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Government has a slow-down, Wall Street rejoices

October 3, 2013

After all, can’t let the peasants find out that stopping runaway debt is a good thing!

In typical government-shill propaganda mode, ABC reporter said (or read) that “anger is growing across the nation” over the government slowdown. They then put on two sound bites from interviews supposedly with “the man on the street” (really?), that didn’t like it.

That was the morning. On the way home, there were so many callers on local talk shows that blasted the Obamacare law and cheered the cutting of funds that these local yokels (here on a couple of Miami, Florida stations) started begging people to call that actually liked it. Right after that, on the show where this gal who usually just reads the news, a guy called in who had lost his job because of Obamacare, along with nine other guys. Bet you everybody who isn’t a D.C. insider has a family member who’s been forced down to part-time jobs, too.

Of course there are lots more people who are mad about them forcing nationalized control of medicine against the will of the American people and who are angry at the ones who did it –and changed the rules to do it—and angry at what it’s doing. And THAT is the big news for two years now.

Lots of people are also mad at the Big Corporate news media for acting as government propaganda organs. And at local media guys who are saying they don’t like it either but “it’s the law” blah blah, as if the House has never defunded anything before.

Not for nothing the engineers of the US Constitution gave the House the responsibility of originating funding legislation. That’s because it most directly represents the people in local districts, and therefore are closest to the taxpayers.

The longer this goes on, the more that Americans will see that life goes on, and life goes on maybe even better, the world did not end, the economy did not crash.. And what’s better, Clapper is complaining that the NSA can’t spy on us like it wants to. Some IRS auditors have had to stop working (for the time being).

The big news of the day was that a bunch of WW2 veterans broke through a line of yellow tape to view their monument. So they don’t have enough money to keep this open-air monument “open”, but they have enough to send a bunch of cops to keep people out. Right.

By the way, the narrative that the Republicans are “holding the government hostage” is such a laugh riot. Anyway, they’re funding all kinds of stuff and sending the bills to the Senate, but IT IS HARRY REID who is refusing to let any of them through for a Senate vote. So who’s holding who hostage?

And Wall Street rejoiced with a rally! Hope that this train wreck might be stopped! People in the financial world maybe figure that this kibosh on runaway spending and this blocking move against dollar dilution is good! That this forcing on the emergency brake is good!

Maybe these RINO’s are just doing theater, though. The longer this slowdown keeps going, this time, Americans are going to blame the Democrat Party and Obamacare. It is an attack on the economy that al Qaeda could only dream of, that will do a million times more damage in infrastructure and lives than even crashing the towers.

No wonder Morsi and other dictators figure he’s on their side.

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Next stop: End the Fed.


God heals and does miracles

September 1, 2013

From another forum I responded to the following comment:

“…about the parents who relied upon faith healing for their daughter’s diabetes is meant to link all religious people with the few who are irresponsible and foolish.”

One respected doctor in Miami Florida said once: “If you knew like I did how doctors experiment with their patients you’d never go to one again. They try one thing then another.”

I also have personally known folks whose kids were indeed healed after a prayer of faith. One healed from a lifetime allergy when he joined a missionary work. Another who came to faith in Jesus Christ who was a heavy heroin addict and immediately quit and joined as a youth missionary in our work who had ZERO withdrawal negatives, simply sleeping it off in 20 hours. Two former co-workers fellowship in meetings led by a neurosurgeon who came to Christ after his daughter was healed from a very bad condition when two visitors asked to pray for her. A pastor documented in a book how he was going home after a meeting, had a very bad accident, was declared dead by the paramedics for five full hours, during which after fervent prayer by “brethren” and wife and family, woke up.

But there’s more. The next link is a youtube testimony about a Nigerian pastor who was declared dead by two different doctors, embalmed by a funeral director, but risen after three days dead:

Next is a book about not exactly a healing, but a miracle, how one 300-pound man survived the (still) greatest aviation disaster in history, the March 27, 1977 crash in Tenerife of the Canary Islands. When the flames started rushing back in the cabin, he stood up, held his Bible up and front, and shouted “I’m standing on the Word! I’m standing on the Word!” and blacked out briefly. He found himself sitting atop the plane next to a hole that had opened up in the plane directly above his seat.

There are more lessons in the book about the way people die, depending on how they live, including a comparison between the way each of the pilots spoke out during their last few seconds, caught on the recorders.
Terror at Tenerife: The Inside Story of History’s Worst Airline Disaster and It’s Miracles of Rescue, published by Bible Voice, Inc., Van Nuys, CA.

I listened to Norman William’s audio many years ago. The next link is Norman William’s own testimony, on youtube, with some graphics support.


More Dark Side from the Empire

June 29, 2013

From the Future of Freedom Foundation:

I agree with all the article, but have a comment about this paragraph:

Let’s also not forget the cruel economic impact that the U.S. embargo has had on the Cuban people for decades. It’s been rationalized as a way to fight communism. Never mind that communist-type economic control over the American people is being used to combat communism in Cuba. That’s bad enough. But it also exposes the fake and false rationale of the welfare state and its foreign aid — that U.S. officials just love the poor, needy, and disadvantaged.

It’s impossible here in Miami, my home for the last 15 years, to get away from news about Cuba.

I support a complete lifting of the embargo, and free trade with Cuba. It would remove the embargo excuse for their socialist-derived poverty.

