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jesus Christ: Enemy of Satan, and two thousand years of moral legacy, benefit to mankind

December 21, 2012

In reply to the news that the shooter in Newtown was a Satanist who had a web page so dedicated, according to a fellow high school student, one response was that we should therefore squash “all religious fundamentalism”…

So to stop Satanists from blowing away little kids (who would not stop anyway) they would instead blow away

#1 Mother Theresa caring for the dying poor,

#2 William Wilberforce getting slavery abolished in the British Empire,

#3 David Livingston for stopping a massacre of Africans by Arabs in the jungle,

#4 the Abolitionists campaigning against slavery in the U.S.,

#5 Saint Patrick sharing the love of Christ and a love for books and a hate for slavery with the Irish,

#6 the Irish sharing the love for books with the English and a hate for slavery,

#7 the Irish and the British restoring learning and sharing their books with the European continent invited by Charlemagne after the pagans burned them all,

#7a the centers of learning that evolved from Charlemagne’s into the universities of today,

#8 Martin Luther liberating the minds of millions from the servitude of penance and the idolatry of relics,

#9 Isaac Newton, father of modern science, who said science was “thinking God’s thoughts after him”,

#10 orphanages that evolved from the practice of Christians in the Roman Empire raising children from the abandoned infants at their doorstep,

#11 Saint Francis tending to lepers and protesting the military Crusades and making peace with the king of Egypt,

#12 the Amish that never blow anybody away and are very zealous about their faith to the extent of caring for each other and even the family of a deranged individual that blew away several of their children,

#13 the Salvation Army feeding, clothing, and housing tens of thousands of indigents and poor for a century and a half,

#14 Charles Darwin rebuking critics of missionaries, thankful that world travelers had to worry less about cannibals in the far-flung islands, expressing great relief at seeing the cross atop a building as they approached those isles,

#15 missionaries who taught the Chinese to abandon the practice of throwing babies into the “baby ponds”,

#16 missionaries who founded the first schools many places ever saw around the world,

#17 the major Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, in the United States today that were founded by Christians to advance the knowledge of the Bible (taken over now by demagogues who defend witches and Satanists from criticism by Christians, go figure)

#18 the founders of almost all the major branches of modern science who were Genesis-believing creationists,

#19 the Red Cross founded and named by Christian believers,

#20 the Christian pastors that put pressure on the atheists and Darwinists, demanding that the New York zoo free Ota Benga go free, the Pygmy that they had kept in a cage as the “missing link”,

#21 Russ Humphreys, who predicted a bulls eye calculation for the magnetic field strengths of the planets Uranus and Neptune based on Genesis One, with the NASA scientists orders of magnitude off,

#22 Ron Paul, champion of the Constitution, indisputably the most honest Congressman the United States has had in our lifetimes and who never traded his vote for material advantage..

#23 the champions of individual rights, devout Christians like Patrick Henry and Gouverneur Morris who made the Bill of Rights a condition for union…

…and so many more outstanding lights of love and sanity in American history who showed examples of the love of Jesus Christ in their works…