks and all folks have a natural right to associate with whom they please.

Plus the pragmatic factor that government intervention in private lives and in private businesses often results in the effect opposite to that intended.

Ron Paul has pointed out in fact that segregation and racism was a government-enforced legal regime in the Old South, it was NOT something people were doing on their own, and that he is opposed to Jim Crow on the same grounds, besides being personally repulsed by the idea of dividing people into groups.

Okay one more time: Like Ron Paul’s campaign manager told the Houston Chronicle, and like Ron Paul has said many times himself, and as the Houston Chronicle itself acknowledges they were reminded,

Paul’s campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, told us earlier this week that the newsletters were written by a ghostwriter in Paul’s name, but he admitted that Paul “should have better policed it.”

“Dr. Paul has assumed responsibility, apologized for his lack of oversight and disavowed the offensive material,” said Benton.

So there you go.

Ron Paul is under fire for regarding people as individuals instead of as only members of groups, for looking at freedom for individual human beings of any color instead of dividing them up, and under fire for blasting the idea that we should use government to tell a black person, or any person, who their friends can be and who they have to deal with.

He is under fire for telling us that people should be free as individuals, not groups.

And for fighting to remove the barriers to economic freedom because those government-imposed barriers keep us all down. We want all people to be free.





December 30, 2011

Here is my answer to one or another hysterical anti-Ron Paul rant:

Ron Paul is the anti-racist:

What other candidate promises to stop the federally pushed total institutional racist war on drugs, which puts up to 5X more blacks into prison per arrest rate that whites? And who is the one blasting the racist drug laws that by law and by judicial decision make much more brutal sentences.

This is all a distraction from the real issues that are attracting people of all kinds and backgrounds to Ron Paul’s cause. Anti-gay? I’ve met enthusiastic gays at Ron Paul rallies. Blacks? I’ve won blacks over the cause who asked for extra issues cards to give to their own friends. As soon as awareness of what Ron Paul stands for reaches critical mass among blacks, it’s all over for Obama.

Freedom brings all kinds of people together to support Ron Paul’s message and platform: blacks, whites, Latinos, rednecks, anarchists, former mainstream Democrats, former mainstream Republicans, gays, straights, atheists, Bible-thumping preachers, liberal theologians and conservative theologians, more soldiers than the other candidates, women, men, feminists, strippers and prudes, gun owners, business owners, technologists, software engineers and lawyers, corporate executives and blue collar workers, almost anything you can think of except for crony capitalist supporters and socialists who want more government power!

He is against the institutional racism of the drug laws and the drug wars.

He is the one we can count on to stop the mad rush to use the American military to enforce goodness on the world.

He is the one admitting the failure of American interventionist policy around the world.

His policies would return the nation to a truly strong national self-defense. The United States is sgoing broke and its military is about to crash and burn against the wall of economic catastrophe brought about by fiat currency with no independent value. Bringing the soldiers home to bases, and there is plenty of room for them on US soil, would mean spending that money at home and soldiers to protect our borders. Releasing the oil that has been banned by fiat would release the country from sovereignty-killing dependence on foreign imports.

Besides which, this is no pansy for abuse by those who would interfere with trade by Americans. Citizens could feel safer abroad. He excoriated Congress and the President for their neglect of the constitutional use of letters of marque and reprisal, rewards for those who kill or capture anyone who after Congressional debate is determined to be a real threat to American interests.

I think Somali pirates would take note. A letter of marque and reprisal for someone who was attacking US merchant ships for ransom might have to face an army of his own kind of pirates seeking the reward money. You think that’s ugly, you should see the army of the kind of people our most respected district attorneys use for informants.

So President Paul that got his wish list, at least at the federal level, would mean the end of institutionally racist drug laws, savings from the end of ineffective drug wars, a MUCH stronger national defense, a MUCH stronger currency, a MUCH stronger economy, MANY more resources for the multitude of charities helping the poor from the spillover of a much richer nation, and a population much less afraid of government abuse.


NYT’s Timothy Egan: “Soldiers’ Choice” Ron Paul

December 27, 2011


NYT: ‘Soldiers’ Choice’ Ron Paul

Writes The New York Times’ Timothy Egan:

Representative Ron Paul, the congressman who favors the most minimalist American combat role of any major presidential candidate and who said all of the above quotes, has more financial support from active duty members of the service than any other politician.

As of the last reporting date, at the end of September, Paul leads all candidates by far in donations from service members. This trend has been in place since 2008, when Paul ran for president with a similar stance: calling nonsense at hawk squawk from both parties.

This year, Paul has 10 times the individual donations — totaling $113,739 — from the military as does Mitt Romney. And he has a hundred times more than Newt Gingrich, who sat out the Vietnam War with college deferments and now promises he would strike foes at the slightest provocation.

What seems, at first blush, counterintuitive makes more sense upon further review. There’s a long tradition of military people being attracted to politicians with Paul’s strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Not even a full 1 percent of Americans are active-duty military. The troops have become props for politicians who shower them with fulsome praise, while dreaming up schemes to send them into harm’s way.

Yet, these soldiers, sailors, air men and women, and assorted boots on the ground know the cost — in trauma, in lives ruined, in friends lost, in good intentions gone bad — of going to war far more than the 99 percent not currently serving. Where they put their money in a campaign, paltry though it may be in comparison to the corporate lords who control a majority of our politicians, says a great deal.

And if the overwhelming service support for Ron Paul is any indication, the grunts of American foreign policy are gun-shy about further engagement in “useless wars,” to use Dr. Paul’s term.

“It’s not a good sign when the people doing the fighting are saying, ‘Why are we here?’” said Glen Massie, a Marine Corps veteran who lives in Des Moines, Iowa, and is supporting Paul for president. “They realize they’re being utilized for other purposes — nation building and being world’s policeman — and it’s not what they signed up for…”

The young people who actually fought in Iraq know better. They can tell a phony warrior from a real one. And in Ron Paul, the veteran who served as a flight surgeon for the Air Force, the man some call crazy, they hear a voice of sanity — at least in the realm of war and peace.