But I have to point out that Cuba’s problem is not just the U.S. embargo. If it were lifted, and Cuba allowed free market reforms –real ones– then they’d do lots better.

There is a story that illustrates it. An official ambulance one sped through the streets of one small town, and it screeched to a halt at a clinic. The occupants rushed to unload what looked like a patient. But it was a pig for the barbecue. An illegal pig. A couple of years ago they made a limited number of farm plots available for first come first serve, and they could grow and sell what they could.

They had trouble finding takers, because they had already done this three times before but then confiscated them again when they got better.

But there are way over 150 other countries that could trade with Cuba and Cuba with them. Their economics has a lot more to do with their socialism than it does the embargo.

The embargo is a cover in fact to give the Cuban regime an excuse for its socialism, somebody to blame it on.


Starbucks CEO wants to “embrace diversity of all kinds”, but not diversity of opinion

March 26, 2013

Starbucks CEO: No tolerance for traditional marriage supporters – National Republican |

No wonder they have to charge the price of a meal for one cup of coffee… And I heard this guy on C-Span claim he wants to “give back” for his success, after being raised poor. Yeah? He has a couple of programs to help starting enterprises, but he wants to loot his neighbor’s stuff for most things. He is welcome to give alms “of his substance”, as Jesus said about the Pharisees giving to the poor, but he is not welcome to advocate theft, even if he can get the majority to vote for robbing the minority.


I hardly ever go to Starbucks anyway, it’s too expensive. For a guy who says he started poor, he sure prices the poor out of his product.

In Miami, you can get a Cuban coffee almost anywhere in the city for a buck and a half tops, without all the fancy names or living room furniture that you pay double for in a Starbucks..

Good news for Honduras: Investor-favorable zones

September 23, 2012

This is really, really good news:

We should make it stick. The “leftists” are already whining about this. But what can they say? Hondurans told the world in very clear terms already in 2009 that they were not stupid as a people, that they do NOT want to sink into the abyss as another little Venezuela or Cuba. Forget that!
The Honduran Congressvoted for the legislation almost unanimously, 126 to 1.China has a special zone called Hong Kong, and some my wife told me that some of the talk in Miami is that it will be a little bit like Switzerland.

It’s sounding like an investor’s ideal situation, and really free market oriented and minimal regulations. Maybe even some poor people can finally have a chance to get some upward mobility in such a situation.

My wife’s from Honduras, so I’ll be watching this closely. Man, I’m so glad they made the decision for freedom in 2009.

LIberty and Tea Party protests on for July 4, 2012

July 1, 2012

While the Oligarch Media tries to trumpet up the Banker-Fascist-Financed “Occupy” demonstrations on Independence Day, there are liberty-loving Americans planning their own this year, targeted as a blast against the Socialization of the medical industry:

Fourth of July – Independence Day Tea Party Celebrations / Protests – July 4, 2009:

July 4th: Protest!

There is one here in Miami, Florida at SW 87th Avenue and SW 40th Street (Bird Road).

In the News; FYI

February 19, 2012

Google busted:

Condemned to eight years for ignorance and poverty:

Basso has rights too.. The feds aren’t so healthy either, hey!

Neiss said he witnessed firsthand the limited access startups have to capital after winning “Startup Weekend” in Miami, Fla. in 2010 and 2011, but being unable to secure funding for his winning business plans.

The FDA has just approved a new drug to fight cystic fibrosis,


Spirit Airlines leads protest against government requirement to hide taxes in your air fares

January 25, 2012

My question:Where are the other airlines? Why are they missing in action? AWOL, because we expect them to speak up for themselves AND FOR THE LITTLE GUY.

That’s why the VAT tax is so bad, too. The buyer doesn’t know how much of that price retail is taxes that the consumer himself is paying. Note: meaning it’s a way for some “liberal” countries to tax the poor by stealth.

It’s the same kind of idea as the new requirements on airlines, a tax on each step of the manufacturing process, where the final retail price includes all the taxes but unlike the sales tax, there’s no way the retailer usually knows how much is tax.

 For a brief few weeks at least here in Miami, one could see a sticker at the gasoline pump that said so-and-so percent of your price goes to federal, state and local taxes. It didn’t last, they probably made that illegal too. But it’s a LOT of taxes that get paid out of your fill up.

 Another stealth tax, more insidious maybe than just requiring airlines to hide the tax, is inflation. Until recently most people haven’t thought about it.

When the central bank in Honduras  –or the Federal Reserve in the USA— adds money to the money supply in circulation, it means more money chasing after the same production of goods and services. They increase it by lowering interest rates, or sometimes by just rolling out the “printing presses”, like the Fed did with QE1 and QE2. Of course it’s electronic entries nowadays. And as part of TARP, the Fed created more supply for Europe, as exposed when Congress finally forced the Fed to tell who they gave money to.

But the “member banks” get the first dibs on “new money“, presumably it works that way in Honduras too. Their biggest and best clients get it next, and so on. It’s “trickle down inflation” where the prices are driven up but the CONNECTED rich get it first, the ones with their buddies in power and in the central banks. Prices go up before the poor see any of the extra new money, so when they go to the store their money buys less.

It’s a devaluation of the money right out of the pockets of the poor and middle class, it’s grand theft larceny, and it’s also a hidden tax. Government gets to look good with programs for the poor that they finance by robbing them by devaluation of their money.

That’s why the famous old saying “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who sits on the throne”.