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The Daily Bell – Zimmerman’s Apology?

April 23, 2012

Good point:


Apology it was not. An apology is saying “I’m sorry for what I did”.

Here was a good observation by Tibor Machan in the article on why the lockstep conformist reporters called it an “apology”:

But by characterizing it as an apology, news reporters implicate Mr. Zimmerman in confessing to murder, which he certainly didn’t do.

I have no stake in this at all. I don’t know if Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of manslaughter, murder, negligent homicide, or killing someone in self defense. What I do know is that what he said in court on Friday does not amount to a confession. Let’s get this straight.*

* I develop the thesis here more fully in “Should You Apologize?” a chapter of my book Libertarianism Defended (Ashgate, 2006)

It’s maybe a bit subtle, almost subliminal, but any psychologist will tell you the selection of what words you use makes a difference in the hearer’s ears. Salesman study it, a real phenomenon.