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Helping Koreans in the North

April 28, 2012
Topographic map of North Korea. Created with G...

Topographic map of North Korea. Created with GMT from SRTM data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Economist has an article advocating meaningful action to help the North Koreans, especially from China, still oppressed by a brutal dictatorship:

But would they omit the effective and well-known work of Helping Hands Korea, led by Tim Peters, missionary and father married to a Korean national?

He works with refugees from the North, works with North Koreans still in the North, and regards his advocacy activities as a mission field, just as William Wilberforce in 18th and 19th century Britain made of abolishing slavery. He helps to organize a new “Underground Railroad” to help their escape to freedom, supports those who decide to go back into North Korea with the politically liberating message of the Gospel, and testifies before the U.S. Congress, European parliamentary bodies and United Nations agencies to encourage more action.